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Exploring Poland’s North Coast | Rondo Hvrt First Ride

(whoosh) – You may be thinking we’ve
flown all the way out here, to the Caribbean but you’d be wrong. We’ve come to Northern
Poland to do an epic ride. – Mate I can’t wait. We’re going to be exploring
beautiful beaches and forest. It’s going to be so cool. And we are literally
going to Hel and back. – What? To hell and back? Oh, mate, I didn’t sign up for this. – Mate, no you idiot. Not the fiery realm of eternal damnation, where evil souls are subject
to punitive suffering and everlasting punishment
presided over by Satan. Literally to Hel. It’s a place down there, at the end of this stunning peninsula. – Wow, it looks absolutely mint. – Oh Poland, who knew? (upbeat, calming music) (upbeat, cheerful music) To do this epic ride and
celebrate all things Poland, we thought it’d be an ideal opportunity to ride a Polish bike. Fortunately, our mates at Rondo have agree to source us out. – Now I have been doing my research and designed a route on commute that takes in these epic tarmac roads, but also some of the awesome
gravel and fire roads that this part of the world has to offer and to be honest mate,
we’ve got to go down them. I’m excited. – Well fortunately, Rondo has
the perfect tool for the job. I’m going to go get it. – Ooh, I wonder what he’s going to get. – Check these out.
– Oh my gosh. They look insane. – That’s your one.
– Look at that! What’s it actually called? The Rondo HVRT?
(stammers) – It’s pronounced hurt, the Rondo Hurt. It’s an aero road bike, ideal for racing or riding down roads like
this at 50 kilometers an hour. Well, what you do. But it’s also got some
tricks up its sleeve, making it ideal for those gravel trails you were on about as well. – Right mate, I reckon without further ado we need to get on these things. Ooh, I’m excited mate, you ready? – [Ollie] Yeah man. – [James] This is going to be good! (upbeat rock music) Nothing like a solid headwind. (upbeat rock music) Our route will take us along
the stunning Hel Peninsula, literally, as Ollie says, to Hel. Then we will ride back along the peninsula into the mainland along the Baltic coast, where we will loop round on
a mixture of forested roads, gravel trails and beautiful plains and past (speaks Polish) and
back towards the peninsula, just north of a town called Puck. Yeah, you have to spell
that one correctly. And then, it’s to the finish. (upbeat, cheerful music) – Right, before we go to Hel and back I’m going to tell you a
bit more about the HVRT. So, fundamentally this is a
bike that’s designed to go fast. It would be equally at home
in a criterium, a road race or just blasting down one
of your local rapid roads. Consequently, it has all the
features of an aero-road bike, so you’ve got dropped
seatstays at the back, Kamm tail and flat back tube
profiles to reduce drag. A bladed fork and seat post and some rather novel
aero features as well, such as this blade, well
fin on the fork here that covers the front brake calipers. They’re designed to smooth the
airflow over the front brake but, regardless of how much drag it saves, it just looks absolutely awesome. The geometry is aggressive, allowing you to adopt a low
and aerodynamic position. And also alluding to the
bikes racing credentials, you’ve got these rather trick
two-tone deep section wheels from Hunt with the Rondo graphics on and that’s tubeless ready as well. At the back, we have
some compliance features so if you noticed the rather
interesting looking seatstays that curl round at the back, they’re designed to bow slightly, which is a rather clever little idea. (peaceful music) Now this is where the list of features on most aero road bikes ends, but the HVRT has some additional, rather unique and clever features. Check this out. The geometry is variable thanks
to this; the TwinTip fork. This insert can be taken out,
flipped and put back in again, and doing so completely changes
the handling of the bike. You can go from a lower,
shorter, snappier handling bike to a slightly taller, longer,
more stable handling bike, ideal for rougher terrain or descents and tire clearance is massive. It’s even bigger than
James’s selfie collection. For God’s sake. You can get 30 millimeter tires in here if you use 700c wheels, but if you go for the
larger volume 650b wheels, well, you can get up to 47
millimeter tires in there, huge! And that’s also facilitated
by the dropped chainstay, which you may have noticed at the back, but that’s enough of my yakking. Let’s get on with the ride. (upbeat, exciting music) I had no idea the landscape
