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Extremely Close Calls, Road Rage, Crashes & Scary Motorcycle Accidents [EP #65]

Extremely Close Calls, Road Rage, Crashes & Scary Motorcycle Accidents [EP #65]

Hey ! Come here ! Why were you in my fields ? It wasn’t me. YOU were in my fields in know your motorbike. If you go back in my field it will go wrong. It’s the same thing for you stupid teenager ! And you. Do not do it again or I’ll call the police like this morning. You can’t do it with your motocross. because my fields are sown This is inappropriate! Understand ??? Otherwise it will end badly ! For you three. Do not try to do it again. Because it will be ending badly. Already the police passed this morning and they hate it. Don’t do it again uh ? Not Here. Not there. These fields are mine. Never. You are warned, like the police Be careful. You can ride there but never again in my field. – Okay. Have a nice day 🙂 (me) Bye (friend).

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  2. 4:21 the problem in this clip is that he used the brake instead of pulling in the clutch. for one, over-braking actually reduces the contact surface of your front wheel, even with abs, and it also makes your bike go upright, thus making it impossible to actually make the turn.
    Ride safe guys, pull the clutch and leverage contact surface to make tight corners.

  3. why do people use the Rev limiter as a horn? "here let me damage my engine to punish this idiot driver !!!" lol

  4. Hate when bikers lane split in sketchy situations and blame it on the person who almost hits him. Dumbass lane split at your own risk but know the precautions.

  5. 3:12 I'm so sorry for this, but: I cant think something else than Stupid C*nt when I see your stupitidy to ride against that gate and your name. omg. this fits too great. Sorry for that xD

  6. if you wanna buy a modded account join the disc and ask it's only 30 dollars

    and you can choose how much you want and whatever you want.

  7. That last clip though, the farmer was lucky. If somebody stopped me on my bike while holding a piece of wood like a weapon, he'd get a few rounds in the leg.

  8. 3:45 dickhead it’s clearly a 2 way street so stop acting like you have the right of way and your beeping a fucking mini bus like where do you want it to move off the cliff so you can go. Some bikers piss me off

  9. Hey bro, that guy on that corner 3 blocks ago might have thrown something at me, lets go all the way back there even though nothing hit me and i'm fine and start some shit, because why not.
    Plus, If we don't go, that means we have small penises.

  10. 5:00 was not necessary he was yielding to the car giving the other car plenty of time to coast through as well rider is being impatient, and hurting his engine aswell..

  11. He threw something at you PUNKS , because newsflash, NOBODY likes you punk bikers!! 😆😆😆…. I love watching you guys crashing and getting fucked up !!!

  12. I know sometimes I don’t wear my jacket but holy shit the amount of people who don’t wear gloves is mildly infuriating. **PLEASE** ATLEAST wear gloves, helmet and preferably jeans.

  13. You should title these videos differently. They're very misleading. They should be named something like Squid Spottings or Tards on Two Wheels or Worst Riders Ever. Just be creative with it.

  14. i will laugh if i replay at musical motorist because there is a kid close his ear when this rider ramph his bike

  15. Gotta have a big set of nuts on you to wave a chunk of wood at people. I’d have to get my ass beat before I let that happen to me lol

  16. I don't understand why you rev your engines like a fucking retard, instead of using the horn. I've never done this

  17. Why do bikers rev their shitty 125s instead of using a HORN. No one can fuckin hear your hairdryer bike making a tiny noise, a horn is there for a reason

  18. 9:30 do you even call it motorcycle? its a noise maker thats it. annoying assholes should go away

  19. 6:02 biker is wrong. When the road is this wide you can pass someone if u have enough space. He is riding slowly so why not to pass him right there.

  20. Hey guys from US, you do have driving rules test to get your license right? Cause I see too many guys not knowing that they must give way in such 4:14 situation

  21. Sorry… but as someone who rides in somewhere other than North America or Europe most of these aren’t close calls…. just normal riding. Cars don’t see bikes… assume it an you will be both alive and less butt hurt…

  22. 1:45. So who is the idiot, asshole, inconsiderate, dumbass at fault when two motorcyclists hit each other? I’m sure it’s the Honda stopped in traffic.

  23. 3:40 smart move overtaking on a blind turn surely nothing bad will happen. It's not like there's other drivers on the road.

  24. 4:20 wtf bro if you trying to stop dont brake and turn. Your basically increasing that braking distance plus increasing chance of fall.
    The correct way to do is is make the bike straight even if it means going head on. If you use both brakes you will pretty much stop instantly.
    Or next time dont go in hot.

  25. Razmo mx if someone tries to threaten you with a weapon there are 3 of you detain his ass an call the police for trying to impede traffic

  26. 3:12 it's better if you give me the bike rather than damaging the cover or any components by riding it straight to the gate 😂

  27. 3:15 Is Cupid Stunts a word-play for Stupid Cunts? Lol Hilarious god damn clip, but whew, bit of tension there, glad you're alright!

  28. Why are all the videos from southeast Asia just embarrassing?
    It seems to me like they are all trying to get themselves killed

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