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Exploring New Dirt Bike Trails (Day 2010) |

(upbeat music) – [Clintus] Somebody’s
gettin a bath. Tiffany’s trickin her
with some peanut butter. Keep there,
she hates water, guys. She hates any water, really. She’ll run in the
creek at Lo Lo Mai, but that’s about it. She doesn’t like baths, she
doesn’t like bein’ sprayed, she doesn’t like the pool. Good morning guys. Hope you’re
having a fantastic day. It’s Sunday here.
It’s about 9:30 A.M. Just got done editing
the vlog and then uploaded scheduled for today. And we’re getting ready
to head out to the garage and start getting geared up, because I’m gonna
go dirt bike riding. My dad is ‘sposed to be
coming over and joining me, but at the very least,
I’m gonna be headin out from the house and I ran
in to one of you guys, a viewer
yesterday at the parade, who had mentioned
that they watch the vlogs, they know where I ride
at, and there’s actually another track and
some more places to ride. So he said he’s gonna be
out there around 10 o’clock so my plan is to be
out there about 10 o’clock and hopefully run in to them and then follow
them back to find this other place to ride. ‘Cause, as much as
it’s nice and convenient that there’s a place
to ride near my house, it’s kind of getting
a little old and boring and I kind of wanted to explore and there’s so much dessert, but I feel like
I’m being fenced off. There’s fences
everywhere, so I’m like getting stuck at certain places. So hopefully, I can
meet up with these kids and figure out where to go and find some
new places to ride. Also, I found this
other YouTube channel. I’m forgetting the
kids name, it’s Brandon or Brady, I forget his name,
anyways, he’s a motovlogger and I emailed him asking him
what he used for his audio, ’cause his audio sounded
pretty good for riding and he uses a microphone. He drilled a hole on
the side of his GoPro case and he plugs his microphone in. So, I’m looking. I need
to figure out a good solution for motovlogging so that I
can actually talk to you guys while I’m riding, ’cause I feel like that
would be the best scenario, versus, riding and then
doing voiceover afterwards. So, I don’t know,
I gotta work on that. If you guys know a motovlog
microphone, or a motovlog setup that you guys would recommend,
nothing too expensive, nothing too crazy, let me know
in the comments down below. I’m curious. Alright, bikes are good. My dad just went to
go get some gas for his. All the gear’s been washed. So, eenie, meenie, miney, mo, which one do I
pick to ride on today? I think I’m gonna
go with the new shift. That’s my new favorite. Well guys, today’s
ride was a little different than other rides. As I said, I went out here looking
for that one kid that I met. And I was out here
looking for another track. Now in my mind,
I think of track, I think of you
know, closed circuit: you start at one point,
you go all the way around, and come back to the same point. As we discovered
when we got out here, there are a ton of
trails that just kind of cross over each other. You know, you can go
left, you can go right, you can take the same trail to
get to two different points. I mean, there are just
a ton of different tracks, trails out in this desert. So, it was really hard for us to figure out, to determine,
which way to go, which way was
the actual circuit. And just when I
thought I figured it out, if you make your first left,
then you go that way, if you make your second
left, you go a different way. And there’s really
only one, or maybe two, quote, unquote jumps. I just passed a
double there on the right, which was really small. There’s a lot of berms,
a lot of sharp turns, which makes it look
like, somebody was here, they repeatedly
were on the same line and they dug a rut, right? So, this was something
that somebody thought in their mind was a
track or something fun and worth repeating. So, we explored
for over an hour. We went all the way
up a couple miles north, went as far east as we could. We’re pretty much running
in to housing developments or canals or
fenced off areas or just they don’t want us to be in. So, makes it very
difficult to find an actual fun place to ride. This is the track that me
and my dad normally ride on, but we’re doing it in reverse trying to just
shake things up a little and see how it rides. Personally, I think it rides
better the opposite direction. The way we always ride it. Some of these
turns just feel better, but then I found
this little course. I don’t want to call it a track because it looks like
maybe the last time it rained, one or two guys just
kind of rode along this path and made a quote, unquote track. It’s definitely
off-road, it’s definitely not as groomed as the track
I was just on a moment ago. That one seemed like someone
actually made it a Bobcat or a bulldozer, or
something like that. Whereas this is
just like a trail that a couple guys rode on multiple
times while it was muddy, and you can tell because it
has that kind of darker dirt, crusty look to it, which
makes it look like it was done when it was muddy and it
hasn’t been ridden on since, so it hasn’t been
turned back to a fine dust. But this is my
kind of riding here, the single track, off-road, once you know what you’re
doing, once you have confidence in the path that
you’re riding on, you can get pretty
quick on these trails. And me, personally,
I just feel like, I don’t know, this is more scenic. I think I mentioned this to
you guys in the previous video, I don’t remember, but I’m
thinking about selling my bike and getting an off-road bike. I don’t think I’m gonna
be doing too much motorcross, too much stuff on
the tracks anymore, I’d rather ride
this kind of stuff. With that being said,
I obviously have to find a course or a track to ride on. And again, build
the confidence to say, okay, I can ride fast on this because I know that
there’s not gonna be a hole, or a rock, or a tree in my way. That’s what it comes
down to is confidence to be able to go
fast around these turns. So, as you see,
I’m not going very fast, I’m just kind of cruisin’
around, taking in the scenery, finding a new path to ride on. I’m gonna come back out here
by myself, without my dad, because at this
point I was like, okay, I need to go
back and find my dad make sure he doesn’t
think I’m down somewhere. You know, he knows where I’m at, ’cause I kind of went off
on my own for a little bit, but lots of
opportunity out here, I think. There’s lots of opportunity. I just need to meet up
with some of the locals and get like a
tour of their land. He said there was a triple and because of the rain, it’s a double. – [Papaw] Okay. That’s what that is. Problem is, there’s a
lot of crossing paths. These berms, seem like
a nice little switchback. So you didn’t show them
your final products last night. That is the pumpkin slime. Ew, it looks really gross
’cause it has the seeds in it. Kinda looks like, honestly it
actually looks like boogers. Not gonna lie, it
looks like boogers. – [Sierra] It stinks. – [Clintus] It stinks? – Yeah, it’s pumpkin,
like raw pumpkin. – We tried putting the air
freshener stuff inside of it. It’s like you took it off — – [Clintus] Did you
make slime yesterday, too? – Yah, we made this one.