in this part of the world was like this. I’m completely ignorant towards it, but it’s like the Midwest. It’s like Kansas. – I think we have lucked out
with the weather as well. I mean, look at it. (upbeat, funky music) Ollie, it’s 30 degrees
and I gave you one job, and that is to put bottles on our bikes. – Yeah, my bad, sorry about that. But in my defense, I thought we were going to Northern Poland near the Baltic Sea. I thought it was going to be freezing. I thought it was going to be snowing. It’s 30 degrees man. – All right, I’ll let you off, but fortunately I have
put in a stop in the route and I’m going to treat you
to some Polish cuisine. – Oh yeah, I look forward to that. – What do you think Polish food is? – No idea, not a clue. – You wait, you wait mate. There’s a treat in store for you. (calm, peaceful music) – So this is an aero road bike right, so you may be wondering
why aren’t the cables fully integrated into the
bars, and stem, and frame. Well, I asked Rondo this and the reason is they could have done but they’ve deliberately chosen not to because they wanted to
keep the bike practical and good for traveling,
and things like that, especially considering
its multi-use abilities. – Which makes sense. – Yeah, also this slot in the seat post, do you know that’s for? – Yeah, now I do know the answer to this. This is so you can easily fit
a light or even a race number and anyone who’s tryed to fit
a light on an aero seat post will totally understand
this ’cause it’s literally– – [Ollie] It’s genius, isn’t it? – [James] It literally is genius. (calming, cheerful music) Look at this. Going through the woods,
we’ve had some flat. We’ve even had some beach. I mean, it’s pretty cool isn’t it? – I’m loving these forests. I love forests in general. Big fan, got a lot of time for trees. – And I was just thinking, you took that last town sign, so I guess here’s my chance! – Mate, a win’s a win! (upbeat music) – Oh mate, we’re into a headwind now. How you feeling? – I’m alright mate. Legs have woken up a bit. – That’s good.
– I’m alright. – Well we’ve got quite a bit
to go, just to let you know but we’ve got some surprise in there. You ready?
– Yeah. – I can’t wait to show
you where this all goes. (calming music) Right, by my calculations, the route will go straight on down there. But I’m slightly worried about our tires ’cause that looks a lot
rougher than I envisioned. – Yeah I’m a bit worried about it as well. What’s that down there,
on the side of the road? It appears to be two
pairs of 650b Hunt wheels just left by the side of the road. – What? What are the chances of that? – If you believed it. It’s almost as if it’s been staged. All right, let’s go put them on. – Let’s do it. I’m excited now. Ooh, look at these. – Ooh, look at that. There’s a note. Free to a good home. – We’re definitely a good home, aren’t we? Let’s do it. (peaceful music) – Right, I think we
can’t carry our wheels, so we should probably
just leave them here, free to a good home. – [James] All right, let’s do it. (peaceful, adventurous music) How much fun is this? – [Ollie] It’s amazing, isn’t it? – It kind of makes this surface feel like you’re just
floating on top of it. – Yeah, so much fun. – And it’s just transformed the bike. If I like two bikes for the price of one. – Well, the thing is, the
intention of the bike is that it’s for someone who
spends 90% of their time riding on smooth tarmac, but when they see some
awesome gravel like this, they don’t need a whole other bike. They can just swap the
wheels out if they want to, and it’s there. But you’ve also got those adjustable axles to change the geometry
and the intention there is not that you would have
one geometry for on-road and one geometry for off road, but you’ve got the ability
to tweak the geometry to your own personal preference. So if you like the more
nimble, more agile– – The more aggressive, let’s say. – Yeah, kind of handling bike and I like something a little
more stable, and predictable– – And gentlemanly, would you say? (laughs) – If you say so. (calm, peaceful music) – Here we are. It’s on the right here. This it it. You ready for some Polish cuisine? – [Ollie] I sure am. (calm, funky music) – [James] Oh, that was good. So we made it to the cafe and I’ve ordered us some food mate. – Good, ’cause I’m starving. – But, I’m going to be honest,
I did struggle with the menu as it’s all in Polish, but that aside, I think I’ve ordered the most
traditional Polish cuisine. – Right, I cannot wait, what is it? – Well it’s called Pierogi. (stutters)
(Ollie laughs) It’s something like that. – Well, whatever that is,
I hope it tastes good. (James stutters) – Yes, this is Polish dumplings, Pierogi. – I like that.
