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Fortuna Senator SN72420 Watch Review: Watchgang Wheel of Watches

Fortuna Senator SN72420 Watch Review: Watchgang Wheel of Watches

hey guys is Andrew with my watch
addiction comma bringing you another watch to take a look at with us today
today it’s a little bit different the respect that this is a watch that I did
not receive from subscription I actually went and searched this watch out
primarily because the maker of this watch is pretty active on social media
has followed our Instagram page and Instagram / watch addiction on us in
like quite a few of our photos being as such I’m a curious person I decided to
start taking a look at their products and seeing if they have anything that I
like and sure enough I found something today we are going to take a look at a
Fortuna senator before I get started though guys can you do me a favor
down there Marine Corps you screen is that subscribe button can you go ahead
and smash out a little guy for me so you can follow us on into the future so
let’s take a look at what comes with this Fortuna watch so we open up the
outer watch box and it looks like we have an inner watch box here I like this
guy open inside the box we have this looks like a product booklet yeah shows
all of their different watch styles right within this little booklet and
then this guy is going to be yep this is the watch care guide or how to set it
instruction manual as well as provides warranty information for your watch
model comes right with the box so open up this box it looks almost like a
dresser drawer type design open this in there we have the Fortuna senator now
there’s something else and it also comes with a cleaning rag so that’s pretty
nifty we take the watch out take a closer look at it you can see this guy’s
this is just cardboard box it has a little placard right there which is
pretty sharp but if we take a look at the watch a little bit closer and see
it’s a chronograph and I’ll get closer shots of this here in just a second but
black leather band this is going to be a quartz watch not an automatic so there’s
no display back and you’ll be able to tell one thing also is if I start the
chronograph here you see the second hand ticking like that going around
calculating the time now if I reset it look at that sweeps all the way back
around it’s not the snap like in an automatic so that’s a real quick and
easy way to tell if it’s an automatic watcher now without doing any research alright so taking a deeper dive into
this Fortuna senator a couple of things to find out as I mentioned this is a
quartz chronograph using a 20 caliber 24-hour movement the case material is
stainless steel the case size on this watch is a really nice size at forty two
and a half millimeters with a case thickness of twelve point two
millimeters so anybody that’s wearing this watch that’s a dress watch it’s
gonna work out real well to slide right underneath that cuff your dresser the
band material is called black calf skin strap with a pin ball just a very plain
black leather watch pin the watch band itself
I was I was right comes in at 22 millimeters at the log and then tapers
down to 22 mm I’m sorry 20 millimeters at the buckle this watch has water
resistance of 10 atm the crystal on this watch is an anti reflective sapphire
which you know when you see the price put on this watch it kind of surprises
me that this guy has a sapphire crystal on it I’m pretty impressed with that the
color combination that this watch is considered is champagne in black and it
comes with a 2 year warranty now that’s typical I jump around to see
what else I can find out about these watches how much they’re going for on
the open market that type of thing Fortuna is selling this watch directly
on their website for $349 which I’m really glad to see that Fortuna is not
one of those companies that vastly inflates their MSRP on their watches
like you would see in an Invicta or a header or a ring for example Fortuna
they tend to tend to price their watches pretty much what the going rate would be
to purchase brand new from the main market by jump over to ebay and take a
look for this watch I actually can find this exact model watch incidentally the
model number for this watch is SN 7 to 4 to 0 the support Oona senator SN 72 420
is the specific model number for this color combination band combination as I
was saying I can find this this Fortuna senator on eBay
right now there’s someone selling this watch new in box for 199 dollars if we
jump over to Amazon there are a couple of these watches built on
I found one right here for 249 dollars so both of those prices are anywhere
from 100 to 200 dollars cheaper than purchasing it from Fortuna directly
which to me tells quite a bit about the fact that Fortuna has priced their
models according to the market and it has a pretty good pricing strategy for
their watches $200 watch I would absolutely pay $200 if I was
buying it off of ebay for this watch just the feel of this watches is very
hefty it doesn’t feel cheap or chinzy the band itself doesn’t feel waxy or
plastic it all feels like a nice a nice leather band so I personally would be
comfortable paying 199 dollars for this watch I can tell you I did not pay $199
for I actually traded a watch game black subscription watch for this one which
was if you guys are familiar with watch cable subscriptions to watch game black
membership it is $99 and I’d have to go back and look I don’t remember off the
top of my head but I think Fortuna’s were a subscription watch also for the
black tier which would throw this watch in that $99 price point which more than
happy to pay for this watch I definitely think it’s it’s worth ninety nine
hundred dollars all day long I’m not sure what they were styling this watch
after but it does give me that kind of 1950s type motif in the in the dial sign
the the black and white pattern to it it’s just a very elegant black and white
chronograph watch will look great with any outfit alright guys so that was a
Fortuna senator chronograph that I received in definitely liking this watch
overall I’m looking forward to getting it into my dress watch rotation I think
it’s going to be pretty easy to pair up with a bunch of different outfits
that I wear to work on a regular basis so you’d definitely be able to see this
watch highlighted a few times on our Instagram page and Instagram / watching
us if you guys have any questions comments feel free to post them up in
the comment section below don’t forget to Like and subscribe so you can follow
us on into the future thank you guys this is Andrew with my watch edition
comm and have a great day

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