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First Look: XPlova X5 Cycling Computer

First Look: XPlova X5 Cycling Computer

– If you’d been looking at
buying a cycling computer then you traditionally haven’t
had all that much choice, there’s simply that aren’t
many manufacturers involved. So, when tech giant Acer
announced back in April that they were launching
a product with GPS and a built-in camera, well, I for one was
very interested indeed. And here now we have it in front of us it’s called the Xplova X5 and we are gonna to take
a really good first look. Now there’s so much tech to talk about and let’s start right
here right now and then we’re gonna get out on the bike. (electronic music) The first thing that you’ll
notice I’m sure is this: the built-in camera. Now we will go into that in
more detail later on when we actually get something to film. So for now we’re gonna
talk other types of tech because there are effectively
two sides to this release. There is a hardware that
we see before us now but there’s also a huge
investment in software both on and
also the Xplova Moment app. Now this device can connect via WiFi in order to marry those
two sides up but then it’s also got a facility to
take a 3G SIM card as well, meaning that it can
connect all on its own. Now let’s start with
the software shall we? Because it’s free and
actually you don’t even need an X5 in order to take advantage of it. Much of it is open source
particularly the mapping which means that you have the
whole world at your fingertips and if you do have an X5 you have the whole world
available to download on to your device at no cost. Now in addition to the mapping and also the really comprehensive
route planning functions which incidentally you
can download as a GPX file if you so wish then you
also have a whole library of other people’s routes
available to download because Xplova are actually building up quite a social community on their website. Then there is an Event section. Now this allows you to
create and then invite people to a forthcoming ride. So far so good but when the
rides actually taking place this gives you the ability to track all the people in your
group in realtime on a map. I wanna say: “So, how cool
is that?” but I’ve been bad. So that is a very brief rundown of the software available on Let’s fire up the head
unit itself shall we? As I said earlier, it has built-in GPS it’s also got Altitude and Temperature and then again as I mentioned earlier it’s got that port for a 3G SIM card. And all-in-all it weighs
just a 120 grammes. Now, it has a touch sensitive screen but it’s also backed
up by buttons as well. So you can scroll from
right-to-left but then you can also brilliantly
scroll up-and-down as well which means you can navigate
through all available data really quickly. And the data itself is
spread over three main pages. So you have the General
Cycling Computer page you then got Maps and then you have your
specific training pages as well and the data can be
displayed both numerically and then also graphically
as well so you can see that on the main Cycling Computer page there. But if we go over to the Training pages there is something quite
special for those of us who might train with heart rate or power because it will plot
on a graph in realtime your power output or your heart rate plotted against time or
distance where you can keep a really close eye on exactly what your doing
in a training session and perhaps more importantly find out exactly what
you need to do as well. Customising what you see
on the device and where is also really simple to do; you either press and
hold the Function button or you scroll from top-to-bottom to reveal a very simple and intuitive set of icons. Now it also makes setting
up the unit or your profile or indeed your bike and
WiFi and so on and so forth very simple as well. Now, it is a lovely day outside so I propose I get suited up and then we carry on this
first look from the saddle. Well, let’s see it in action shall we? First of all, I guess I’m
gonna mention the fact that the mount on the X5 is compatible with the one
I’ve already got on my bike which is excellent news. And then before we get started I should also mention the
fact that I’ve connected it up to my Rotor powermeter there using ANT+ and both of them are capable of Bluetooth but I’ve gone for ANT+. And that also means
that I then have to use the cadence sensor that comes with the X5 because my powermeter
tells me that already. And then I’m also relying
a hundred percent on GPS which I’m more than happy to
do to give me my speed as well. And then, I suppose the other feature
that I’m looking at right now is the built-in thermometer because it’s telling me that it is a quite chilly 10 degrees so let’s crack on. (drum-and-bass music) So you see the size of the
unit you know the weight the screen itself is three inches and the resolution on it is 240 by 400. And then the battery life
on the unit is 12 hours. Now, what is the intriguing
part to this whole package is that built-in camera. It shoots at 720 but it doesn’t shoot continuous footage. What it does is it will record in bursts and by the three, six or nine seconds no matter how you choose to set it up and it will start either by pushing this button so handily labelled “Record”, or you can set it to start
automatically at certain points. So that could be when your heart rate goes to over 180 beats per minute, it could be when your speed goes over 60 kilometres per hour, or it can be when your power goes over 1,000 watts. So you could considerably record some quite interesting
stuff out on your ride without actually knowing about it. And then, in terms of storage there’s 2 GB on here
which should be plenty for I think they said 270 clips of six seconds in length. Possibly a ride day through
as well but ultimately the way you can watch it on this unit you gotta wanna download
it on to your phone and your laptop later on. Well there is your new Xplova X5 loads of new tech both
in the head unit and also online as well. Now if you wanna make
sure you keep up-to-date with all the latest tech
releases in the world of cycling then there’s no better way to
do it than Subscribe to GCN. To do that just click on the globe it is completely free. And then for more content right now if you’re interested in filming your rides and making them look good then why not click just up there we have a video on that very
subject helping you out. Or to learn on how to refine
your training using power why not click just down there?

20 comments on “First Look: XPlova X5 Cycling Computer

  1. 30 seconds into the video and it's already baaad. The unit moves up and down like it's not even locked into its mount. Any video taken with a camera attached so loosely cannot be too good.

  2. Why can't GCN show us new kit without people moaning "Oh it's an ad"?? Do you write into magazines to complain every time they feature new products in their news sections??

  3. After reading many of the comments why does the following spring to mind? Rapha, hipsters, skinny jeans, rollapaluza, people thinking sportives are races, velominati,聽and many many more!

  4. Acer are the sort of company that would shove in a headline function that just doesn't work very well. I am wary of "not very good" knives with "not very good" corkscrews included and this seems like that. A 9 second camera? What big moment is that going to catch? If you trigger it from heart rate, that big moment has already happened.
    What I need is a camera that records constantly but only saved the last couple of minutes when you press a button – like after a crash, a cool corner or a good jump.
    What is the navigation like?
    Do you guys get paid to review products?

  5. It seems pretty good. Honestly it seems a bit gimmicky though.
    This would he pretty good. But, for now at least, I'll stick with my Garmin.

  6. The idea is cool. Should be worth checking out in at least 5 years.
    The few seconds burst is quite stupid. What if I get run over in the few seconds that it's not recording? Then the camera is pointless. The graphs and all that spinny things look cool. When you are sitting on your couch and can think. When you are bleeding out of your eyes at a race you need big bold numbers if you even care to know what they are.

  7. "Track your mates" and "power graph" are two really cool features but I will stick with Garmin just because I don't ever want to ride with a camera…

  8. Very professional presentation, I heard the camera also has no stabilisation which is a drag and video quality is poor?

  9. A decent idea, but 720p at 30fps is a dinosaur in 2017. This looks like an extremely limited device aimed at goofballs, who either want to snapchat or twitter where they are riding because they are more concerned with doing that then actually riding and enjoying their ride. Could be useful perhaps to capture road rage if you are quick enough to engage it when needed, well maybe?

  10. I have the Evo. Not for much longer. Confusing. Complicated. Cra….fted like an unfinished product. Pity. It has a lot of potential.

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