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Fat Tire Biking to an Alaskan Glacier | The Alaska Life

hey guys today I’m in Portage Alaska
behind me is Portage Lake we’re about to jump on some fat tire bikes ride across
Portage Lake and get right up to portage glacier right now I’m at this parking
lot next to the Begich Boggs Visitor Center it’s a great place to park and
you can walk ice skate bike whatever you like to get across the lake big
shout-out to my sponsor Love From Alaska. They are a clothing apparel brand they’re
hooking me up with some awesome gear and we’re gonna go check it out at the
glacier let’s get to bike well only 13 minutes on bikes and we’re
already in front of the glacier if you were to walk this it would take about an
hour so I’m really thankful to be on a bike it sped up the trip a lot this trip
is really special because you can’t do it anytime of the year during the summer
this is just one big body of water and even a lot of the winter the lake isn’t
even completely frozen over so you wouldn’t be able to fat tire bike across
it so it’s really important to know that there are a lot of safety factors
involved with taking a trip like this and so making sure that the lake is
thick enough to do it and staying away from the middle of the lake and not
getting too close to the shore where you might break some ice so if you are to do
a trip like this be very careful and you will be rewarded! there’s a cave and we’re definitely
going in it well guys this trip has been absolutely
phenomenal just a beautiful day for Fat Tire biking climbing up next to the
glacier and just getting some awesome footage and some great pictures I once
again I want to thank the sponsor love from Alaska it’s a great clothing brand
based right here in Alaska all the designs are Alaska themed and you can
get some for yourself for your relatives that don’t live in Alaska and send them
some love from Alaska we’ll see you guys in the next video!

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