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Featherlite Model 1611 ATV, Motorcycle, Car & Utility Trailer Tour

Featherlite Model 1611 ATV, Motorcycle, Car & Utility Trailer Tour

What you want out of a trailer?
How about the versatility to all the ATV’s, motorcycles, antiques, furniture,
construction materials, or just about anything you need to get the job done? What about the durability, to get where
you need to go without the maintenance hassles with all the other brands? Hi, I’m Justin. And this is the Featherlite
Trailers Model 1611, multiple purpose hauler. In the next few minutes I’m going give
you a quick walk around tour of the Model 1611. The wider, bigger, brother model of the
1610. You’ll get to see some of the 1611’s
standout features and options so can figure out if this is
the right trailer for you. The 1611 comes with tandem axle
set-ups on all its lengths from twelve-foot all the
way up to eighteen-foot. You’ll also see that this model is available in seven wide or a full 8 foot 6 inches wide,
which is different than the 1610. Height wise it’s available in six foot six inches or seven feet tall. All these are to help maximize your cargo area.
The 1611 features cross members on 16 inch centers. You’ll notice .040 side sheets.
You want to be careful when shopping the competition they tend to stretch the cross members
or go with thinner side sheets such as .030.
This can cause problems later on with the trailer buckling side sheets structural damage and so on.
As I stand at the front the trailer I want to point out the Aerodyne Nose. Now what it’s gonna do is, we’re driving down
the road it’s going to help drastically reduce the wind resistance but as another benefit on the inside it’s
gonna give you any where from 37 to 45 inches more room depending on which like the
goal with, and which width. The last thing you want to deal with pulling a trailer is wiring issues To help drastically reduce that,
Featherlite puts this one piece wiring harness on the 1611, like all other models. Its gonna
drastically reduce any issues you may have It’s encased in rubber, runs the entire length of the trailer.
It’s gonna reduce any moisture issues or vibrations or connections coming
apart like a lot of our competitors when they use butt connectors As you notice, the clearance lights on this
trailer are a new design. They’re round, recessed, they’re lighter
brighter and they last longer The 1611 comes with an optional side door it’s got a whole back at the bottom,
nice tight water seal and its lightweight As make our way over to the wheels…
standard it’s gonna come with steel. This one however has got the
simulators on it. You also have some aluminum options… site sheet standard is white you get
anything from black, grey, orange, red and so on…
or dual color options As I mentioned earlier the 1611 comes
standard with LED lights a good benefit about Featherlite’s, though
are the dual LED rears. They give you good visual of those behind you.
This trailer also comes standard with double rear doors, however, this one
has the rear ramp option on it. It’s got a heavy hold back.
Good camlock support for a good tight seal. Bring the ramp down and you’ll notice it comes
standard with a wood floor The interior the trailer has the aluminum
upgrade option on it and it will come wood also. One area that Featherlite really shines, is
taking care of your cargo. You’re buying an enclosed trailer for a reason. – you want to protect it from the elements Now, over time our engineers have spent a
lot of resources designing a roof to reduce leaks.
You’re gonna notice that our cross members and roof bows have a little camber to
them. That’s gonna reduce any puddling on top of that roof.
Now, the aluminum roof itself is one piece. It runs the whole length of
the trailer without any cuts or seams At the top where it attaches to the cross
members is our Pierce & Roll system.
The Pierce & Roll system attaches the roof to the roof rails securely
without creating any holes The roof is completely sealed to
eliminate leaks. It’s the same kind of system used on aluminum aircraft It sheds water easily thanks to these
cambered roof bows Standard the 1611 is gonna come with the
Featherlite advantage wood floor This patented material is going
drastically reduce any moisture issues you may have inside the trailer The 1611, like other Featherlite models,
comes with multiple options Some of the other interior options
you’ll see with this model are lining and insulating. You also have
optional interior and exterior lighting available such as halogen load lights,
interior dome lights… everything from air conditioning
multiple cabinetry options you have extra side vents on the walls
Standard this trailer’s gonna come with whites side sheets.
You have multiple color options to choose from including dual or tri color options.
Now it’s not uncommon over time to suffer some nicks and dings in the front of your
trailer from either the vehicle that’s towing it or oncoming traffic. To help prevent that
I recommend this heavy-duty gravel guard and by the way it’s pretty good looking too.
You have multiple floor tie down options such as wheel chocks, recessed d-rings, surface mount tie downs, E-Track A-Track and lots more. After all the great things I’ve mentioned
about this Featherlite Model 1611 the one thing I haven’t talked on,
is its 10-year limited warranty It’s transferable on a purchase a new
Featherlite and that means your trailer will hold its value for a long time. These are
just a few the highlights the Model 1611 you can see a lot more at your local
Featherlite dealer. Why not go there and see for yourself with the 1611 has
to offer?

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