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Forged in Fire: Motorcycle Blade Tests (Season 5, Episode 11) | History

Forged in Fire: Motorcycle Blade Tests (Season 5, Episode 11) | History

100 comments on “Forged in Fire: Motorcycle Blade Tests (Season 5, Episode 11) | History

  1. This is the durability test, I will be hitting your pockets knifes u have forged today with a sledgehammer 20 times.
    Yeah it looks like u have a catastrophic failure here, it was a nice handle but your pocket knife just couldn’t handle the heavy ness and came apart.

  2. Les ricains vous avez vraiment des émissions complètement debile. Genre le thème là c’est quoi? « Comment tuer une moto ? » dans les prochain épisodes ça sera quoi? « Comment tuer un velo d’appartement ? »

  3. The "tests" they do on these weapons ruin the entire show. I'm failing to see how any knife on the face of the planet would be in a remotely similar situation to this. Test the knife based on what it is made for, not some random durability test that they are guaranteed to fail to some degree.

  4. Because in reality I cut motorcycle bars with my 🔪 and then test how sharp it is, I can't believe this show makes sense cents millions

  5. I've always wondered why dont they do the sharpness test before they do the strength tests most times they dull the blades and they dont perform well in the sharpness test and they judge is as if the knife has just been sharpened

  6. While watching the video
    Doug Marcaida: Your blade…will-
    Me: yes….yes….YES!
    Doug Marcaida: Cut
    Me: 0-0
    I H A V E B E E N B E T R A Y E D

  7. Although I like the show I have questions like the tests like the strength test cos the tester may lose strength so less dmg maybe done

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  9. “I just love this handle! It feels like it’s just hugging my hand!”

    It’s funny to hear a knife praised this way lol

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