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Flat Tracking With Vijay Singh | 101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men | Unique Stories From India

Flat Tracking With Vijay Singh | 101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men | Unique Stories From India

Tap the bell icon on the YouTube app and Never miss out on unique stories From 101 India On Magnificent Motorcycle Men We are going to take you on a ride on a flat track That’s gonna leave you with An adrenaline boost, wanting for more Flat tracking is probably one of the Oldest forms of motorcycle racing That found its roots in the USA During the early 1900s Flat tracking, then known as ‘dirt tracking’ Had to take a backseat because of the Great Depression And the world wars Only to re-emerge bigger, better And stronger during the 1950s To become one of the most popular forms Of motorcycle racing in North America Flat tracking is Also known as the breeding ground For Moto GP racers because it teaches them to Handle their bikes at high speeds Which is a very essential thing for Moto GP racing If you want to get in on the flat tracking action I suggest you get yourselves a paper and pen And kit yourself out because Vijay Singh Of Rajputana customs is going to give you A Flat Tracking 101 From the John Singh Flat track in Jaipur To start flat tracking, One of the basics is that you need a flat track We happen to have one here right next to Jaipur So if you’re ever in the locality You are always welcome But moreover Once you come here, you do need the right gear Which is your helmet, gloves and boots Anybody can come down And be a flat tracker or learn how to ride their bike In the dirt There are no jumps involved You can pretty much bring a stock bike And you could do it on a
100 cc or 250 cc or 450 cc It could be a heavy Harley, could be a Royal Enfield It’s just a great place To learn how to Handle your machine and slide it around When flat track racing evolved from speedway racing A speedway track is about a mile long A flat track is about a quarter of a mile So that would be anywhere between 300 to 450m You have a 10 meter wide track And flat track allows you to come in sideways
And exit the corner sideways as well So it gives you a lot of control And it only boosts your confidence Once you’re out on the roads Or out on a road racing track For flat tracking, you’d use motocross bikes But the similarity between flat tracking and motocrossing Is that is both are in the dirt They’re both off road Ideally converting a regular motorcycle To a flat tracker You would have to do a few things Like change your tires Get semi on-off road tires Like the ones you see here We have 50% on-road 50% off road Drop the tire pressure
so that you have a nice contact patch Get some wide handlebars Drop your suspension Both in the front and at the back Get rid of your front brake And you’re good to go You’ll really learn how to control a bike And slide a bike out here in the dirt So the dirt gives us a lot of training For our road racing so it’s all linked together And it only helps you become A faster and a more confident rider It’s a very thrilling experience And it’s adrenaline pumping But you have to do it with a smile on your face You are going to have falls You are going to come off the bike But that’s the whole point of learning And a flat track is the best place If flat tracking gets your engine revved up Tell us what you thought of Magnificent Motorcycle Men And Vijay Singh’s Flat Tracking 101 By leaving a comment And hitting like Also if you liked Magnificent Motorcycle Men And want to check out more such videos On You can do so right here Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel And do follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Remember if you want to take pole position In the MotoGP You first got to go through the dirt

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