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Exploring New Trails | An E-Bike Adventure With Steve Geall

Exploring New Trails | An E-Bike Adventure With Steve Geall

– I’m heading on a holiday
in a week or so with friends and family, course I’m talking
the E-Bike with me to escape. Only thing is, in an
area that’s new to me, riding spots don’t come that easy, especially the things I like to ride are that little bit different. Sure I could just turn on
Strava or Trailforks, etc. Have a look at someone else’s routes. Ride that trail. But that’s not what
E-Bikes are about for me. They’re a great tool for
adventure and exploring. If you combine your E-Bike
with some of these location hunting techniques, I can
guarantee you an epic ride. (slashing electric sounds) (synthesizer pulse) – Luckily we’ve managed
to escape the campsite. We brought our E-Bikes along. We’re going to go exploring. Only thing is, where the hell do we go? You ever been here before, Steve? – Oh no way, oh man, I
don’t know where I’m going. – Any idea? – That way may be?
– See, it’s that way, look. But, I don’t know, let’s have a quick look
on Google maps, shall we? Find some cool spots. One of my favorite tools
to use is Google maps. It’s accessible from your
PC or your smart phone. I switched it to satellite view, scout about by scrolling
all over the local area. If I find something cool, I zoom into it, get more details on it. It’s often accompanied by
pictures other people have taken. Then, if you get the name of
the spot, google search it, often this will bring up vital
information about the site. Things as access issues, legality, and other important information before you even get to ride there. Another one of my favorite
tools is social media. It’s all over the place these days. Usually, all these spots
have been ridden before. It’s a really useful tool to
get the vibe for the site. Even get in contact with the
guys that have ridden there, drop them a message. They can help you out loads too. (swiping sound) – So we’re here.
– Yeah, yeah – We’ll go along the coast
and then look at our spot. – Listen, I’ve heard a
lot about this online. Loads of forums. This is the spot to go to for this
– You found the switch I’m pretty excited I’m
going to load the van, mate. – Load the van? Hold on
we’re on the E-Bikes. – What?
– We’re riding, of course. – (spinning sound) Oh, sorry about that. – (phone dialing) Ah, wait.
– Cool. (upbeat techno music) – If you set off on
ride, we hit the streets and start with a little urban adventure. We found some pretty
cool spots along the way. It was really cool to see
how capable these bikes are, even out of their usual terrain. (pulsing music) (slower keyboard music) – Steve, I’ve seen you
absolutely shredding that bike on the dirt. How are you finding it on the street? – It’s, like, different,
like, it’s, hard to comment, you can ride up and down on like these. – But
– Yeah. – But, what we’ve done
just a second ago, Laird, I’d never thought you’d even get up on a bike.
– Yeah. Adding that motor to the mix
is amazing, what you can do. Isn’t it? – Yeah, it’s way fun.
– And the weight, holding you back at all or not? – You don’t notice the weight
once you’re riding the bike. At all.
– Exactly. – It’s just, too easy.
– It’s stability, and yeah. Quite good fun. – Good.
– Let’s crack on. See what else we can find in a bit. (slow techno music) – Your ground beneath
has changed from concrete to tarmac as we headed out of town. Had some epic views and trails as we may our way along the coast. I couldn’t wait to see what
the next spot would deliver. We climbed and descended
some trails that simply wouldn’t be possible on
a standard mountain bike. (slow techno music) (spinning sound) (phone dialing) – Steve, we’ve escaped the
hustle and bustle of the town, out on the edge of the hills now. This is what it’s about for me, E-Biking and exploring
new spots like this. And I knew you’d love this one. You love messing around on your bike. – Looks pretty good.
– Wheels off the ground. This is like, a free ride
down on the edge of the coast. Would you reckon?
– Yeah, that’s right, man. That’s the coast, up here. – Yeah. – Yeah, that’s like, no
way that curve, all rights or like reservoir thingy?
– Oh, yes. – That’s cool.
– That’s well, good. Drops. – Just loads of stuff.
– All the lines. There’s lines everywhere. It’s like my dream spot. Never been here before. – We’ll all good. This is cool. – Should we get into it? – I don’t know about
you, but maybe we should grab some food in a bit as well. – I’m getting hungry as well.
– Yeah. – How much battery have you got? – Loads, mate. – Let’s do it, then. (slow techno bollywood music) – We’d struck free ride
gold with this location and an epic coastline backdrop and littered all over
the place with lines. Those curved wall rides,
drops, steeps, and chutes, and the list was literally endless. I really didn’t want to leave this spot, but we had to move on. (slow, techno bollywood music) – We head along some amazing
trails along the coast. Big drops down to the sea and huge cliffs. It wasn’t the most
exciting part of the ride, but an essential part of the
loop to piece it all together. (slow, techno bollywood music) – As much as I’m liking this,
mate, we need to do some jumps or something, I’m getting
a bit bored of sticking. – I thought you’d be saying that. You know, I could see you
itching to get your wheels off the ground,
– Yeah – Every bump, your flying in the air. – Didn’t know it was over
until I need to put in. – Yeah, get some jumps. – Yeah.
– It’s not too far, it’s like two, three miles
left now to the zone, say. Can you wait that long? – Yeah, yeah, that it. – Got enough battery? – Yeah, two bar, we’re good. – Let’s crack on then. (spinning sound) (phone dialing) – Whoa, look at that one over there. – Whsuue. – And then that, what. All the way down, a pretty gnarly, – What, hey?
– pretty gnarly odd grounds, as well, gnarly. – Yeah, yeah. – You don’t want to fall off around here. – No, no. Not at all. Whoa.
– Lips are mental. Welcome to paradise. – That’s right. – Fru bis (laughs) – This does look amazing. Can’t wait to get into that. So, this is it, our final destination of the tour and what an epic ride it’s been. Hit some cool stuff already
and this, I promise you, is going to deliver. I’ve seen this place, all over, yeah, all over the internet and
already what we’ve seen, on the way up, I mean, – That’s insane, man – That’s it.
– Insane. – And how easy was that right up, as well? – Super easy, like. – So for Jack and Steve’s,
it’s pretty windy, isn’t it? – I think it’d be better on these, cause they’re a bit heavier,
a bit more stable in the air and stuff.
– Yeah, yeah. It’s not going to be a
problem in the wind is it? – Nah, shouldn’t be too
bad, I should think. – I tell you what, I cannot
wait to cram in as many runs as possible on this place. – Right.
– Up and down on the E-Bike. – You’d never do as many
runs on a normal bike, here. – Na. I think we could get – twenty runs
– You must be mental – in this place for sure. – Oh, mate, yeah. – Actually,
– Before the mist – we better crack on
because I know the mist is going to be wringing me up any second and we want to be back at the bloody tent. And we got to go to
the kid’s club tonight. – Oh, great, looking forwards to that. – Crack on. (slow techno music) – This place really was the
diamond amongst the gold we discovered along our epic ride. I’ve never seen so many
jumps in a cool spot. Literally lines littered
the whole way down the hill. (slow techno music) (bicycles breaking) – Whoa.
– Whoa. – That was so good. – So good, so good. – Unfortunately, we’ve got to go. My phone has been going
mental, my missus being on the phone.
– Shut up. Shut up. We’ve had E-Bikes, man. We’ve done so much
today, it’s been amazing. – Like from the last step down
– I know we’ve – initially, like seeing
that straight off the bat and just winging it, it’s been – Big. Wasn’t it that? I enjoyed that. – We’ve ridden street, skate park, coastal trails, you linked it up big loop, all with just the help of Google maps. What we’ve done is just
got Google satellite, found out where we are, looked
at all the different spots, on the route, just combined
four or five of the epics, locations, stuff we
wanted to see and ride. Linked it all up in one ride. We did a little bit of research
as well, just making sure that some of those areas,
we are okay to ride. But, it’s all worked out really good, we’ve had an amazing day out. Exploring on the E-Bikes, we
still got some battery left. – Yeah. – So unfortunately, we got to go home. – Yeah, man. – Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you want to see a wheels
on the ground version, of more epic E-Bike trips,
check out Steve’s video here: Don’t forget to give us a
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29 comments on “Exploring New Trails | An E-Bike Adventure With Steve Geall