– Yeah? (calm, peaceful music) – [James] What do you reckon that is? – Well, do you realize
Hank, that your genius route is actually taking as past the ruins of a Soviet era nuclear power plant? – A nuclear power plant? Dude, we need to go. – No, no, it’s alright mate. Don’t worry, it’s safe. – Have you not seen Chernobyl? – Don’t worry, it was
never, ever completed. It was never turned on,
it was never radioactive, it’s completely safe, we’re fine. – I bet you’ve got some more
geeky facts on you about this. – [Ollie] I do, as it happens, I do. – [James] Go on then. – So when they were building this, the plan was it was going to use the water from a local lake as the coolant and they we’re going to
circulate the water in and out well, out of the lake and back into it, and in doing so, that would
have raised the temperature of that entire massive lake
over there by 10 degrees. – [James] Natural jacuzzi.
(Ollie laughs) – [Ollie] But they never finished it. – [James] No. – [Ollie] Pretty cool, isn’t it? – That’s wicked, isn’t it? – Well, that bit was. (calm, peaceful music) – Right mate, we’re on the
back straight of the route and it’s all pretty much
tarmac, but to be honest, I think I’m going to
stick with these 650’s. – I’m glad you said that, because I’d be inclined to do the same. I’m not ridden 650b’s before, but it’s been bit of an eye-opener for me and they’re just so much fun. – They are, aren’t they, they’re great. – And it’s not like we’re in a race. We’re not doing the Tour de France. We’re just out having a good
ride, enjoying ourselves, and the added comfort you get
from the bigger volume tire, it’s great.
– It’s a bit strange. They’re on an aero bike with these wheels, but there’s something about it. – It’s just fun. – Yeah, it puts a big smile on my face. All the way back to Hel. – Full gas.
– Yeah. – Maybe I can put the 700c back in. I’m going to have to try
and keep up with you. – Come on mate. (upbeat, funky music) (calm, peaceful music) – Mate, we’re getting close to the end now but it’s been amazing, hasn’t it? – Oh, absolutely beautiful
riding around here. – Look at that!
– Stunning, isn’t it? It’s a beautiful coastline,
beautiful forest. I love it. – I have to say, it’s been cool riding 650b wheels on a bike track, ’cause it’s just a bit
more relaxing isn’t it? – Do you know what, I
could get used to this. They roll really well. I’ve never ridden 650b wheels before, but a bit of an eye opener
for me, to be honest. (happy, funky music) – Boy, it’s incredible isn’t it? Look at this. What an ending. It’s like we’re about to cross the world. (happy, funky music) – Tell you what mate. When you think of beautiful
places to come ride a bike, Poland isn’t a place
that, before coming here, would have ever have been
in the forefront of my mind, but how wrong we were. – But it’s been stunning hasn’t it? And we’ve got some amazing roads, some bike paths and some fire roads too. If you’ve enjoyed getting a
look at maybe a new country, then do let us know in
the comment section below. – Yeah, give this video a like and share it with your friends and well, fundamentally I mean, it’s just great to ride
in a cool new place on some cool bikes– – With beautiful weather. – Yeah, and good company as well. – Oh, thanks mate. I want to come back, do
you want to come back? Poland, who knew? – Well, the Poles. – (laughs) Yeah. (happy music)

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