Well, we both did that one and then we made this one. This isn’t really
slime, it’s more like putty. Watch. – [Clintus] Oh,
it’s like really thick. – Yeah, touch it. – [Sierra] We used glitter glue, I think, ’cause when I
made my Valentine’s one the pink and red glitter
glue it did the same thing. – [Clintus] So, the
glitter is making it harder? Tyler found a new friend? – Oh yeah, this is mine. Hello? (Clintus laughs) – [Clintus] Got the spread: queso, tostado bar, burrito bar, finger foods. – Ahhh! Wooh! (football game
announcements on TV) (making baby noises) – Yeah, the adults are
playing with slime (laughs). – [Clintus] Sierra’s
got the slime out everyone’s having fun. She’s got the
purple, Tiff’s got the teal, Mike’s got the orange boogers. (Mike laughing) – What’s this one? Ooo.. – [Clintus] My
mom’s got…I don’t know.. She’s got so many
now it’s hard to keep up. – Blue! Ooo, it’s sticky! – [Clintus] Yah,
there’s different kinds. – Ew! (Mamaw laughing) Oh yeah, that one’s
sticky. It’s like snot. (Mamaw laughing) – [Mamaw] Ewww.. – [Bryce] Oh yah,
that one’s sticky. – [Mamaw] Yeah,
it’s really sticky. – [Clintus] Sup Bryce? – What? – [Clintus] Say hi.
– Hi. – Alright, Cardinals are in
overtime against the 49ers, currently winning 15 to 12. Cardinals just caught an
awesome catch in the end zone. It’s under review for touchdown. If they get this,
they win in overtime. Booth review. It looks
good by us, but the booth has to count it. – [Bryce] Is that the
guy that says the– – [Clintus] Here we go! – After review, the ruling
on the field stands– – [Clintus] Aw! He must’ve
had a different angle, he must’ve had
a different angle. (group cheer) – [Bryce] Oh, shoe! (laughing) – [Clintus] Someone
lost their shoe (laughs). Who loses their shoe? They’re like, “We
ain’t got time for shoes”. Ohhhhh! (group cheers) Larry, Larry, Larry! Oh, Larry’s hurt. Oh no! Larry’s hurt! Oh no! – [Joy] Oh my God,
my man came through. – Everyone’s
first saying, “Larry!” – [Clintus] Larry
got it, but he’s hurt. He’s like laying down.
Everyone’s like, “Crap!” (cheering on TV) Cardinals win. – Watch. – [Clintus] Oh, you’re gettin
higher there now, Bryce. – [Bryce] What? – [Clintus] You’re
gettin’ higher. – [Bryce] Uncle Mike, watch. – [Clintus] You’re
gettin better. – Ready? – [Mike] Tear it up. – I’m gonna do a bunny hop. – [Mike] Wee, that’s high! – [Clintus] You’re
getting high, dude. You’re gettin’ better. – I’m trying to do off the ramp. – What’s the trick?
Up and then pull up? – You jump and pull
your handle bars up. – [Clintus] Baby’s
exploring the park, exploring the greenbelt. Tiffany tried to
throw the ball at her. It’s over there,
but she chased after it, and then she was like,
“Oh hey, I smell things, “I see things I’ve
never seen before.” So, she’s all
like, “This is awesome”. (Mamaw laughing) Oh, Baby just pooped.
Bryce is picking it up. Good job, Bryce.
You’re a man, dude. You’re the man. (Joy laughing) (birds chirping) (dog barking) Oh, see, she gets distracted. (dog barking) – [Clintus] So we’re back home
and we’re back to the slime. (Joy laughing) Uncle Mike’s making
some kind of dinosaur. (Joy laughing) Tyler just.. – I made — – [Clintus] Poop. – A rock. – [Clintus] Poop. – Or poop. – [Clintus] Sierra,
what are you making? – A cupcake. – [Clintus] A cupcake. I like it, I like it. So, Mike’s made a little
knight in shining armor here. Ooo, look at Sierra’s. Good girl. – Now, this is gonna be worth
at least a million dollars in about 20 years, okay so .. – Okay. (laughing) – [Sierra] Nice! – [Mike] Whaddya think of that? – [Sierra] Yeah,
that’s really good. – [Bryce] I built this one. – [Mike] Want me
to sign it for ya? – [Bryce] Oh yah,
Tyler put some poop poop. (group laughter) – Alright, so everyone’s
gone home for the night. Just the four of us left. Bryce has gone upstairs
to play some video games with his friends. Sierra’s gonna make some dinner. I’m really not
that hungry, though. I had that tostada spread
and I actually had seconds and I’m good, I’m good. It was good, but she’s gonna
make some kind of rice dish, which means I’ll probably
have to have a little bit. (TV playing in background) – Daddy’s watching a
show in the background. (TV actors talking) – Well guys, everyone’s
gone home for the night We’re gonna end the vlog here. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you guys tomorrow, as Sierra and I
head to a field trip. Stay tuned. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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