  1. My friends have come to rely on my emtb scouting out for / ahead on new trails for us to ride. We also use it to quickly map areas for MTB Project.

  2. Great vid and a great show (from the guy who doesn't have an Bike!) Awesome scenery and fair play Chris and Steve can sure throw those bikes around!

  3. Am I just getting old, whatever happened to taking Ordnance Survey maps with you?
    I have several for the area I live and the trails we've found are some of the best around (in my opinion of course)
    Technology has it's place but buy some maps, you won't be disappointed

  4. Beautiful vistas and excellent videography. I had to give it a thumbs down however for the stunting and hooning that these middle-aged (grey flecks in their beards) riders are doing. Yes, ebikes give you access to places that unassisted bicycles have difficulty going but showing off that way outside of mountain bike specific trails doesn't do our ebike sport any good and only encourages outsiders to call our ebikes "motorcycles". Yes, I ride motorcycles on the track and on the street (responsibly), but I want to keep access to all bicycle trails for my class 1 ebike.

  5. Can anyone help me please? I have a haibike derestricted (dongle) with a yamaha motor, it has the original 400watt 11ah battery. If I replace the battery with a 600 watt 17ah batter will it increase my top speed and torque in general? Thanks

  6. Thought that was Keith Lemon when the video first started,, bet he’s never heard that one before ,,, ha ha 😂 lol no disrespect meant great video Shane uk 🇬🇧

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