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FINALLY got a legit motorcycle packing set up! | Viking Bag Saddlebag Review

FINALLY got a legit motorcycle packing set up! | Viking Bag Saddlebag Review

74 comments on “FINALLY got a legit motorcycle packing set up! | Viking Bag Saddlebag Review

  1. ** Please note I’ve only had been on about two rides with these, and if you want some adventure riders opinions, check with AsTheMagpieFlies, Rosie Gabrielle, or VotoCycling.** FOR A 22% OFF DISCOUNT OFF ANYTHING ON VIKING BAGS, USE CODE: DOODLE22 and I'll get a commission, too! (So I thought Vikinbags wouldn't give me more than these bags, but when I asked them for a discount code to offer YOU, they told me that code included a commission for me 😀 )

    To see my riding journey from DAY ONE to now, see this playlist:
    To see more videos about being a girl who rides, check this out:

    Shown in the video:
    Viking Sport Tail bag
    AXE Medium Black Street/Sportbike Saddlebags

  2. Where are your tools, tire repair kit, tire pump, first aid kit, etc. BTW, I've used Viking Bags for years, and they are great.

  3. I like this review. Iv been tossing the idea around about getting bags that can go on and off easy I might look into these

  4. Ugh Atlanta traffic…..I try to keep my rides less than 30 mins one way because of the traffic in Atlanta at any time of day feels like rush hour all day.

  5. Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent might work for you. Several places sell it, but the quickest example I found was on eBay.

  6. I hope you don't mind that I am dropping your name to get the attention of people at Viking bags.
    And as far as the rain…. don't you Know that you can go fast enough to avoid the rim drops

  7. Thats a good setup dood. I have a Nelson Rigg soft pannier setup on my r6 with a tailbag between, I put it on for long rides, just the tailbag for commute. I have the covers too- would only put them on if the bike was riding or sitting outside in a protracted rainstorm. Basic raingear, tools, spare gas in the tailbag- clothes etc in the panniers when on a multi-day ride. I carry a 64oz gas bottle with me- if not for my use then someone else stuck on the roadside may find it helpful. Sucks to push a bike to a gas station. I had hard viking bags on my old cruiser- worked fine but getting the mount right was fussy. Like the soft bags- mine are rigged to be easily removable to carry into the motel overnight etc, going to stich the velcro straps after some road-testing when it gets warm.

  8. Have you ever considered doing some mods to your bike? Super rewarding. And the Triple would look Badass with a round headlight like the ones from motodemic

  9. This was paid-commercial quality, Doodle! Viking owes you big-time! Finally, a commercial message that is credible! Fine job!

  10. Viking makes quality stuff from what ive heard, I have Nelson Riggs on my adventure bike from a while ago. Glad you were ok after your gear got caught up in the rear tire, that could have gone very badly.

  11. I don't think you would need to pull over unless it was a torrential down pour. And let's be honest, who want to ride in rain that hard.

  12. Look up RKA. They makes great quality bags. All my bikes have hard bags but I have tank bags and tail bags from them and the quality is top notch.

  13. Great review. And, somehow you made a review on a less than exciting product, funny, informative, and entertaining.

  14. I used Kriega bags when I had my Street Triple. Waterproof and worked extremely well, although a little pricey. Google 'em! 👍

  15. Hopefully you can upgrade soon.
    Viking Cycle is a horrible company. They're shady, have underhanded business practices, and their products are really poorly made. I wouldn't want to trust my stuff let alone my /skin/ with anything they make.

  16. Great review and video. Once you have luggage space, it is difficult to go without it. My Road King came stock with side hard saddlebags, but I added a trunk and like having the extra space, even for long day rides.

  17. Nice top case and side bags!!! You bike is finally starting to look more like my BMW R1200RT. I obviously have the BMW hard side cases, but I DO have the SW-Motech EVO City for my tank bag. You can't beat the mounting ring attachment, though Givi also offers a solution that works well. I really recommend a good tank bag, for convenience, so long as it does not interfere with your steering or view of your dashboard.

  18. Cant go wrong with swmotech or givi bags. Though soft bags with straps are ok, they still tend to shift about in the wind and weight of what's inside. A proper mount the bags can lock on to is ideal. I like shopping at twisted throttle for touring stuff

  19. Can I use this on my daytona 2011, or do they have model for my bike? I’ve got a sadlebag of the brand GIVI not very happy About it…

  20. I just use plain ol' faux lether bags and pack everything in rugged garbage bags. I could cross a river and my stuff would be dry. To start with at the first rain drop I'm looking for some place to sit it out, won't be riding in it very much at all.

