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– Good morning, Clan! Welcome to Sunday,
it’s 9 A.M. Everyone’s just kind
of rolling outta bed. Everyone slept in
after that early morning, long day we had yesterday. Everyone’s sleeping in,
so it’s feeling pretty nice. I’m sitting down to edit
today’s vlog about 40 minutes of footage. Obviously a lot of it’s just
volleyball, so lots I’ve gotta scrub through and pick
and choose the good stuff. The team played
so well together, there’s a lot of
great dynamic shots, three hits, pass, set, bump, you know, that kind of thing. So I’m looking
forward to getting through it all and showing
you guys some highlights. Morning Bryce! – Good morning. – [Clintus] Got the playoffs? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Phoenix Suns versus
the Golden State Warriors? – Yup. – [Clintus] Phoenix Suns are
up 49 to 39 in the third. Good morning ladies.
Oh look at Mommy, just bundled up here. – Just snuggled with Bryce,
now it’s Sierra’s turn. – [Clintus] It’s chilly
in here huh? – Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Yup, what
are you up to Sierra? – Watching videos. – [Clintus] Watching videos?
That would be the Daily Bumps. (bass notes) – Good afternoon. – Good afternoon. – We ditched the boys. – It’s still technically
morning, it’s not 12 yet. – 11:30. We ditched the boys. They were loading up
the dirt bikes to go riding, and I didn’t really want to go. Sierra was like,
eh, she was on the fence. So we’re going to go
get pedicures, right? – Yeah. – Do the girly thing.
– Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] Eeny meeny
miney moe. – Alright you guys, it’s time. Time to go dirt bike riding. I had said in yesterday’s vlog, and probably a
couple days before that, I really wanted to go to ACP, I really wanted
to go to the track, I’ve been itching to go, but unfortunately
I just took too long this morning to edit the vlog, and just get my butt moving. It’s 12:00 right now. The track closes
at 2:00 and it’s like and hour drive
from where we live, so I was doing the
math and I was like, I just don’t think it’s worth it to pay the money to ride
maybe one or two sessions, so. Anyways, we ended up
coming out to the desert. I’m here with Bryce. We got his 110, he chose the
110 over the 65, of course. And the place
we’ve been riding guys, the place we’ve been
riding at the last couple times with the Swags,
there’s a big “no trespassing” sign there now. They put a big mound of
dirt in front of the entrance and put a “no
trespassing” sign up, so I mean,
technically we could ride over the mound of dirt,
because someone else did, but I’m like,
I hate that you drive in and right at the door, there’s
a “no trespassing” sign. There’s really no
way to argue with the cop and say, “Oh,
I didn’t see that sign”. It’s literally
at the front door. So we ended up going
down to the power line road, which is just a
block further than where we were riding and
it’s kind of cool because we’re all out here by ourselves. There’s a big long
dirt road here for Bryce and I to ride on. I got my fresh,
new tire, fresh knobby. We’re gonna get suited up and we’re gonna tear it up. (yells) You guys! We’re suitin’ up, we
getting’ everything ready, and pull out my helmet, and
realize I forgot the GoPros! Dang it! Alright, so change of plans. No GoPro action,
no point of view action, so it looks like
we’re gonna be riding one at a time so we
can shoot video each other. Oh man.
I’ll do a drive-by with Bryce. I’ll just use one hand,
cause he goes slow enough, I’ll be okayq. But man! I forgot the GoPros.
