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Fastest Scooter Wheels EVER Made?

Fastest Scooter Wheels EVER Made?

What think ah, oh my god, come on just All the ways Just Super-super unfortunate to see this right now We are currently in Marietta and there’s a massive massive fire coming over the top of that mountain You can actually see all the flames on the mountain just about here. It’s been on fire now for about about two hours Really really hoping that everybody up there is safe hoping that nobody lost any of their homes definitely gonna have to say a few prayers Tonight to make sure everybody’s safe. It’s really really serious because it’s really really hot here today So again, hoping that everybody is safe tomorrow is actually mine and Mackenzie’s anniversary. It’s our third anniversary Although I do have to go to the store now and get her gift. So to the mall we go So yesterday I put up a video explaining the purpose of these new and B wheels now they’re not just any wheel They are a very very special wheel and if you don’t know about these wheels yet or you just miss that video click that car Right there go check it out because there’s a lot of information regarding these new wheels, which may change the sport of scootering forever although if you did watch that video you may remember be referring to the fact that I can’t exactly test out the full speed of These new wheels because of the fact that I exploded the back bearings therefore We are here at scooter zone and it is currently 10:30 at night long. Long story So tonight I want to give these wheels a true test. I want to see how fast they are I didn’t get a chance to well, is that my local skate park the other day. I’m the only one here right now There’s not a lot of noise in the skate park in the background Which is really really rare here and tomorrow I can try because it’s McKenzie’s in my third anniversary Which means that I have to get this video done two nights Also, I brought in a new break because this one is three toasts Okay, so I have both of my wheels right here I’m double checking just to make sure that there’s no cracking or anything going on on the ends of any of the tread lines I personally don’t see any right now They’re looking pretty good thus far which obviously that’s a good sign beings that there are three bearings inside of this wheel It’s gonna be really weird trying to find out which side comes out First because I don’t want to damage the wheel anymore that I already have but I guess in theory I really couldn’t screw up the inside of the wheel. It’s just gonna destroy the bearings more and I’m switching them already So, I mean I guess we should just kind of go for it really curious to see what this looks like on the inside because I haven’t had a chance to take a look at it yet cuz I haven’t gotten a chance to get the freakin bearings out. All right, see what happens. Oh my gosh, you kidding me It’s freaking bending the bolt literally bending the grade eight books. I can’t get these berries out. This is how I broke them last time Oh my god, literally nothing nothing at all, like what do I do? Oh My god something Yes, I got it yes, oh my god, I have stuff. Alright, let me get this one out really quick I think I figured it out Now go fast. Don’t fall camera, please Oh my god, oh My god coming out Christ Don’t give up don’t give up. I’m gonna give up what huh, you’re always getting real sketch in here. Oh, Ok give up I Don’t give up. Whoo God my hands hurt. Oh my god Why are these scooter wheels not working with me right now? These bearings are absolutely impossible to get out. What do you think? Losing it oh my Thumb. I picked it back out Oh Oprah Oprah one two three Yes You truly have no idea how freaking difficult that was so here is the first wheel that we got out as you guys can see there is No bearings or any kind of outer ring in there And now in this one I got the bearing out, but I didn’t get that outer ring out You guys can probably see this like a small Ridge in here and that should have come out but it didn’t. Hang on one second It happened it happened not a lot of you guys I have never been winded and/or sweating when trying to get bearings out bars Yes bearings No, but now that we have all of you Hardware removed. I have found a small hack for this wheel So if you’re planning on getting these you’re gonna want to listen up, but before I actually tell you that small secret Let me explain to you exactly how these bearings work Now I know that a lot of people are gonna want the new Tri bearing wheels as soon as they arrive which is exactly why I am making this portion of the video if you work on your scooters by yourself watch this pay attention because this is sort of Confusing before we get into this. Let’s talk about the normal two bearing wheel this is a 24 millimeter wide wheel as opposed to the 30 millimeter wide wheel that comes on the new treaded wheel the whole Point of having a thirty millimeter wide wheel is to improve on your traction and/or grip on a normal wheel You have two bearings. Well, essentially for because of the fact they obviously need two wheels here I have a pack of four bearings obviously We only need two bearings to show this quick demonstration for the dual bearing wheel You have one bearing you put it in on this side. You press it in it’s set It’s ready to go flip it over you put one of these little dude spacers in there You grab your other bearing you put it in the other side that does not have a bearing in it Yeah, you press it down. You’re done. Not much to it with two dual bearing wheels These are all the pieces that you need you have four bearings and two spacers and that is it for the to try bearing wheels These are all the pieces that you need as you can see There’s a lot more and there’s probably some pieces in here that you have not seen Nor really? Expect it to be in the inside of the wheel same here did not expect to see this in there until I took it apart On the inside of the wheel you could see there is a small ridge on the very bottom of the wheel that is not in the center like on this wheel you can see that Ridge there this One is much further down. Although if I turn this wheel over you can see that Ridge right there It looks to be in the exact same place as this one because it is the diagram that Andy recently posted on their Instagram shows That you need one bearing on this side just like you would put in on this wheel once I set this bearing on here I would press it in and this side would be taken care of upon flipping the wheel