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Filthy Wheels! How To Clean And Protect Rims and Tires – Chemical Guys

Filthy Wheels! How To Clean And Protect Rims and Tires – Chemical Guys

– On this episode of
Chemical Guys Detail Garage! The Chemical Guys Detail
Garage show is about to roll. Hey! What’s up guys! Welcome back to the
Chemical Guys Detail Garage! Today we have this beautiful
ISF Lexus in the shop. It has a five liter V8. It
be flying down the street. So today, I’m gonna show you
guys how to properly clean and maintain your wheels
to prevent any breakdowns that could accumulate into
the surface of the wheel and might damage them. (intense music) So Calvin, our accounting
actually went ahead and had, after Market Wheels he trashed
them, didn’t care about them. He just loves flying on the freeway. Doesn’t care about his wheels. So today, we’re actually
gonna go and treat them to something nice and protect his wheels. So any breaks that actually
stays unto the wheels, it comes right off. So I already have a bucket set up in here, I actually have a dirt trap at the bottom. We recommend having a
dirt trap on the bottom to reduce any iron deposits or brake dust to go back unto the wheel
whenever you’re cleaning it. So in this occasion, I’m
actually gonna be using Diablo Wheel Gel just
for extra cleaning power. So I’ll go and open up
the spout. I’ll apply one, like two ounces of Diablo
Gel into wash bucket. And then to attack the heavier grime, I’ll be using Decon Iron remover. The reason why I’ll be
using Decon is because this Lexus actually has very
very heavy amount of brake dust and I wanna remove it safely as possible while decontaminating
the surface of the wheel. To begin this process,
I’ll go ahead get my hose activate the suds, I’ll
go and rinse out the wheel just to knock down any
loose grime or debris. (water splashing) So I already went ahead
and rinse it all off. I have my assortment of brushes here, so I have the red rocket that can be for the barrel of the wheel. I have my gray flagged tip brush, so I can go and scrub
the face of the wheel. My Nifty brush so I
can scrub out the tire, degrease the tire. And my all in the
exterior detailing brushes for the lug nut and calipers. So the wheel have already been rinsed off. I’ll go and get my Decon Iron remover. Simply spray it around the entire surface. And I’m actually gonna just
let it stay for five seconds. You could start seeing
on the caliper inside it’s bleeding purple coz’ that has a lot of
iron deposits in it. Um, if it doesn’t bleed purple, don’t worry it’s still working. It’s still decontaminating
the surface of the wheel. Um I’ll let it sit right there. I’ll go ahead and get my brushes. We all recommend starting
with the barrel of the wheel. So I’ll start all at the top. I’ll spray some Decon unto the brush and I’ll start scrubbing at the top. And the cool thing I like
about the red rocket, is that it fits virtually anywhere and removes all the grime and debris. I will pull the single
pass, you could already see it start turning a bit dark. That’s all the brake dust. (brushing sound|) I’ll come back. Get a
little bit more water, rinse out my brush. Spray Decon back unto the brush and then I’ll go back. (brushing sound) The cool thing also, you
won’t be damaging your wheels because you do have a
rubber seal at the front. So simply clean your
wheels without hesitation because you won’t damage it. (brushing sound) So you gonna do that. Look how dirty this brush
is. Just on a single pass. I’ll go back, rinsed it off. And like I said the dirt trap that’s on the bottom of the
bucket is actually removing everything and letting all the dirty water just stay at the bottom of it. It’s not letting it rise back up. (swishing sound) So I’ll go and get this right here. This one. So I’ll go and put my brush back. So now, I’ll go and attack
the face of the wheel. I’ll simply go ahead and get
my gray flagged tip brush and this is why I had my
Diablo gel in my bucket because it had extra
lubricated powers to it and as it foams up, so I’m
removing the grime and debris safely as possible. While the Decon does
actually does not foam up, they just decontaminate
the surface of the wheel. So I’ll get more, a little bit more suds. Spray my Decon unto it and
I’ll simply start scrubbing. (scrubbing sound) The cool thing I like about Decon, it works on all type
of wheels except matte. So if you do have matte
wheels, do not use it on it. But then, that if you have
like chrome, aluminum, anodized powder coated,
feel free to use them. Just make sure the
wheels are cool to touch whenever you are working with the product. So now that I got that,
it’s time to move on to the lug nuts. Uhmm I’m using all the exterior brushes, simply same exact thing,
just spray it unto it. Go ahead and scrub them out. This all in the exterior brushes can be use on emblems around the car. It can be use on calipers as well, to make your calipers look great again coz’ no one wants dirty calipers. If you actually do be hitting
your wheels with the plastic so, it won’t scratch it. So, simply go ahead and
just scrub them out. So now that I got that, the cool thing I like to
do is rinsed out my brush. And just give it a one last pass. Go around each little crevice. Just make sure I got everything out. Just so whenever I coat my
wheel with Max coat wheel guard I actually don’t coat any contamination that might harm my wheel in the future. So now, for the last part, I’m actually gonna go
ahead and degrease the tire just so I could probably
manage to your choice of tire dressing. Simply go ahead and get my nifty brush, spray some of it on it. Spray a little bit more unto my tire because a lot of you actually
forget to degrease your tire whenever they clean the wheel and this is what actually happens, like if you don’t degrease
