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Benefits of cycling
#FollowFriday – NU Cycling

#FollowFriday – NU Cycling

I prefer to do the gravity-style mountain
bike events, so those are the ones where you’re not pedaling quite as much as you’re navigating
technical terrain. I enjoy hitting big jumps, and any moment
that I can do that with my friends is my favorite. Your brain kind of removes itself from everything
else going on around you. You’re just completely, 100 percent focused
on the course in front of you. Not everything goes to plan. You have to plan around other riders crashing
in front of you, or getting in front of you, or taking lines you want. So you always have to be prepared for plan
B or plan C. It’s really just you, and no one else’s
result really matters. And it’s all about how you do on the first
day you come, and then the last race. And if you improve, then that’s really it. It’s all that’s important.

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