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Fixed-Gear Bike Racing in the Streets of Moscow

Fixed-Gear Bike Racing in the Streets of Moscow

I think Fixie appeals to many
by its aesthetics. It is a very simple, beautiful bicycle. It is a single-speed bike with no brakes and a fixed gear. You use twice as much energy
when braking than when accelerating. It is kind of youthful frenzy,
maybe extreme, to ride a bike without brakes. You go and prove that you are really tough,
that you can do it and the other 90% of the people can’t. Unlike the other models of bikes, you feel more in control of this one, almost become a single whole with it. The track has lots of obstacles
to ride through: street car lines, sharp turns, worn down road, manholes. 28 laps, 50 kilometers — it was a challenging track. Thanks to Red Bull
for a super cool competition. Lap 2

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  1. как же я пизданулся на повороте, ездил буквально пару месяцев, до этого мтб фрирйд и даунхил!! кайф скорость…бац и он лег на повороте)) теперь знаю как , но все равно после травм опасаюсь!

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