your tire properly you might get sling out all over your car whenever you drive away. But in this occasion we’re remove, we are removing the
previous tire dressing. So the new tire dressing can
actually bond properly to it. (scraping sound) So once that is done, I’ll go ahead and move my bucket out of the way. I’ll put my pouch right
here so I won’t wet them. And now I’ll get my hose and I’ll go ahead and rinse it all off. (water splashing) I’ll put this hose over there. So now, It’s time to dry out
the surface of the vehicle. Not the vehicle, the
tire, the wheel I mean. I’m actually gonna be using the black workhorse microfiber towel. Simply I’ll go ahead and just
clean my face of the wheel. And you could already
see just by drying it up, it’s a big before and after. How I started those odd
contaminated dirty, had a grime had brake dust, road grime.
The whole nine yards. To now, it’s actually clean
and it’s ready for it’s wax. It’s gonna be receiving which
is Max Coat wheel guard. So, I’ll go ahead and just
clean up the face of the wheel. You could go ahead and flip
over your towel to a clean side and just simply wipe off the water that might be seen on the tire. And ever I actually rub
my fingers on the tire, you see there’s no grime that comes off. So that means it’s ready
for it’s new tire dressing. So now, I’ll go ahead and
get my Max Coat wheel guard. We’re gonna go and coat up this wheels to prevent any brake dusts
from sticking unto it. One thing I love about
Max Coat wheel guard, it actually repels up to 75% of brake dust and won’t let it embed
to the face of the wheel to damage it. So simply shake off the product. I have a premium microfiber applicator. I’ll go ahead and open it up. Put that right there. And you just need a very little bit. Simply just go ahead and
just about like that much. Go on it and just blotch it out so you won’t get a heavy
coat just to one area because remember anything you
do remove off the surface, that’s completely excess. So just simply rub it on and Max Coat wheel guard like I said, it’s gonna be repelling
up to 75% of brake dust. So we do actually get road grime or debris or even just brake dust is
gonna be super easy to wash off. It’s not gonna cause any water spots. Not gonna harm the finish of your wheel. Max Coat Wheel guard can be
use on all types of wheels except matte, they’re not use it on matte. So simply go ahead and just rub it on. And now that it has been on, I’m actually gonna let
it sit for 15 minutes and then I’ll come back to you guys and show you guys how
to properly remove it. And then we’ll gonna attack
the tire and apply tire shine. We’ll see you guys in 15 minutes. And we’re back, it’s been 15 minutes so now it’s time to remove
the Max coat wheel guard from the face of the wheel. I have a black workhorse microfiber towel. Simply I’ll go and just buffer right off. It cleans off very smoothly and just with single application
of Max coat wheel guard I already feel that the
wheel is smooth to the touch. It feels just like glass
which means it is protected and anything that might
land unto the surface is simply gonna wipe right off especially if you got brake dust like I’ve been hesitating a lot. Brake dust is like little iron particles that actually get released
from the brake pad that can actually damage
the face of the wheel and cause pitting. That’s why we always
see that on like chrome coz’ a lot of people would
tend to forget to clean them. So this will be great
protection for your wheels. So now that the wheels have been clean. Let me feel them. They don’t
have any contamination. It’s contamination free. So now it’s time to attack the tire. No one likes to drive around
with the dirty brown tire. You guys might say it’s still dirty but if I rub my fingers on it, It’s clean. This is how an original
clean tire supposed to look. Looks a little bit
brownish, nothing to dark. So now, my choice of
dressing today is VRP. I love VRP because it
could be use anywhere, interior, exterior, any
vine of rubber plastic. So simply go ahead and get about one line unto your applicator. And I like to blotch out my tire dressing so I won’t get a heavy coat in one area. So botch out right there,
there and right there. And simply just work it side to side. I didn’t go with the
choice of tire dressing that’s gonna deliver very very high shine. The reason why, I love more of a natural high shine. Nothing to crazy. If you
guys would understand, if you guys have used VRP oil and you would know what I’m saying. Uhmm VRP, I love it because it’s stealthy. It just leaves a black and
adds a very nice sheen. So I’ll go ahead and apply it. I’ll be using, I need a little bit more. Sorry if you guys be hearing
some noise in the back. We have a Joey in there
with another cool video. We have the store detail
garage Los Angeles in the background. If you guys have not picked
up anything for Valentine be sure to stop by Detail
Garage to pick one today. It’s never to late. So once it has been applied, I’ll go ahead and wipe
off any residue or excess that might be on the surface of the tire. So now, if I go and rub my fingers on it, this is why I love VRP
coz’ it’s dry to touch. It doesn’t come on to my fingers. If I drive off right now,
it’s not gonna splatter especially coz’ I prep the tire and I applied a very thin coat
of VRP and remove the excess. So guys, if you like this video, don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe to our channel. Also share this video with your friends. Have a good valentines and
we’ll see you guys next time. Right here at the Chemical
Guys Detail Garage! (intense music) (High energy beat)

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  1. why are you putting iron remover on the tire then saying “you should degrease your tires”, do you know the difference between an iron remover and a degreaser? y’all are idiots

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