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Benefits of cycling
Family riding by bike – Mavericks

Family riding by bike – Mavericks

Hello everyone! We all now are
already at the end of fall. And most likely for most of you, the weather is not quite joyful. And I specifically brought a piece of
summer for all of us. I suggest you go
on one of my rides with my family, though unfortunately
not everyone that day was able to participate in it. And enjoy the magnificent
views of the ocean and coast, as well as plunge into that summer
atmosphere that so filled with bright colors of the
nature surrounding us. It was a wonderful day. And once again I want to recommend this
given place to those who has a possibility
to be here. This is probably the best place
for a little trip with children I have been to. There are no big slope differences, no cars, which poison the air
and no asphalt tracks. Well, I do not like to ride on them. No, you do see a few in some places. But there are endless
beautiful views, clean, fresh air of the
ocean and vast space where you can free yourself
from accumulated in you negativity during labor
weekdays. The final point of our
the trip were Mavericks, for those who do not know this place is
where some of the most largest waves on the planet appear. And it was a complete surprise
to see such a big low tide, which is several hundred
meters bared from the bottom of the ocean. I haven’t seen this before. Friends, do not sit at home, be more
outdoors. See you, bye-bye.

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