(yells) I can’t believe I did that! They’re charged,
they’re sitting on my desk in my office, I just
walked out without grabbing the bag, so then once
we were up and running, all I could remember was like, helmet, boots, socks, gloves, like, I got everything,
we’re good, we’re good. And the GoPro wasn’t
on the checklist, man. GoPro wasn’t on the checklist. Dang it! There you go. Yeah, it’s the longer one, yup. Go through that one
and pull that way though, back towards the other way. – Oh that’s why I did it wrong. I put it through this
one but the other way. – [Clintus] You just
did the same thing. You gotta split the
rings with your finger, and then rub the
thing next to your finger and go through the hole. So go back through,
yup, yup, there you go. Pull it through that ring. You got it, there you go. Now grab the ring with one
finger and pull that strap. Pull the strap down. There you go, good job, dude! Alright, first ride
in almost three months. Hope he didn’t forget. (laughs) – Feels weird. – [Clintus] Feels weird? Yeah, I think you’re ready, size-wise you’re
ready for a 140, you’re definitely
growing out of that, maybe a big-wheeled 110. (laughs) Rock and roll. – [Bryce] So I’m
probably gonna go this way… – [Clintus] Just go down
wherever you want man. The road’s that
way and that way. – [Bryce] I’m just
gonna go over there and sometimes I’ll
turn around and just go back over there. – [Clintus] Sounds good, go for it. (motor revving) (Clintus laughing) – [Clintus] This is so silly! Where’s the GoPro? One handed baby, let’s go. This is an accident waiting
to happen, let me tell ya. Don’t ride dirt
bikes with one hand, kids. Woo! (motors revving) That’s about as
good as I’m gonna get. I’m not too
confident about this riding with one hand crap. Of course, as soon as
I turned the camera off, wipe out. Soft stuff in the sand. He’s alright though. He’s so low to the
ground he can’t get hurt. – Sierra just
scored after a pedicure. It’s right next door to
Route 21 so we went in and… – [Sierra] Bought a few things. – Yes, and that
store stuff always comes up cheaper than what
it says, what you expect, so we got a full bag for $20.09 and I think, it’s what? Six shirts? Six shirts,
some socks, a head accessory, headband. Score! – Everything
was like $1 a piece. – Yeah we got some
tank tops for $1.20. Might not be the
best quality of stuff at Route 21, but hey,
if she wears it once, it was a dollar. So, score.
Now we’re gonna go eat. Oh wait, let’s show your toe. – [Sierra] Oh yeah. – She’s got a fancy
little design on her toe. Cute. And I went with red. Don’t mind my nasty dirty car, that’s kind of embarrassing. Red for Valentine’s. Hungry?
– Yeah. – [Tiffany] Yeah. – [Clintus] Well how was it? – Awesome.
– [Clintus] Awesome. – We were like, way down there! – [Clintus] We went for a good
ride, went for a good ride. It’s cold though, huh? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah, it’s chilly. Supposed to rain tomorrow guys. More rain, so the
sun’s not really out to warm us up. There’s a breeze and
of course we’re riding so we’re going,
the air is hitting us. We forgot to bring
some warmer clothes but it was fun, right? A fun little ride? We’ve only been
here for about two hours. – And there’s a thing,
somewhere down there, I was coming by, I was
trying not to get into the mud, so
I squeezed by a bush and I hit one part of it,
I pushed it forward, then pshhh! It hit me right here! (Clintus laughs) – See you guys. Just a short little ride, again, kind of, I been
talking about doing it for a week now, it was
literally last minute, like, alright let’s go. So it’s good to
get the bikes out, good to get out on the bikes, but it’s funny we
complain about it being hot in the summer
and now we complain about it being
cold in the winter. It is what it is, right. I think honestly,
if it wasn’t windy and it hadn’t
just rained all week, it wouldn’t be that bad. Probably in the
high 50’s, almost low 60’s. But right now it’s the low 50’s. That breeze is
pretty chilly, so… But yeah, we’re gonna
go take the bikes home, go wash ’em and
I gotta tighten my chain. I said I needed
to do that before, and I forgot to do it. The guy that changed
my tire didn’t do it. They just put the tire
back on the way it was, but the chain’s really lose. It’s actually
hitting the swing arm. I can see little
knicks in the swing arm, so it’s time to
tighten that chain. – Alright, me and Mom
are at home and we just saw that Baby’s…
– And we’re home. – Yeah, they’re home too. – [Tiffany] We got the mail. – Yeah we got the mail
and she has a Bark Box. – [Tiffany] That’s two now. – Two Bark Boxes
now, and her toy box is over filling. – [Tiffany] Overflowing.
– [Sierra] Overflowing. So we are going to
clean it out and Bryce can… – No we were, just dump
all of them out at one time. Whatever ones she goes to,
we’re not gonna throw away. – [Sierra] Because
we need to throw some of these away.
