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Fearless Women and Their Motorcycles Throughout History

Fearless Women and Their Motorcycles Throughout History

(rock music) – [Corinna] I think the history
of women and motorcycling is really interesting because women have always been doing it. When I started the Miss Fires, I’d been riding for a really long time, but, I never saw women. The minute that we put the
call out there were 10 girls and then, the next week, there were 20 and you know, six months
later, there’s 150 and now, there’s, you know, over 250 across the United States. We always joke that it was
a thing that we didn’t know that we needed until we had it and then, we couldn’t
imagine life without it. I do have my own shop in New York City, which, does custom motorcycle
seats and upholstery, but, I’m currently run
away with the circus with the Wall of Death. (motorcycle engine) The Wall of Death is, it’s wild. They’re riding motorcycles
sideways on a vertical wall. Samantha Morgan who must be one of the most famous 20th
century wall riders, I work at the wall that she did ride at. There are very few
industries where you have men being inspired and following
in the footsteps of the woman, not doing it for a woman, but, because some lady blew their minds. The Wall of Death is living history. In 1916, the Van Buren sisters motorcycled from Brooklyn to San Francisco to prove that women could be dispatch
riders in World War I. They were even arrested several times for wearing men’s clothing,
illegal in most states, which, really was just protective gear and after all that, the Army still rejected
their applications. That history and the list
of women over the years that have done this is
important for me to keep going. The really cool thing is trying to connect younger generations of riders to an older generation of riders and so, I’m on my way to meet Becky Brown, founder of Women in the Wind. – I first started riding
motorcycles in 1976, but, I didn’t know one
single woman who rode. So, I actually put an ad
in the local newspapers and it really blossomed from there. We now, have 135 chapters
of Women in the Wind. We have ’em as far away as
New Zealand, Australia, Nepal. – Traveling on the road
is absolutely freedom to be able to hop on a
motorcycle and just go, rain, hail, cold, and heat, that bike gets me where I need to go. Whether you’re by yourself, with a friend, or with a few people, you would find adventure partners. – Corinna, I’m so glad you could make it. This is some of the girls
from my Toledo chapter. – Just some of them? – Just some of them.
(laugh) I think that knowing that they
have a family of other women to get together and ride
with, it’s wonderful. Women who ride motorcycles,
we’re not afraid do anything. It’s an adventure. (rock music) (gentle music beat)

74 comments on “Fearless Women and Their Motorcycles Throughout History

  1. I want a motorcycle so bad but I have crushing guilt because both my parents lost friends to motorcycle accidents and whenever I mention I wanna get one they look disgusted and distraught :/ I really don’t care about the safety of them, I could die in my sleep for all I know and I’m stuck between telling them I’m getting one no matter what and just lying and say that I don’t ride.

  2. I liked it, but I recommend that you don't wear patches saying real women ride motorcycles as every woman is a real women, right? Eh?

  3. I think to call these women “fearless” is a bit of an insult to women who really show bravery or beat the odds. If “celebrating” women for minor things like riding a bike is the angle here is it surprising you’ll get push back in the comments? Why not feature truly brave women? Example: Rose Namajunas the UFC fighter who battled mental health issues to become a champion, or female astronauts? These are people worthy of admiration.

  4. Women are called Fearless when they jump on a motorcycle but men are called stupid when they jump on a motorcycle. Does that make sense?

  5. As of 9/26/19 there were 44 moronic males and maybe a few brainwashed females who voted thumbs down. Why?
    Why would anybody vote negative on this short inspirational clip?
    I just don't get that, and am glad I never will. Ride on girls! 🍻👍🏻

  6. Fearless is not a good quality. Fear is what makes us not doing dangerous things like driving a motorcycle. Gender does not matter if you are dead.

  7. Female biker gangs have a long and proud history. The most famous of which being the Buffalo Gals! The Buffalo Gals would randomly break into people's homes and chew on their carpets. Munch Kelly being one of the most an iconic members of the Buffalo Gals!

  8. Never mess with a women who rides a bike is what I get to know from this video. Nope I was joking awesome to know it that women to love bikes and they ride it too. My salute to the brave women.

  9. So They just made a motorcycle club . They are no "real riders" .no protective gear . They just a apreciate doing something together with other women . I can respect that. But please wear some gear

  10. It bothers me to see NON of them with all gear. Some even without Helmets! 💀 At least in Europe most are smart enough to protect at least their brain, hands and feet from impact! Not wearing gear is not smart, brave or cool. Its fucking dangerous!

  11. When that chick is setting up the wall is there a guy checking her work? If not it really is a death defying stunt.

  12. How about men going over 150 miles on a circuit…pushing the limits and risking their lives…… since its about women of course we are going to praise them…..women have been riding ,gamimg and doing other things for a quite a while and people still act surprised

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