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Finding Myself On Google Street View! // Ep.12 Unicycling Across America

Finding Myself On Google Street View! // Ep.12 Unicycling Across America

Last time, my cycle touring mate Jiawei and I took some time off our bikes in Winslow, Arizona. We stayed with a lady called Sondra in her converted church, and Unexpectedly found ourselves flying over a meteorite crater in a Piper Cherokee. Onwards, we carried on following the route 66, and soon got ourselves a little caught out in some pretty chilly conditions. Ed: Oh my god! *both laugh* Ed: So it got a bit heavier then ♪ I’m riding on a one man wheel powered custom built analog 36″ unicycle across the ♪ ♪ U S A ♪ ♪ I never know what the hell I’m gonna get myself into todaaaaaaaaaaaa ♪ My name is Ed, and I’m riding a unicycle around the world. Join me on this series, as I attempt to cycle 4,000 miles across the United States of America. A couple of hours into the day, and we were really feeling the cold. What seemed fun at first, was now just a bit of a slog with our clothing getting soaked through, and our extremities going numb. doggo! 🙂 I was very grateful that Jiawei was out here with me. Because even though we were both struggling, we could at least laugh together about the Ridiculousness of the situation we found ourselves in. *both laugh* In the excitement of battling through the snowfall, we both missed the sign that we’d just left Arizona and entered New Mexico. Pushing on into this new state, we managed to find respite in the tunnels that ran underneath the I-40. Sheltering from the weather, if only for a few minutes, was bliss. Ed: Oh my god! Ed: So it got a bit heavier then. Ed: Whoo! Jiawei: Whooo! Back at it, we pushed towards the next town on the Route 66, Gallup. Unfortunately three miles out, Jiawei suffered a puncture. It was while Jiawei pumped up his tire, that I got a call from Mike. Who’s Mike you may ask? Mike is a truck driver We met a few days ago, just after leaving Winslow, and he had a pretty cool attachment on the back of his truck. Ed: Yeah, that’s great! Ed: You gonna show me your skills? Mike: I am. Mike: I’ve just met this guy, I wanted to talk to him. Mike: I’ll be in touch. Ed: Yea. Keep up with the unicycling eh? Mike: I’ll try! Back to fixing Jiawei’s puncture two days later, Mike happened to be passing through Gallup at the same time, and offered to get us dinner in town when we got there. Got another maybe three or four miles so pump it up and we’ll fix it when we get there. Stop properly. When we arrived, he also offered to pay for a motel room for us, so that we could dry off. How amazing is that? Nice to have a bit of a Warmer night tonight and drier one. I think finding somewhere to camp would have been pretty tough. He took us to a Cracker Barrell, and it had a wonderful roaring fire. It was a fun evening learning about Mike’s work as a truckie, but too soon He needs to keep driving, and Jiawei and I needed to get some sleep. *both laugh* We were relieved the next morning to wake up to blue skies and snow free roads. Can you believe that there was snow on the ground yesterday? I can’t! It’s warm as anything, Sun is out, blue sky This weather is so changeable! We’re following the Route 66 at the moment, it’s running parallel to the I-40, which is out there, all the big trucks. Think we’re gonna need to join that at some point today. But for now, we can just enjoy the kind of less traffic, less busy parallel road. Yeah! Gorgeous day! For the next few days we once again settled into our routine of riding during the day and wild camping at night. Ed: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! One morning, while riding slightly behind Jiawei, I spotted the Google Street View camera car whizz past. If I find it, I’ll put a photo of me on Google Street View! But I kinda doubt that it’s gonna be there. Yeah, I was pretty surprised to see it too. *toot toot* *toot toot toooooot* Ed: Ha Ha! We made pretty good progress over the next few days, the roads were smooth and the wind was on our side. However, there was one thing that kept slowing us down. Ed: Did you find another? Jiawei: Ah… If I remembered one thing about following the Route 66 in New Mexico, It was the sheer amount of punctures Jiawei and I seem to pick up. So far on this tube, we’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six seven, oh, and eight. Jiawei: Eight? You have eight? Ed: Eight. *both laugh* Oftentimes, they seem to be little pieces of wire, and searching around for a culprit we came up with truck tires. More specifically, mangled truck tires laying by the side of the road. These guys are filled with steel wire and once broken up, these tiny curls of metal find themselves scattered all over the tarmac, And eventually, into our own tires. It was infuriating. The one silver lining to all this is that we got pretty good at