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Flow for Days at Tioga! | Iron Lady, Greenway Rough Rider, Thrillseeker | Mountain Biking Minnesota

I’m back in Cohasset MN to explore more new trails in the Tiago Recreation Area. Today I’m with friends Adam Buck and Peter Gustafson as we ride trails that are destined to be rider favorites — Iron Lady, Greenway Rough Rider and Thrillseeker. If flow is what you crave then these are the trails you’re looking for. We’ll start by climbing up a trail called Iron Lady built by Red Construction Tioga has a trail naming convention that I like a lot — All the climbing trail names begin with “Iron”. So even if you don’t know the trail system well, if you’re riding a trail with Iron in the name you know you’re going up. Once at the top, it’s time to drop into a green flow trail called Greenway Rough Rider. I’m following Adam Buck, owner of Pathfinder Trails which also happens to be the company that built this trail. I love these mid-summer evenings when the sun starts to make it’s descent and the light comes in sideways through the trees. Even though this is green trail but there are a bunch of alternate lines to keep things interesting for all levels of riders. If this entire trail system consisted solely of this corner and I would still come here and ride it over and over and over. This is my friend Peter Gustafson — co-owner of Ardent Bicycles in nearby Grand Rapids. If you’re in need of a tune-up, suspension setup or service, or even a new bike Peter is the guy to talk to.

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He’s got all the local Tioga trail knowledge and his shop is a nice place to hang out in between laps. While you’re there pick up some Tioga Recreation swag, sales of which benefit the trails. Peter and I are going to ride Thrillseeker, a blue flow trail also built by Pathfinder Trails. KRIS>>I’d don’t know — you guys could have built a fun trail there. [laughter] KRIS>>That’s Awesome!
PETER>>That’s a blast!
KRIS>>So much fun! Fall is the best time ride mountain bikers in Minnesota, so get out there and enjoy these new trails at Tioga. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out an any new videos from Tioga and beyond. Thanks for watching!

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