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FIRST WEEK IN AUSTRALIA || New Gear – New Years Eve

FIRST WEEK IN AUSTRALIA || New Gear – New Years Eve

Welcome here I am again with a new video on my youtube page I haven’t posted any videos for a long time But here I am again! And I am so excited Enjoy watching I am omw to Schiphol Airport Just left the village.. so 1:15h drive till Schiphol and than.. 10 hour flight, waiting 11 hours in Shanghai and than another 10 hour flight. And than we are arrived in beautiful Brisbane in Australia And woooo it’s HOT over there , here in Holland it’s cold. Hope you gonna enjoy this video Before you know we are already in Australia. Here we go, finally in Australia We go outside for the first time I am curious, because in Holland it’s 0 degrees oh it’s quite nice No wait.. It’s pretty hot I like it when it’s hot, but not the first 5 minutes for the first time damn, it pretty hot. We picked up the van Welcome in Australia, this is our house for the next 3/4 weeks No, I can show you guys how to built up a bike. But everyone knows how to do that There he is in 3..2..1.. Shit.. I wanna do a squat right now.. Okay let him do first.. Come on lets go Yes, now it’s my turn This is how we gonna do it today Our gym session is done we not going home before we scored this one! Okay not today, next gym session another chance Gym session done there he is my sunglasses Good session, sweat a lot. Going home and jumping in the pool Get some food and gonna sleep again Wooo, look at the glasses I have to say, this was really cool the New Years party in Australia firework was really cool! We are going home and gonna sleep. Because tomorrow we have to train on the track. Are you looking forward to it? YESS It’s first of January and drinking my first coffee of 2020 Yeah I like it, because I need it today I am so tired I got a jet lag from here till Tokio oh.. that’s not so far. I got one from here till Wesepe Our stuff is already in the car so let’s go to the track Are you coming And people its our first session with our 2020 race gear we gonna ride with blue and white. Last year we wore red, white, black Let me know in the comments what you think of the gear

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