fixing them over those few days. ♪ Down around a corner in a dusty old barn ♪ ♪ We’d sit up on old pillows and pretend ♪ ♪ That this always spinning world has stopped dead in its tracks ♪ ♪ And then we make love as the world comes to an end ♪ ♪ But if I dream at all tonight ♪ ♪ Let it be of you ♪ ♪ Let it be of you ♪ One very blustery day approaching the Texas border, We had the pleasure of meeting Marcus, a young Unicyclist who persuaded his dad to drive 300 miles out to find me. Ed: You might have to shout because it’s quite windy. Marcus: Oh yea. Ed: What’s your name? Marcus: I’m Marcus Martinez. Ed: And what are you doing out here? Marcus: I’m actually looking for you! The strong headwind certainly weren’t ideal, but Marcus was determined to join us, So we slowed the pace to allow him to keep up on his 29″ wheel. He hadn’t ever ridden more than about six miles in his unicycle, so it was good to see that after 10 miles, He was still going strong. Ed: Have you ridden the wrong way down a highway before Marcus? Marcus: No. Ed: What do you think? Marcus: It’s pretty sketchy but it’s happening. But Marcus wouldn’t be the only person to drive out and find us that day. Do you remember Sam? The chap I met riding across the Australian nullable many months ago. Ed: So tell me Sam, why Australia? Why come out cycling here? Sam: I dunno. I dunno why I do anything. I wake up one morning in the middle of the winter, and go: God! I’ve never been there! What about that place? Ed: Well, he happened to be driving across New Mexico Saw us out here, and decided to come say hi. *sam laughs* Ed: What are you doing out here Sam? Sam: I’m on spring break! Sam: And I like deserts! Ed: Yea, you told me that. What was it? Six months ago or something. Sam: Yea, no kidding. Oh my God! Ed: It was great to see him again. We decided to all meet up later at a Mexican restaurant in a town called Santa Rosa, just 15 miles away. After dinner, Marcus’s dad asked if I could sign a few things, including an old seat post. Marcus’s dad: So these are some pictures off of the Internet, and then this is the seat post from his unicycle When we cut it down when he got that. If you could- Ed: you realize this is mad right? Marcus’s dad: Yeah! Absolutely! Ed: What are you gonna do with this, the seat post? First day I got my unicycle couldn’t ride it. It was too tall. I had to cut that off with a pipe cutter. Marcus’s dad: Oh I like the little unicycle! That’s cute. Ed: There you are, no worries. Marcus: Thank you! Marcus’s dad: Good meeting you sir, good luck! Ed: Cheers for coming out eh! Ed: Cheers man! Good luck with the riding! Sam generously bought us a motel room that night. The guy that ran the joint was a total character. Sam: He has been unicycling, UNICYCLING around the world. Eddie: Could be a little bit hard on the cooch! Alright! Ed: Eddie is it? Eddie: Yea! Ed: Good name! Ed. Eddie: Okay! Huh? Your name Ed too? Ed: I’m Eddie as well. Eddie: You’re not Ed. Jiawei: Jiawei. Eddie: Jiawei? Jiawei: Yea. Eddie: Hi Jiawei! Eddie: Sayonara Jiawei! *all laugh* Sam: Wrong country! Eddie: Hey! We need one more then we can have Ed, Ned and Eddie! Sam: Yea we could! Ed: Hell Yea! Eddie: We can have an organization! Ed: I thought you were gonna say something else then. Alright! Eddie: Well, you thought I was gonna say something else but thats what you get for thinking! Eddie: Ring the bell, send you to the principals office! Ed: All right Eddie, Thank you! Eddie: All right! Ya’ll have a good night! Safe journey! Ed: Cheers! Sam: All right, you’re off, I’m off, we’re all gone. In a world of crazy bastards, you’re royalty. Have a good trip guys! Ed: Thank you Sam! Happy New Year! And thank you everyone that has watched the channel, supported the channel, Enjoyed my videos in 2019! It’s been a pretty big year for the channel, We’ve like tripled in size in the last couple of months, And hit 100,000 subscribers! So thank you very much for that! But obviously, my biggest thanks goes to all of you that have decided to support me on Patreon! So Thank you Adam Fink, Adam Stevens, Alex Brito, Alex Lee, Annabelle Miley, Anson Liang, Anthony Palmisano, Axel Fontaine, Aye Pea, Cary Cleland, Daimon Walker, Daniel Thorp, Elijah LeJander, Dakota Morehouse, Derek Donovan, Gaillard de Navailles, Geoff and Kelly Elder, James Little, Jessassin, Kelli Jackson, Kentaro Sekino, The Madsstuen Brothers, Malvin Zhen, Mario Riegas, Mark Parris, Mike Foxwell, Sam Richardson, Stephen Jones, Neal Brooks, Thin Seller, Tobi McTobeface, Tommi Nurmesjärvi, Ricky Ru, Tyson and Bethany Hodge, Warren Snaider, and Weston Hawkins. I hope you’ll have a very wonderful 2020! The next morning, I woke to an irritating surprise. