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Exploring Kyrgyzstan by Bicycle – Part 1/3 – #37

Exploring Kyrgyzstan by Bicycle – Part 1/3 – #37

Hi, we are in Kyryzstan We just did groceries and first thing we see We have beer in big PET bottles again 2 liter They don’t have them in Kazakhstan And then chips Pasta, ketchup and an ice tea for now We are now Just behind the border We just crossed the border coming from Kazakhstan It’s about 20km to the capital city Bishkek But we want to go there not until tomorrow To save one night we don’t have to pay We are now On some smaller roads And are looking for a campingspot Over there is a river We’ll see how we can get there Where are you going? To Bishkek Hello, i’m from Bonn You understand russian? A bit Then speak german You go by bicycle? And to where? Tomorrow to Bishkek Bishkek is there We want to take the small road Over there are prisons prisons? There are drug addicts I worked there for 4 years I live in Bonn now Nice I came to visit a friend Very nice Where are you from? From Germany, Hamburg, yes by bicycle I met a guy from Lithuania … ??? … ??? … ??? … ??? From may to october … ??? First time? Yes, we are one year on the road And in Winter? In Winter we was in Turkey, it was cold We survived From Turkey to here? Turkey, Georgia Russia, Kazakhstan Now we just crossed the border Georgia it’s also mountains … ??? … ??? … ??? There you can go To Bishkek That’s the plan … ??? You have a map? You go here, yes Here is the canal, yes Must be here Must be here, yes Then there must be a detour The orange one, yes That’s to Bishkek, yes That’s a detour around the city Okay, but it must be this … ??? We’ll see Just not to the prisons I don’t know what you can find We find a place, we have time Thanks, all the best Same for you, see you Where was i? So here seem to be some prisons etc. We made better choices before There you can see Bishkek At least the chimneys You can see a bit of the mountains there A bit cloudy Some mountains, here is a nice lake And there Are we in the shade We relax a bit, but not much traffic here So probably We’ll pitch our tent here And tomorrow 20km To Bishkek There we have an appartement Already booked In Bishkek we have to Apply for Iran Visa And i also for Uzbekistan That’s the plan This is the city center of Bishkek Here is a park This might be a government building Quite nice Arrived in our appartement It’s huge Our empire Here is our stuff Our bikes, our office With AC Laptop and Tablet I make subtitles Bathroom and toilet Here is one more room, which we don’t use Our room Big bed Balcony On the other side is a balcony too Here is the kitchen We are cooking lunch A right sized pot Yellow pea soup The balcony And for this appartement In the city center of Bishkek We pay 10€ per night Awesome or what? Here are everywhere softdrink sellers Olga is getting a Compott That are dried fruits Which are cooked with water And with sugar So some kind of lemonade Based on dried fruit I have something different What’s the name again? Sharo or something like that It’s a bit more strange Millet With Yeast And water And Salt Then it’s fermented It tastes quite interesting Like bread dough… salty Not sweet I think it’s really healthy Cheers The compott Might be a bit better, it’s sweet With apricots? yes Now we go to the Osh Basaar Buy some proviant for the next days Dried fruits Rice, Pasta Like that Over there it starts There is the entrance With onions please How much is the corn? Two for 30? Good Successfully? Very much! We got a lot of veggies Dried fruits Now also delicious corn Very good Hello from Bishkek, we are still here In the last days i applied for Uzbekistan visa And for our Iran visa We are still waiting for the Iran visa Maybe we can get it today Otherwise tomorrow, hopefully And now we go to the lake The weather is nice and the appartement so hot Can we pass? Of course What’s that? Camera. Photocamera! Don’t you see that? Perfect, really nice A nice lake, almost in the city We cycled just 5km Now in the middle of the nature At a nice lake Bishkek is a really nice city We like it a lot We are here since 5 days Today is the 20th of july Exactly, 5 days ago we arrived We are here so long mainly because of the visa As i explained before But seeing the city and walk around Is really nice The city is full of live Many people on the road Kids playing everywhere There is a big amusement park In the city with old caroussels etc. Great city, the market! We already visited it, really nice The Osh bazaar Big amounts of fruits and veggies and super cheap Also stuff from china of course Clothes etc. Interesting! Nice City! But nevertheless we hope, tomorrow or the day after We can continue because we also want To see the nature of Kyrgyzstan, not only the capitol city But, it’s a nice start! Olga is coming back We go to the embassy of Iran now For the third time i think Yeah, i think so And hope that we can collect our visa now Wish us luck! We go to Iran! We have the visa! Awesome! That was Bishkek, we are back on the road Next stop is the Yssyk Kul The biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan In the east of the country Must be nice, it’s a popular destination in Kyrgyzstan Nice, and a nice watermelon And go swimming Went swimming three times Refreshing! It’s almost 4P.M. i think We made 50km already In the morning Would be nice if we can make another 50km Then tomorrow would be less Because tomorrow the mountains start About 1000m uphill 1000m in height And So it would be nice If we didn’t have to cycle too much To arrive at the Yssyk Kul Our campingspot Near a little road Mountains That direction we go tomorrow To the right mountains And over there Must be the road we take tomorrow There some snowy mountains Quite cool I was just bitten two times by a wasp It hurts a lot At the finger It was in my shorts She bite me and i wanted to push her away Then she bite me again Luckily we have our special medicine Tiger Balm The white one It’s cooling And make it more comfortabel In Kazakhstan I was also bitten, just two weeks ago There it worked really good 5 minutes later now And It’s much nicer now Tiger Balm is really working A good tip! In the description is a link! Lunchtime At the river It’s quite strong I think here We can cool our legs at least Nice and warm? Icecold water But refreshing This is how it is Meanwhile we can sleep on stone heaps Apricot tree Small ones It’s starting, we are in the mountains! 50km on this road to go It will be the last bigger road After that it get’s a lot quieter With smaller roads More nature! Awesome, the last 30km we had tailwind The wind is pushing us up the moutains We almost thought we won’t make it to the lake today But now things looking good About 20km to go Just a few meters in height Still tailwind It’s 6.30P.M. i think I think we’ll make it! Would be nice Than tomorrow half a day At least Chilling at the beach! Swimming Enjoying! We made it, awesome! Sun is just going down 99,75km 770m in height Crazy day But Big reward! Nice Yssyk Kul Biggest lake Biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan A saltwater lake Should be salty Nice, now pitch up the tent Cooking Mosquito spray, here are some Tomorrow Morning and midday We’ll relax here And continue For a bit in the evening Further into the countryside Into the mountain over there

