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FINALLY riding the trail that changed my life

FINALLY riding the trail that changed my life

I’ve made my way to Sedona,
I hopped in the car yesterday, about a 13 hour drive and I’m gonna ride a very,
very special trail today. It’s called Hangover. I’ve never ridden it before but it’s had like
kind of a huge impact on me and my life. Hangover trail was the first real GoPro,
stabilized video, I’d ever seen. Nate Hills. He has that awesome video that I saw,
it changed my life. I saw it, I’m like,
“Huh! What is this? How is he doing this? How is he actually making awesome GoPro footage.” Also, the first ever Singletrack sampler video,
I ever saw, was him riding Hangover
and this was like before the Gimbal, before YouTube mountain bikers like,
totally just him making a channel and going and ride it. So, I’m actually gonna get to ride it
with the sampler today Alex: And with the dude who first showed me, it’s like coming full circle, my buddy Jubee here. Jubee: What up! Brian: So, we’re gonna have a hell of a day. I didn’t bring my bike
because we’re actually gonna eventually, get on some demo bikes but right now,
we’re gonna get on some sampler bikes. He’s got all. Alex: Every one’s gonna be on sampler. Brian: Am I gonna get the red one? I think. Alex: I think, that makes the most sense. Brian: Okay! So, I spent the night
in the van on the floor here, last night. Had my Paco pad and my sleeping bag. It was a little chilly. Alex: Yeah! I was gonna ask, did you get cold? Brian: It was cold but it was bearable. It was doable, it wasn’t too bad. It was really funny when we opened the van up
in the morning, it was warmer outside than inside. So, we’re gonna roll up the Jeep Road,
it’s about a three-mile climb. Take it easy, there is a single track way up
but we’ll still have plenty of fun without it. Oh, we all remember this one. Memories of the first time we rode together. Alex: The best all around stretch, hands down my favorite, never gonna ride without it. Live Free, Ride Hard, Get Stoked! Live Free, Ride Hard, Get Stoked! All right. Ready to ride. Brian: Jubee’s on Alex’s pumpkin. Be careful with that dropper post man,
if you ever want to have kids. Got my forks setup stiff, I got my shock setup stiff. 30 PSI front and rear, I’m ready. This is the white line trail, they’ve been talking about. Your bike’s gonna be like, “Who is this stud, riding me, takes me to places I’ve never been before.” Yeah! Until I crash her, 4000 feet, feeling the elevation. A lot of people are curious if the,
giant 14,000, 15,000 feet, the rides we did in Tibet were like, holding me over for fitness. Nope! I got back home, I slept for like two days and it was gone. I didn’t see that coming. Alex: It’s getting hot. Brian: Okay! Nice! Holy crap! Safety squeeze, right there. Nice dude. God! Goofy off-camera. Oh! Sitting on a cactus. All right! Now, my wheels going downhill, so bad. Oh! you got to come back out and you got that. Oh, my God! Alex rode this two days ago,
his video’s probably been out, forever. Alex: This goes up and over. Brian: Okay! Oh, shit! Alex: Ready to roll.
Brian: Okay! Wow! That is trust. Alex: Hey you gotta get up. Also not easy. I dig! Alex: Because it’s off camber you’re sliding.
Brian: Yeah! That back wheel. Rough stuff. Oh! Nice. Brian: Rad!
Jubee: There is where we go downhill. This is a roll. Brian: What? Brian: Crazy.
Jubee: There’s two rocks. If it was a little wet today that would be really sketching met out. Alex: You need to go slow.
Brian: Yeah! Forward. Yes, yes. Full of control. Brian: Full control. Yeah.
Alex: That’s awesome! I wanna do it again. Brian: Yeah! It really is.
Alex: Full control. Alex: Didn’t even come close to feeling
like I was going over, Brian: Yeah!
Alex: or sliding, felt like so much control. Brian: He’s going back up. Alex: Going up is definitely harder. Alex: Oh Shit! Brian: Full control.
Alex: Whoa! Jubee: You all right? Yeah!
Alex: You okay? Alex: Don’t do it then. Jubee: No, I’m in my head right now. Alex: Yeah, get outta there. Come on down.
Brian: Yeah! Alex: Jubee! You remember,
you had to grab me, last time? Jubee: Yeah! Alex: Do you remember that?
Jubee: Yes! Alex: At the one hangover. Alex: You know, I actually was falling to the right
and Jubee had to grab me. Alex: The hang one! Brian: Yep! Brian: That was spooky.
Alex: That was awesome. Alex: Sorry.
Brian: It’s all good. Brian: Look downhill.
Alex: Trying to see what gear I’m in. Alex: I hate this. This is insane. Brian: Yeah. Okay!
Jubee: This is so funky. Brian: Nice! Jubee: I didn’t get this first time, last time we did this.
Brian: Yeah. Alex: This is weird.
Brian: Yeah. Brian: Totally! Force it down. That’s weird. Nice! Alex: Downhill. Alex: Weird!
Brian: Okay! Oh, yeah! Brian: Plenty weird. Yeah.
Alex: Same. Again. All hail, the trail builders. Alex: There you go. Alex: Whoa! Tingle them jubilees! Jubee: That’s what I thought. Brian: Got my eyes crossed
between that side in the trail. Brian: That was ugly!
Jubee: That was awesome! Jubee: That felt so weird.
Brian: Well right, goofiness. Nice! Jubee: Carry your weight. Okay! Nice! Good call out. Alex: This is where we’ll stop. Brain: Okay! Alex: This is where the trail gets crazy. So, coming up we got two big moves because it’s this…