– [Bryce] Yeah. This one isn’t
even hers, this was just a Christmas toy. – [Sierra] Yeah
but she likes it, so… Alright, dump it. – [Bryce] Set, go! – [Sierra] It’s
like her birthday party all over again (laughs). Look at her! No, she wants the Bark Box. Come here, Baby. Which ones do you like? Baby, come here. – [Tiffany] She’s
a little distracted. Yeah, she’s got her Bark Box. Let’s see, she had
the big dog, the blue one, the moose, the swimmer,
the Chinese cat, the video, blue. – [Tiffany] She honestly
plays with all of them. – [Sierra] Except for the
ones at the bottom ’cause she can’t find them.
Get rid of this. – [Bryce] That
one’s not even hers. – [Sierra] The taco sucks. – [Tiffany] This guy’s
looking a little rough. – [Sierra] Yeah, Hank
the Tank was her boyfriend at one time, but he’s… – [Tiffany] The squeakers
aren’t even working any more. – [Sierra] This
is her new boyfriend. – [Tiffany] I think Hank’s done.
She’s like, “No!” – [Tiffany] This guy’s
looking a little rough. – [Sierra] Yeah,
that guy’s just weird, I don’t like that guy anyway. (laughter) – [Tiffany] You don’t like his junk? (laugher) – [Sierra] I don’t know,
it’s weird. As soon as I saw
that toy, I just saw that and it was like, I don’t know. – [Tiffany] It’s from
the Olympics, right? – [Sierra] Yeah. (toy squeaking) – [Bryce] We could
get rid of that cat. (family laughing, playing) – [Tiffany] Baby,
what are you doing to me? – [Sierra] Yeah her monkey’s
new, that’s from Christmas. Oh, let’s get rid of this vest. It doesn’t have a
squeaker any more, what the heck?
Look at this one. Don’t need that one. She doesn’t play with this one. – [Bryce] Alright,
throw the things that she doesn’t need over here. – [Sierra] Hank she
loves but he’s looking a little rough. Swimmer can get outta
here cause I hate that swimmer. – [Bryce] What about Santa? – [Sierra] Santa,
keep cause that one’s new. – Ready? – [Sierra] It’s an airplane. Baby, you like
your new airplane? Alright, so here’s the keepers. Let’s see, pink
basketball because she likes the noise of it,
it’s not really loud but it’s nice. – [Bryce] She has a travel bag. – [Sierra] Oh my gosh, really? – [Bryce] It doesn’t
make that loud of a noise. – [Sierra] Cute. It’s so cute, look at it, it’s a little duffle bag. – [Bryce] Pull on it. Pull.
Grab it. Pull! He’s trying to take the
tag off in a tug-of-war. Anyway, got this little airplane that she just got. This is like a
thanksgiving sandwich. It’s like leftover turkey on… – [Bryce] There is a
squeaker in there, I just heard it. – [Sierra] Her
moose that she loves. – Bryce got his
stuffed crust pizza. – I’ve never had it before. – He’s been asking for
it for a while now huh? Who always eats it? – Dude Perfect.
– [Tiffany] Dude Perfect. – Every time I see them
eating it, I’m like grrrrr, I wanna eat it. – [Tiffany] I wanna try it. Look at that
stuffed crust, ooh yeah. – And they did a
backwards edition video, so they did everything
backwards, walked backwards, he was on the phone backwards, and so they had
stuffed crust and then Tyler was like, ate
the stuffed crust first. – [Tiffany] How was riding? Good?
I heard you had fun. – Mhmmm. – Fast forward
a few hours later. My brother Travis
stopped by with his kids. Hung out for about an hour
or so, just chit-chatting, catching up on things. We’re kinda
winding down the night. Made myself some ramen,
using the left-over mushrooms, onions,
sprouts, jalapenos, that sort of thing,
don’t want those to go bad. And I’m gonna watch a movie. I’m kinda on a
movie kick lately. I’m diggin it. I’ve been just
going through iTunes, Apple TV and just
buying some movies that are classics that I love, and then “classics”… Anything in the last 10
years is a classic to me. And then any new ones. And it’s just
been great, I love it. So convenient. And that’s our weekend guys. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you tomorrow. Vlog on. – Hi, I’m Jayman507 from Michigan. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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