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99 comments on “Five Trail Bike Tricks | Spice Up Your MTB Ride

  1. My favorite trick is the "turn neck tree". My set of trails are near a lake where all the hotties go jog and well…. turn neck …tree!!!

  2. Yeah!! I also like the euro-tables more than regular ones!! It's all about fun, this video is great!
    I enjoy doing X-ups, but with this wider bars…

  3. Does face-plant to scorpion to front flip count? Steezy points if you keep consciousness.
    Great presentation as always guys. Love GMBN ah-lot.

  4. Is there something to be said about foot/pedal position regarding table top, euro table and whip?!
    I noticed you always lean/move the bike towards your leading foot so the saddle can easily pass behind the knee and one-footers being the exception here, due to pedal position.

  5. Fun fact: In Canuckistan the floor is something inside a building that you stand on (first floor, second floor). Outdoors in the woods/forests we cycle and walk on the ground.

  6. You forgot Kiss Of Death, Indy to Heelclicker, Special Flip, Dead Body Flip, Catwalk and others))) Guys, I'm joking, love your videos for years! Respect! =))

  7. @askgmbn how do i know whats my skill level? Half a year ago i broke my wrist bye doing a stupid endo now im sitting at home with a broken collarbone bye casing a jump with my front also how do you guys deal with injuries, and what do you do to keep your strenght up.

  8. On the trail my best trick is a disappearing PBJ. Peter Pan for the PB and strawberry for the J. You pick the bread and personalize the trick to make it your own! Great vid’, man.

  9. I’m trying to learn manuals… on my mega 290. Very long bike to learn manuals on 😂 btw I’m the guy that filmed the video on insta of my buddy hitting a tree. Turns out, he has a hairline fracture in his shoulder and a slightly torn delt. Amazing video as always!

  10. You shoud've mentioned, that Blake does tables and euro tables the wrong way. He is doing it the same way as usual riders would do with their right front foot, but his front foot is left. One foot tables and one foot euros are done the opposite way of your normal table or euro, with your front foot in the air and rear on the pedal.

  11. Hello GMBN! I would like to inform you that I submitted caption of this video in Indonesian, so fellow Indonesian mountain biker can enjoy this video without any language barier. Please review it before approve it.

  12. Thumbs up for aqesome content, thumbs down for litigious cultures that make silly disclaimers necessary. Oh well.

  13. Do a video where you go old school and ride one of the new steel hardtails like a Kona Honzo ST, Marin Pine Mountain, or Chromag Surface. All you see is carbon this and that these days. You guys are talented riders, I'd love to see you put one or more of these bikes through its paces.

  14. One of my favorite tricks on the trail(if the jumps are good for it) is definitly the tuck nohander

  15. Blake I'm slightly confused with you style, you have your right foot forward, but turn and twist the opposite way, do you have a preferred direction to turn? I can quite easily do left hand berms with ease but right hand ones not as confident with them

  16. I’ve slowly been subconsciously turnbarring for like a year now, never knew what it was called until now tho. I’ve been doing it so much I do it while manualling to the point where it’s basically an x up with the rear wheel on the ground

  17. My brain stoped working when I learned there is 2 kinds of tabletop.
    Time to learn the euro table I guess

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