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Extending the Life of Old Buggy Wheels | Engels Coach Shop

Extending the Life of Old Buggy Wheels | Engels Coach Shop

I want to welcome you back to this second
video that we’re uploading this week. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the
first one I would encourage you to go back and pick that one up also. This set of wheels is also an old set of wheels with steel tires that are loose and need
to be tightened up, but what’s going to show up on these wheels is there’s two
different ways that you can really assess the integrity of some old wheels.
One is by sound, as you just watched. I can drop them on a solid concrete floor
and hear whether they have a tight ring to them, or whether they have a loose
rattling sound to them. And sometimes that’s not just real clear. Sometimes you
have to do a visual inspection. So I’m going to go through and do both on these,
both the auditory which you’ve already heard and then this look at some of the
spaces and gaps that show up that are telltale signs that wheels are getting
loose. One of the first places you’ll notice when the tires are starting to
loosen up is the joints where the two felloes come together you’ll start to
see a space there. Now these wheels have been setting for quite some time and the
tire bolts are all rusted and seized up into the tire. Some of them came out, but
a lot of them just broke off, so one of the ways to get these out is to take a
little heat and try to find somewhere where those heads are, heat up that
little head, being careful not to burn the wheel, and that’ll oftentimes break
loose that rust and allow them to drive them out. Well this second front wheel is really
loose. You can see all the space between the felloes and the tire, and there’s big
gaps between the felloe joints. This one is going to be a little different, Well these wheels have had kind of a
paint job restoration. The felloes, the wood in these are really dry, so I’m
going to put some of this TWP on there before I set the tires. It just
really soaks it up. Well just like the wheels in the other
video I wedge these tenon’s to tighten the felloes down on the spokes, but
there’s still a lot of gap between the joints. So if I just set the tire and
don’t make an allowance for these joints I’m going to end up with way too much
dish, so I’m going to put a piece of leather and kind of judge which thickness
I need and take up that space. The soft leather will help conform to the rough
edges of these felloe joints and the pressure of the tire, when it is set, will
keep this leather shim in place. So now I want to take the traveler and
I’m going to measure the outside circumference of the wheel. I don’t have
to allow for any spaces because I’ve taken that up with the leather shim. Normally a wheel like this, if it was good and solid, I would put a quarter of
an inch smaller on the tire ID than I would on the wood OD, but this is a
little weak and a little soft in the felloes, so I’m going to only use an
eighth inch, kind of back off the pressure a little bit and see if we can’t
get a little more life out of these wheels. Once again thanks for watching!

17 comments on “Extending the Life of Old Buggy Wheels | Engels Coach Shop

  1. Just fyi, your Amazon link for the marking pencil brings up some movie dvd… refill link is correct, as are others I looked at (Not all).

  2. I wish more of our Country would adopt the we can fix this attitude and stop tossing things away, it makes me a little sad to see things change (for the worse in my opinion). Great job fixing the buggy wheels!

  3. I am always amazed watching your videos. You sir are a true craftsman. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and videos with us.

  4. Ya know I never really paid much attention to it before, cause of the music you edit into the videos, but I have realized that I haven't heard a radio a go'in in the background…I would say you turn it off when your making the video's…But coming from that part of the country, (Carter Co) I would say you have a ol clock radio setting on either one of the workbenches or in the office next to the ol Mr. Coffee or Bunn and I'm sure its usually on, tuned to a close to local station….Every ranch shop or local workshop has just that..Am I right and what station ya listening to?…Just curious….Love your videos and it's a nice treat getting 2 to watch the last couple wks..Thank you.

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