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Fortis Fitness and YOGALUX (Extended)

Fortis Fitness and YOGALUX (Extended)

We started Fortis Fitness & YOGALUX because
we noticed that people weren’t getting their health and wellness needs met at any one particular
studio. People had different memberships for Yoga, Barre, Cycling,
Boot Camps, Personal Training. They were driving all over town, spending
a ton of money, but not getting anything that they needed in one particular place. So we wanted to create a place where someone
could come every single day of the week, do something different everyday; never get bored,
never get burned out, never plateau and continue on their fitness and wellness journey. In addition, we wanted to maintain that small,
boutique feel that people seem to really enjoy and incorporate that into everything that
we offer here. My favorite part of Fortis Fitness and YOGALUX
is getting to interact with our community! I love hearing all of the positive feedback
we get, I love seeing everybody happy and smiling after class, and I also love seeing
all the little kiddos come in and out of KidFit Childcare and having a great time. One thing that really sets us apart here at
Fortis & YOGALUX is that we offer KidFit Childcare. It provides peace of mind to our members where
they know that their kids are well taken care of and they can really get that hour to themselves
to get their workout in. I really love the KidFit here at Fortis & YOGALUX
because of all the convenient times that they have that match the classes. I really love all the girls that are here
that watch the kids, they make me feel really comfortable every time I drop the kids off. It is very nice to be able to come out of
my class and pick up my kids and just go. The times are very convenient! So I come here early in the morning for classes
before work, and I love the fact that there’s a really nice shower. I can relax and I don’t have to worry about
packing shower gel and shampoo, it’s available for me and I can get ready in comfort. The benefits of Boot Camp is much like
a Personal Training session. We can come here, touch weights, do different
types of cardiovascular training, but it’s a little bit more available in a group setting. Boot Camp at Fortis & YOGALUX is probably
one of my favorites. It’s very challenging, it’s very motivating,
and every week is different. All of the trainers make it extra challenging
for each individual. It’s different every week, you never have
the same workouts and that’s where you see changes your body, that’s where I’ve seen
changes in my body. Our goal is for all of the work you put in
here, to apply it to your everyday life. Whether that is to live pain free, to surf
better, run faster, jump higher, have more energy, feel confident, or even sleep better. I enjoy teaching at Fortis & YOGALUX because
the members are fantastic, it’s a beautiful space, and every time I come to teach I get
to teach something new and be creative. We have a lot of freedom to bring our creativity
to the plate. Some of the benefits of Yoga are improved
sleep, flexibility, and core strength. It’s a great compliment to add to your current
fitness regimen to help you prevent injury, and overall mind-body connection. When you come take a class at Fortis & YOGALUX
you can expect to feel invited, there’s something for everybody. The great thing about the classes is that
we have all different levels, whether you want a heated class or non-heated class. There’s a great variety of teachers so you’ll
find different teaching styles and overall it’s just a great experience for everyone. Barre at Fortis & YOGALUX is ballet inspired
movement fitness classes that take some dance style moves mixed with Pilates and Yoga to
tone and sculpt without doing a whole lot of jumping around. It’s really meant for any fitness level. You see results really quickly that way. Yoga Sculpt is really a fusion of traditional
yoga poses and postures combined with strength exercises and moves. It’s high-energy, fast-paced, it is a lot
of fun, and it’s just an overall great workout. I love the studio and love Fortis for its
teachers, for the flexibility, and for all the schedule has to offer. Some days I feel like Yoga I come in and do
Yoga, some days I feel like Agility Barre, or I feel like Sculpt. I just love the variety, I never get bored
here! The Cycling classes here at Fortis & YOGALUX
are top-notch! 45 minutes of intense ride built-in by amazing
music and amazing instructors. I love that there’s a lunchtime class so I
can come during work. The classes are really fast paced intensity
to get my workout in the middle of the day and then head right back to work. I’m usually really refreshed afterwards,
I got my workout done, and I can go about my day. Fortis & YOGALUX is different from everywhere
else because you’re so much more than a fingerprint when you come here. Our staff will know your name when you walk
through the door and we’re going to give you the most personalized experience we possibly
can. We want this to be the best hour of your day! We want you to look forward to coming here
every single day, and not just for the great workout that you know you’re going to get,
but because you’re going to see your friends that you’ve developed lasting relationships
with here through our tremendous community. So if you’re ready to take the next step in
your health and wellness journey, come see us today!

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