Jubee: Hey, how you doing? and then here…That was so sick! Brian: Yeah. Brain: Cool! Nice! Oh taste. Oh that’s sweet! Jubee: Yee-haw! Brian: Yeah. Wow! Jubee: Yee-haw, baby! Brian: Cow boy style!
Jubee: Oh yeah. Alex: All right my friends, welcome to one
and the most difficult treks you two will ever do. Alex: And least most intimate.
Brian: Yeah! Alex: We’re going down there.
Brian: Okay! Alex: You two aligned?
Brian: Yeah! Alex: So, on this one, remember that you’re not… You see that dot. Its pointing that way.
Brian: Yeah. Yeah. You don’t go that way,
you connect that dot to this dot and you come… Brain: Yeah! Alex: You come right here,
you don’t want to come on this. Brian: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alex: It is literally a lot of rock. Brian: They did good. Alex: It’s like borderline bouldering, climbing up, dude,
Brian: Yeah. Alex: Now we want a little more front break.
Brian: Yeah. That off-camber slide. Yep! Not bad. Working good in slow-mo here. Oh, yeah. Brian: Okay! Hell yeah! oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Little inside here. Point it. Yep, good. Jubee: Oh yeah! Brian: Not a problem. Got it! Oh, yeah. That’s cool! Alex: That was fun.
Brian: Yeah! Just like you think. Alex: It pushes the limits…
Brian: It could go a little faster but it’s like… Alex: of what your mind thinks you can do. Brian: Exactly, that’s the perfect way to put it. Look at that! Look at that, it’s ridiculous. Alex: Like I said, last time I rode this, I felt like I was,
thinking back on it, I was absolutely out of my depth. Brian: Yeah! Alex: And that’s why I remember it
as I would always tell everyone, I was like, “Oh, it’s just, it’s like unique for sure
but it’s scary for the sake of being scary.” Brian: Yeah! Coz I wasn’t even that good.
Alex: That way my, that was my view of it at the time. Alex: I wasn’t, I was not at the level of this trail
and now that I am, it’s like, “This is so fun!”
Brian: Yeah! Exactly. Brian: Oh, God! Oh, cool! Went in hard. Alex: I hit that first one so hard. Brian: My backpack lifting up on me. Get her tight. Jubee: This is so weird. Brian: Nice dude! Brian: Wow! Oh,
Jubee: Isn’t that weird? it kept getting weird after… Wow! Jubee: Isn’t that funny?
Brian: Yep. Jubee: Crazy.
Brain: Double Black Diamond it is. Brian: Yeah! I love that red rock sound. Dear God! Nice! Wow! Wouldn’t have seen that. That man can turn. Yeah! Hell yeah! Yeah! Oops. Oops, got my eyes looking the wrong way there. Alex: Oh, no!
Brian: Yeah. I wonder if I lost anything out of my bag on that. Jubee: That got nasty.
Brian: Yeah. Steep step. Baboom! Baboom! Baboom! Videos never do it justice. That was hair-raising. Jubee: It’s gotta be enough. Yeah. Alex: Once you go numb, it’s okay! Oh my Gosh! Cold at my head. Brian: Okay! We can leave him alone now. Brian: We’re all clean, it’s time to eat with some tuneups and diagnostics. Alex: So yum!
Waitress: Yum. Alex: Thank you.
Waitress: Yeah, can I get you anything else? Brian: Good. Jubee’s got the Quesadilla. He’s got the Fajitas. I got the Fajita Burrito.
Alex: Yeah. All right! That was a solid, solid ride, solid, solid meal. Now, over on Alex’s Channel and I don’t know how the timing
is gonna work out on this because I have no…
Alex: Yeah, I don’t know either. Brian: Maybe you’ve already seen us ride the hogs
tomorrow. Alex: Yeah! Who has the more, largest stockpile of footage. Brian: I have a lot of stuff. Pretty big. Alex: You still in China in that bit, though.
Brian: Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Alex: Like, at this point of time on YouTube,
you were in China. Brian: Yeah, exactly. So, you probably have already seen it,
so let’s go get some, Whole Foods. Thanks for watching, you guys. I’ll see you on the trail.

100 comments on “FINALLY riding the trail that changed my life

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  6. Impressive dude! And on a loaner bike nonetheless! It’s been fun watching you and Alex become such solid riders the past couple years! Keep it up.

  7. I wonder how gnarly it was when and if they had build the trail back in the day when everything was pretty much 26er and not a whole bunch of travel >.<

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  10. I mean this is all well and good, but Brian, my god man, how did you ride that clipless? That would terrify me on flats! Clipless? There's just no way I'd "see you on the trail". I mean you both knocked it out the park, but going in blind, clipless and on a demo bike (I think), well, respect to you!

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  16. This is one of the trials I've seen online that i would never attempt, no matter how good i am on a bike. I value my life too much and one loose rock out of my control could end your life at any time.

  17. That is definitely a trail that lives up to its rating. I'm not confident enough to ride that trail yet, but I'd love to walk it some day. Nice video Brian. If yall are ever coming through northern WV, feel free to stop in for a rest stop. I've got over 70 acres and have just started building my own trails to ride.

  18. while watching a lot of this my right hand hurt really badly. I couldn't realize why until I looked down and saw I was wringing my hands so hard at some of these turns. jeez! had ME spooked and Im just sitting here!

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