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Exploring California by Motorcycle | LA to Big Sur Moto Camping (Day 2)

Exploring California by Motorcycle | LA to Big Sur Moto Camping (Day 2)

OMG. That’s where we crashed out. Marko’s still in bed. All right ladies, gentlemen, Vagabuddies,
we’re going to give you guys a quick breakdown of what’s on the plate for
today. We have a pretty awesome section of California that we’re going to be
riding today. Basically, we’re starting off here in
Santa Ynez Valley, and we’re going to be riding through a couple of these little
Central Californian oddities. There’re some cool towns here-
Solvang, Buellton, and then out to Jalama Beach, which is at the tip of Point
Conception, and we’re going to call it a day out by Pismo Beach/ Avila Beach area. You got murked bro by bugs, man. They’re starting to swell. Look at that bug bites. The only cure for this is putting a a helmet on and riding really
fast. Let’s hop on these motorbikes and get some breakfast. A fun little ride out of the Santa Ynez Valley. We’re in the funky town of Solvang. It’s
literally like a little miniature Denmark here, the sister city Albergue in
Denmark. It’s definitely on the quirkier spots in the Central California coast, and
we’re going to go start off the day right with some cinnamon buns and coffee, both
of which are very Danish and very necessary right now. Let’s go. Cinnamon. This is a bear claw with marzipan. And this is called a Spandle. It is custard and it means baker’s eye. OMG. Decadent. A lot of people think that
cinnamon buns are American They actually come from Scandinavia, and the reason they use
cinnamon, which is a spice that came from the Middle East and Asia because
Vikings sailed down Black Sea and traded with Arab traders a thousand years ago. Isn’t that crazy? This town is funky, certainly my no means a hidden gem. There are big tour busses dropping off people from Australia, Korea, China, but it’s still
really quirky. It’s funny to see this little slice of Europe here in the
middle of California. Well, we made it here to the vintage motorcycle museum. Unfortunately it is closed, but you can peep in. There are some nice bikes back there, and you call them and they’ll come open it for you. It’s only open on the weekends. From Monday to Friday they will open it for you $10 per person. However,
we’re going to continue because we’re trying to cover some ground today, and we don’t really have time to be wasting time, so we’re going forward. We’re on the Santa Rosa Road, heading out to Point Conception and Jalama Beach. We’ve passed all sorts of vineyards and ranches There’re cattle; there’s wine and there are these beautiful open roads. For
motorcyclists and for a person who just generally digs nature, this is just quite
the spot to be on a motorbike. Pulled over on the side of the road in
the middle of nowhere and take this opportunity to refill. For me,
personally, this is one of the coolest parts of California. There’s an Air Force base down here, and back in the day when they were doing the space program, they
thought they were going to land the Space Shuttle here. So the Air Force
bought up all development rights for these ranches right here, but they
ultimately ended up landing the space shuttles over in Cape Canaveral. These ranches are not able to be developed, and it’s a beautiful untouched part of California.
But I’m out of gas, so luckily we filled up on some extras. We’re going to refill and go from there. Oh my gosh. It’s so pretty. And the ocean looks inviting. Howdy. How’s it going? All right you guys, we’ve just feasted on a Jalama burger, and now we’re just chillin at Jalama Beach, which
is absolutely gorgeous. It really reminds me of Blacks Beach in San Diego or
Baja California, but a kind of a crazy history that we just encountered inside of the general store. The largest US Navy disaster in peacetime took place here in 1923.
It’s called the Honda Point Disaster. It was September 8 1923- seven
ships were completely lost out of a fourteen ship armada, which ran aground
right on the other side of this point. 23 people were killed. It’s just kind of
crazy to think… it’s such a beautiful calm day; you’d never really imagine
that the weather can get pretty severe out here and difficult to
navigate. We’re on the point …. this little…. like the nipple of
California. It just sticks out just a little bit. But there’s actually a bigger
disaster right here in the 1850s…a steamship crashed, and 415 people died. But we’re out here. This is like remote California. I really do wish that we could hang out here all weekend. We’re going to have to come back and
definitely spend a couple of days here. We’ve got a long way to go to our next
destination. We’re going to have to bunker down and hit the throttle because we got a lot of
mileage to cover. Are you ready to go? Luckily, we’re taking one of the least
known sections of the PCH: Highway 1 between Lompoc, Santa Maria and Pismo Beach. Let’s go. Let’s do it. Vagabuddies, the moto adventurers, we have arrived to Avila Beach. Camp is made, kind of. We’ve got shit everywhere, but that’s
where we’re sleeping. There’s Marko. Time to go to the hotsprings. All right, everybody. We are bathed, showered, and starving. So where’re we going to go eat? Well, I’ll be honest. It takes a lot to get me out of that hot tub after such a relaxing soak, but we’re going to go to a restaurant called Ember. It’s a local or organic awesome restaurant, which is just down the road. It’s supposed to be worth it for the whole
trip, so should be good. We’re going to hop into an uber. We’re not going to ride
our bikes so we can have a beverage or two, and yeah, enjoy a good meal. Beard in your beer. IPAs all day. We just got our first two dishes, and they look delicious. The one that I’m most stoked about is this pork ragout over some pasta. It’s got sauteed kale,
and it looks incredible. But Marko, tell us about the one you’re into.Pork belly with abalone over an avocado sauce, and it looks delish. Oh my god.That’s delicious. Oh my god, Bro. I have to say great job, great find. Would never have known that this place existed. The Ember has
sparked a flame, and I will return and feast here again. That’s because on Vagabrothers, it’s about the journey and the destination. Enjoy the ride. We’re just riding our beast from feast to feast. Dude, that’s yours. You cannot take that from me. Ok, fine, but I have the saying of rough camping and fine dining. There you go. Take it. We’re saving money on accommodation. 30 bucks for two people sleeping on the floor. Rough camping, fine dining, and we’re at our beasts from feast to feast. and then we’re spending the money on nice restaurants. If you guys enjoyed this video, stay tuned for the next one because we’re
going to Big Sur, but the road is closed. We’re taking a detour through Paso
Robles. Going to be dope. Stay tuned for that video coming up next. You know what to do: stay
curious, keep exploring, we’ll see you on the road tomorrow. California
motorcycle adventure continues. Peace.

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