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Flanders, Heartland of cycling

Flanders, Heartland of cycling

We are in Flanders at the moment in
Belgium. We are riding some amazing roads, both on tarmac,
on gravel and some cobbles as well. I think the hardest part about riding
in Flanders are all the steep hills and the cobbles. I’m not really used to cobbles, but after this weekend- Small country lanes, tight turns, that we’re not used to, maybe. Twisting, turning, going up and down all
the time. You don’t know what to expect around the next corner. Come here in the spring for the Spring
Classics. Find a good spot on a steep hill and watch the pros, then go ride, yourself. When we came back from riding we went straight to a pub where we had some really nice local beers. Flanders is definitely an excellent destination for cycling- with the history, all the racing and you can see it everywhere. Everybody knows everything about cycling and people cheer you on.

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