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sick of fixing punches at this point. It’s been- this is number 15- puncture number 15 in the last two weeks. So we’re pretty much averaging one a day, which is ridiculous! The culprits was once again a tiny piece of truck tire wire. Get this guy out and fix the puncture and keep moving, but it’s- daarh I’m just annoyed. Woke up this morning, had a nice rest, felt the tire, and it was down. Hmm… With one more patch on my tube, Jiawei and I continued down the Route 66 towards Texas. The going was tough over the next three days. The headwinds just didn’t seem to ever let up. So in search of shelter, we opted to camp in some under highway tunnels. Surprisingly, once you get used to the noise overhead, these can actually be quite comfortable. Both: TEXAAAAAAS!!! Ed: WHOOOOOO!!! After celebrating crossing New Mexico and reaching Texas, Jiawei and I had to consider our plans for the next few weeks. We’d traveled over 800 miles together since meeting three weeks ago in Arizona, And with Jiawei’s aim of following the Route 66 to Chicago and my sights set to see more of the southern states, We would soon have to part ways. After two uneventful days riding through Texas, we reached our splitting point, Amarillo. Riding into the center, we met local cyclist Mark who invites us out to the Big Texan steakhouse that night. Mark: These are.. Well, Rocky Mountain Oysters or Mountain Oysters Ed: In English? Mark: Testicles…. Cow testicles. Presenter: All right Big Texan! Let me get your attention on stage please! Presumably drunk guy: WHAT DO YOU WANT?? Presenter: I have Jeff coming all the way from California… Ed: It was there, that we witnessed a guy attempt the 72-ounce steak challenge. Which if you couldn’t guess, requires you to try and eat 72 ounces or two kilograms of steak in just one hour. If you manage it, the $72 meal is free. Ed: Have you done this before Jeff? Jeff: I’ve eaten 3 28oz steaks with three big potatoes and salad for the cattleman’s once for it. That was 40 years ago. Ed: Alright, well good luck. I came through 35 years ago, I regretted not trying it. I would have done it easily, but I’m 65 years old so. Ed: All right. Nice. Good luck Jeff. Jeff: Thanks. Ed: It was a really fun last evening with Jiawei, and if you’re wondering, no The guy attempting the challenge didn’t quite make it. But he did give it a pretty good stab. Ed: It’s a good effort. Jeff: Thank you Ed: No worries. Have a nice evening man. Jeff: Thanks man. Appreciate it. The next morning it was sadly time for Jiawei and I to cycle our separate directions. His aim was to complete the length of the Route 66 further north and I had people I was keen to meet in the south. Even so, it did feel a shame that we couldn’t ride more miles together, because the last three weeks had been an absolute blast. But be it down to pour route choice forcing us into dangerous situations, Hope we don’t get shot tonight. Or bitterly cold snow storms causing our hands and faces to go numb, These last three weeks weren’t always plain sailing. But sharing the roads and the difficulties that threw at us definitely made these potentially demoralizing circumstances into something actually quite memorable. Ed: HA HAAA! *both laugh* Ed: Take care alright? Jiawei: Okay. Jiawei: See you! Ed: Good luck Jiawei! Ed: So there goes Jiawei. It’s a little bit sad, not gonna lie. It’s always the same, only knew him for three weeks, but it’s you know, it’s intense whenever you meet someone cycling on the road, It’s an intense time that you spend together because you you’re pretty much literally day and night with somebody. It’s almost like being in a relationship. Not in that way, but you know what I mean. So yeah, Jiawei if you’re watching this, just Thank you for the last three weeks. It’s been great. And I’m glad I could be a part of your trip, you know a small part. Three weeks on the on the 66. It’s been fantastic. Alone once again, I pedaled southeast into the USA’s second largest state. I had a hunch that Texas just like everywhere else I’ve passed through so far, would be full of warm-hearted generous people. But little did I know just how generous because at this very moment, There was a man living in Tyler, a city just east of Dallas, who is preparing to hand me a check for $100,000. This is definitely an installment for next time. If you’re feeling impatient and can’t wait for next week’s video, you’re in luck because the next episode is available right now On my Patreon. And if you’re feeling really impatient, you can head over to Vimeo and watch the entire ‘Ed Unicycles the USA’ series from start to finish over there. Your support is greatly appreciated. ♪ Well, this old thing ain’t built for speed, but I love my trusty dusty steed ♪ ♪ It’ll get me around the world soon, then I’ll try a full moon ♪ ♪ I know my route is roundabout but I sure as hell don’t have a doubt ♪ ♪ It’ll get me where I’m going as long as the wind is blowing ♪ ♪ I’m well aware of dangers out there and it’s not that I don’t care… ♪

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