over This is where we have a lot of different parts so the first thing that I would put in there It’s gonna be one of these spacers Now this spacer is not like all the other spaces that you guys have seen before as you can see we have two completely different thicknesses and also as you can see My camera is not focusing you would take this spacer and insert it into the other side of the wheel upon Insertion of that small spacer you would then put another bearing inside. This is where it gets tricky Once this bearing is set down against this spacer you would then insert this ring inside of here Now this ring can move freely throughout this wheel I’m not gonna push it in there right now But the whole point of this ring is to replicate the diameter of this inner rage I know that sounds really confusing but it does make sense The reason you put this ring in is so that once this bearing goes on the inside the next bearing physically cannot press Against that it cannot press against the other bearing now this may or may not sound really confusing to some of you guys therefore Let’s go into the back room and actually get it done. So you guys can see exactly how it works I’m gonna start it with the ridge on the higher side before I do that I’m gonna put a little bit of Lube in there just to make it a little easier on me next time Okay brand new bearing number 1. All right. Now that bearing is taken care of. It’s not going to go anywhere else I’m gonna flip the wheel over and put all the other pieces in baser number 1 a bearing and number 2 Press this one all the way in now I’m going to take this ring and sitting there just perfectly around the outside of that bearing I’m now gonna take our last spacer before pressing this all links. I don’t want to forget this now. I’m gonna drop my bearing just perfectly Center on that ring. I just sat in there. I’m gonna very slowly press everything together And that’s it. 3 bearings installed ready to go ready to put on the scooter Let me do that one more time with my other wheel and I’m gonna throw these things on Ok, so there we have it three bearings installed in each one of my try bearing wheels Let’s toss them on get in the skatepark and get some right number Ok, so we’re out here in this gate park right now. Just wanna let you guys know before I actually start riding I’m not doing crazy tricks right now because of the fact that it is currently midnight like literally just hit midnight I’m the only one here Not trying to fall get knocked out by myself at midnight and nobody know that I’m laying on the ground bleeding This is a speed test on the try bearing NV scooters wheels dropping in Hitting that first box. Ok, go the bigger section. Oh, man, you can really hear them on the wood Normally when I hit this step up I always drop in from the top Let’s drop him from the bottom roll on and see how easily I can hit these step up. Alright, so drop it in Not bad, definitely not bad coming back down get the bar over Hang up on the big one. How about the backside 360? Let’s give that one a go Is it just me or is that nothing leaning over a lot? Nope, not me. It’s leaning Whoa, okay that felt weird I went to turn a little bit and it threw me differently than usual. I’m gonna try that one again Are they enough it almost? Threw me like in a leaning back position as opposed to leaning forward Like I usually do I didn’t do anything differently about that three. You just threw me differently I don’t know if it’s because of the width of the wheel or what but let’s I’ll watch that one again See if the same thing happens Yeah, I did it again. Don’t know why it’s doing that. Let me see it do it for a third time I’m gonna throw a bar in there this time Yes, I don’t know why it’s doing that it’s that’s three in a row, I mean, I’m not necessarily complaining it’s just weird Let’s get some more speed on this thing. Let’s get a quick little air Whoa so so far what I’ve noticed about the wheels is they’re not necessarily faster than my Lambo is that they don’t actually take my scoot and make it faster. Although they do hold the speed a little bit better Just just slightly I can tell What I mean by that is for example if I dropped into this Without hating my brake. I just kind of cruise around It’s just holding a speed a little bit better than my Lambo is do My Lambos are still really really fast and like I said, these aren’t faster at the beginning Like I said just holds it better. Although one thing. I definitely can tell is because of the wider surface I’m able to turn a little bit sharper I’m gonna try to do a flare on this quarter pipe and land sideways and see what happens Okay landed like right about 90 degrees on that and it seemed to handle it pretty well, let’s take this thing on the resi That’s where I know. It’s really slippery. Oh, man, can you hear that? In case you didn’t notice there’s no tread on the center of the wheel. It’s only on the ends So when I have leaned my scooter to the left or the right? That’s when you can really hear that squeal if I keep the scooter straight if there’s no sound It’s normal. What if I tip it? You can absolutely hear it Alright, well, I’m gonna call it a night here at screwed razón huge Shout out to the zone for always letting me cruise out here and do all the videos that I want to whenever I want to You guys are awesome But I hope that answers some questions that some of you guys might have had that were unanswered about the new tribe bearing NV wheels Again, this is a wheel that could possibly change the sport of scootering forever It’s a very new concept when it comes to the design of the scooter wheel and I do hope that it does make a massive difference with our riding but only time will tell to see if everybody else enjoys the new Technology, and I hope that you guys do do not forget if you do want to get these wheels You do need to get Forks that are compatible with a 30 millimeter wide wheel as well as the necessary Spacers that you need for your deck, please, please Please do not forget that because that would suck if you bought the wheels and then realized I oshu I need a fork that fits These boom you’re out another 100 bucks. As always. Thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget to go snatch your merch at there are a few of the throwback sticker packs left So if you guys want to snatch something you can I think it’s like 10 left So go get them while you can but until next time your boys out of here, and I’m ready to go to bed But until then I’m out

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