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Benefits of cycling


(upbeat music) (engine hum) (slowed engine hum) – Good morning, clan! Welcome to Sunday. Bryce, bright and early as
soon as breakfast was over, he was like “Dad, can
I get my gear on so I “can go riding?” I’m like “Yeah dude go
for it, tear it up.” Goes home he gets his
gear on, sister sees him putting his gear on,
she’s like “I wanna ride.” So she gets her gear on,
they both jump on the 110, took a couple turns, and
I was like “alright Bryce, “you need to get back on
that 65, I want you to see, “feel the difference
right away, 110, 65, “four stroke, two stroke,
and let me know which “you prefer,” right? Because I’m thinking, once
he gets a little confidence on the 110,
he’s gonna like that 65, he’s gonna like that. We’ll find out shortly. Alright, time for round two. My dad came up here last
night with his bike, he’s got another Honda,
so team red now has three bikes, team green now has three bikes. Everyone’s getting geared
up, bikes are warmed up. Pop got some new gear, yeah! (engines humming) – [Clintus] Once we started
riding, I got real excited like “aw man, this trail’s
starting to dry out, “we’re gonna be able
to ride for hours,” and nothing right? And then I realized, oh
you know what, there’s rain in the forecast, but we’ve
got two hours, we’re good. And as you can see as we
ride, you can see the sky progressively get
darker and cloudier and right to the point
where “oh, here’s the hail.” (engine hums) – [Clintus] This road
was definitely the most difficult as you see right
here as Bryce crashes, boop. He was not digging it at
all, and even Mike and Tanner were like “wow this road is
really rocky, really bumpy.” And this crash here is just
purely because inexperienced, small bike and not
good body position, but he’s a trooper man,
he got himself back up and got back on his bike,
and didn’t even miss a lick. (Clintus chuckles) – [Clintus] You got it? Oh, hang on, hang on. (grunts) You good? My leg’s stuck, hold on. There we go Alright. Go, go, go, go! (pouring rain) – Hold on, it’s hailing! And it’s like that big! (banging hail) – [Clintus] So what you’re
seeing here on the GoPro is pretty much the same thing
that we see on our goggles. The water hits them,
it beads, it smears. You start to get
a little condensation, it starts to fog up on the
goggles, the visibility gets really, really tough. Which is another reason
why we’re kind of in a hurry to get out of here. – You suck! You suck! – [Clintus] (laughs)
Did I get you? – Yeah! That whole time! – [Clintus] (laughing)
All on the GoPro too dude! (rock music) – [Clintus] Good job dude,
you made it! Good job! Woo, holy mole guys! We got rained on hard! If you guys just saw
that footage, we were out in the middle of
the moutain side there, and it started sprinkling
a little bit, and we’re like “ah, we should
probably turn back around,” you know, get back home
before it starts coming down really hard. And not two seconds later,
it starts coming down hail, big balls of hail, it’s
like hitting us in the face and hit our helmets and
stuff, and then it starts pouring rain, just pouring rain. And yeah, Bryce’s first
time ever riding in rain like that, first time
for Tanner and Mike, and of course a
bunch of noobs. So it’s like alright,
we gotta get home, trying to get a
little hustle going, but at the same time,
gotta be safe, right? And it’s not like
we’re on open road, it was trails that go back
and forth, there’s rocks and ruts, and aw man,
Bryce crashed a few times but he’s a trooper, and even
now, even after that ride and being scared and
intimidated and stuff, he’s like “I can’t wait for the next
ride Dad, I can’t wait “for the next ride.” So that 110 guys, is working. It worked! So the rain has finally let
up, we got a little overcast but for the most part we’re
back in business for camping. Mike’s busted out his RC
cars and he’s got a GoPro strapped on, he’s gonna
see how far he can go down this road. (buzzing) – Chill mode has been engaged,
we’re just hanging out here in front of
the trailer enjoying the ambiance of the pine trees. And I’m sitting here with
Bryce, asking him his thoughts now on the
dirt bike situation. It’s been two days, he’s
gone on multiple rides both on the road and on trail. And actually today,
you rode in the rain, which was a little scary, right? A little scary, but exciting. – I slipped twice. – You slipped twice,
but you did okay, you did alright. Anyways, so real short
sweet, what are your thoughts on the two bikes? – The clutch and non-clutch,
it doesn’t really matter, I don’t care. But like, with the two stroke,
I have to get back into like, when
I’m turning and slowing down I have to hold the
clutch, shift down, brake. Which with the four
stroke I can just turn. – [Clintus] But overall
you’re excited to be riding? – Mhmmm. – [Clintus] You wanna
ride some more? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] Yeah! The boots have been sitting
by the camp fire here all day trying to get
dried off so we can at least try to get one
more ride in tomorrow. But they’re pretty soaked,
the insides are still pretty wet. But this thing’s been
roaring all day, and we got firewood for days! – Are we gonna bother
to go to bed? – No. – Not at all. (chattering) – Well guys, we’re gonna
call it a night, it is late once again. Kinda how it works when
we’re camping, everyone gets cozy around the campfire,
and just having a good time, telling stories,
telling jokes, and one by one the
kids falling asleep. I think Bryce was the
first one, then Sierra then Tanner. Tyler was a trooper, he
hung out with us all the way to the end. But it’s aboout 12:30 AM, time for some bed. So hope you enjoyed the
video, if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up,
tomorrow we pack up, we leave my parents’
property and we head over to Big Lake.
I’ve never been there. The Swags have been there
before, they say it’s amazing, it’s beautiful, but it’s
gonna be higher elevation which means it’s gonna
be more cold, more chill. And unfortunately we can’t
just ride where we’re camping, so there will be more riding
videos, but probably only one at Big Lake because we’ll
have to load the bikes up to go to a place to ride. And then we’ll be there
for a couple of days, do some Nerf gun battles,
some cool stuff. We got some cool stuff
planned for you guys. And then we go to another
destination later in the week. So like I said,
stay tuned, it’s gonna be an action-packed week. Vlog on.

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