  21. My bike has become my primary, ever since I put a tank bag and some saddlebags on my bike, my BMW 330ci been in storage. Arizona weather 🤗

  22. Honestly.. you really don't have the proper bike for any type of luggage transport. Your bike is designed for a few hours out on the twisties.. not for the long haul 🙁

  23. You did that on purpose. "Head for scale". I will come back to that later, but I am excited. I don't pack to camp. I pack for rain/cold/emergencies. Get a trauma kit, for broken bones, severe bleeding, securing a crash site, day or night. Carry it often. Some bystander may save YOUR life with it, one day. Carry it even if you don't know how to use it yet. Yet. As in take a Red Cross seminar/class. But even if you don't know how to use it, someone may happen along who does and doesn't have a kit with them. Put a red cross on the bag with the kit. 1" is big enough. If the case locks, add that the key is on the keychain with the ignition key. Bury the kit. Put your rain gear on top of it. If someone is in a crash, they will be in shock, and rain gear helps them with that. Put your rain gloves on top of your rain gear on top of your kit. Wet gloves suck worse. Many a rain shower, many a drop in temp, glove change has been enough. My trauma kit, rain-gear, and gloves are 8"x 6"x 10".
    I have weight scales, fish scales, I can scale rocks and fences, tell me what kind of scale, please…

  24. Oh don't let a bad experience stop you from camping. Of course there's a learning curve. Your a smart girl and I know that you can figure it out. There's so many places to see and experience. My favorite is disperse camping. I love the piece and quite. And maybe that morning coffee over a camp fire. It's the beginning of a new day… Thanks for the video and be safe.

  25. Awesome rig Doodle! Great video Lady!! 👍 I sold my Rocket III roadster so I can buy a Tiger 1200 xrx next summer. Time to tour the USA for me! Great video as usual Doodle!!! Peace Lady!✌
    You look FABULOUS In Your Riding Gear!!!!

  26. I have those same bags on my Kawasaki Versys and I absolutely love them. Been caught in many a rainstorm here in FLA and have never used the covers, everything inside stays exceptionally dry. If they ever wear out I would definitely buy them again. Great vid!!!

  27. It's been my experience that the rain covers are worthless except when parked. In travel they not only leak, I've yet so see one not rip apart and turn to shreds. Use of an inner liner/bag is your best bet.

  28. Ok, here's the deal on packing on a bike, no soft bag out there, and some hard ones, will keep your stuff dry. Take the advice of a grunt, get small add medium sized water proof bags. The kind that you roll the top down to seal them. Those rain covers aren't much better.
    I love your videos. You're never afraid to embrace your inner dork lol.

  29. VIking bags seems to be giving away alot the past couple of months. It's to bad they don't make anything for the Spyder. Good review though and for being honest about how you got the bags and stuff. Keep up the good work.

  30. So stoked you have proper bags now, no more destroyed sleeping bags!
    I'm not personally a fan of Viking Cycle, their long term quality in my experience was not great. I'm also notoriously not nice to my gear though ha! Wolfman Luggage is a bit more expensive, but I've been abusing their luggage for the last three years, and they've stood up to my long-term abuse with very little noticeable wear (short of any isobutane canister explosions XD )
    Also! You can get little Dry sacks (I like the osprey ones) to use as redundant waterproofing AND it makes it easier to keep stuff organized inside your bags if you take more multi-day trips in your future!

  31. When I used to use those sort of bags I used to pack my possessions in plastic carrier bags so everything I took was within a waterproof layer. I found that the waterproof covers were tricky to fit and had a tendency to disappear at speed when I gave the bike some throttle. In the end o got fed up with the lack of security and protection they gave even though I padlocked the zippers with suitcase padlocks. I now use hard panniers and a top box. My current bike is the only one I’ve owned where luggage racks have been available for the fitting of cases so I’ve made up models of the fixings I’ve needed and had them fabricated. But if you love the lines of your beautiful bike you should consider Kriega dry bags or even dry bags made for canoeing as these can be bungeed down like you have with your cases, they’re completely water tight, available in a wide range of capacities and relatively inexpensive. I think that if you’re packing more than 70litres of storage it’s going to be too heavy anyway. Nice video though!

  32. I was enjoying the video then I had a sudden bout of PTSD when you mentioned Atlanta Traffic. Been to 46 states and Atlanta still ranks as worst experience

  33. Cool bags! Although I know you were nervous when wetting them down hoping they worked. Although a thought if you check the forecast and there is a small chance of rain you could always cover them with the rain covers before the ride just in case this way no worry if it starts to rain especially if you have the luck of my youngest who rides when there is a 10% chance and always that 10% happens were he's riding lol! I can see your car is gonna be mad at you because unless it's bad weather the bike will be the new ride to work lol! Great video!!!

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