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Fall 2015 OAP Bike Tour

Fall 2015 OAP Bike Tour

(Upbeat music) I am Ryan Beaver, I guide trips for the OAP. We are bike touring on the Capital Trail. We’re at the beautiful Rice Center right now. 30 miles, or, 35 miles- whatever it is, sounds pretty daunting to a lot of people who haven’t ridden bikes, and I think once you get on the bike and just start riding, the miles just kind of peel away and you pass a sign, and then two minutes later you pass, you know, the next mile marker and you’re like, “Oh, wow!” (upbeat music) I started biking when I, when my car broke down, basically. So I’ve been trying to find ways to have fun with it ever since, and this is a good opportunity for that. (upbeat music) My favorite part of the trip so far… has probably been, was probably the biking part of the trip. We’re only done with half of it, but it’s a beautiful day to bike. (upbeat music) Sleeping was the most challenging part. Yeah, it was brutally cold. I brought a 45 degree sleeping bag instead of one of the 15 degree sleeping bags from the Rental Center, so I was pretty cold last night. Last night, on the dock, we got frost all over our sleeping bags, but the water was really pretty, so it’s worth it. I have been biking, I think since 2009, like, consistently. It’s been my vehicle for transportation. So I’m a pretty strong advocate for everyone to bike. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was like kind of challenging. Mostly just the hills, but I liked it. And, I think that we have a couple new cyclists in our group. And they did just fine. So I do think it’s pretty inclusive as far as the ability of everyone.

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  1. Very great video! I'm opening up a papas pizza shop in Virginia! Hope to see you guys there! 🙂 P.S. There will be a bike rack to lock up your bikes ;)))

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