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  1. wiso find ich in diesem VERSCHISSENEN land keine frau die sowas mit mir machen will????? alles modebitches und geldhuren!!!!!!

  2. Hallo Ihr Beiden, das ist wieder ein super Video.Und vielen vielen Dank für eure Karte aus Nepal. Wünsch euch frohe Weihnachten und nur das beste für 2019. Gruß aus Trier

  3. Erlebniss pur, ich wünsche euch auf eurer Weltreise allzeit gute Fahrt und möge das Wetter immer auf eurer Seite sein. Ich grüße euch herzlich aus NRW 🚴🤗 danke fürs mitnehmen 😎

  4. Tolles Video. By the way, die Postkarte ist gestern angekommen. Wirklich klasse gemalt und danke für die netten Grußworte!! 🙂

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  6. Groovy people. Next week I'm heading off on a tour thru Africa (and maybe further), watching your videos has helped in building up the courage to do it.

  7. Tolle Reise,die so realistische Eindrücke und Bilder von Euch und den Ländern Zeigen. Unglaublicher Hammer.Das liegt an der natürlichen Art der Präsentation Eurer Rad-Reise.Vielen Dank dafür .Großer Respekt!

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    Ich freue mich auf das nächste Video !
    Weiterhin gute Fahrt und keinen Unfall
    Frohe Weihnachten!

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    Heinz & Marianne

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