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Foster City | Bike Safety and Safe Routes to School

Foster City | Bike Safety and Safe Routes to School

Hello, everyone. I’m you services officer Terry with the Foster City Police Department, and today I’d like you to meet my new partner Officer Kelly. Hi, I’m officer kelly. If there’s one thing I like to do is follow the rules. That’s right Kelly, rules are important. Did you know that bicycles are vehicles and have to obey all the rules of the road? You mean bicycle riders need to have a driver’s license, insurance, registration, and a fortune in parking permits? Not exactly, you see bicycles must obey all signs, signals, and lane markings at all times. Riding a bicycle is a great way to get to school, not to mention it’s good for the air, fun to ride, and a great way to stay in shape. It also takes cars off the road for your parents. Well Officer Terry, I’m ready to ride! Not so fast Officer Kelly. First we need to go over some safe biking tips. Make sure you get a bike that fits with 1 or 2 inches between you and the top bar. Make sure that the bike is in safe riding condition. Check your tires to make sure they’re inflated. Make sure your brakes work. Also, inspect your chain for any rust. Check the axles and make sure the bolts that hold the axle are snug. Never ride your bicycle without a helmet. It must sit low, level, and snug on your head. Remember “2V1” with 2 fingers fitting between your helmet and brow. The strap should form a V, and there should be one finger beneath the chinstrap. Increase your visibility by wearing Bright colors. If you’re riding at night use a front light, red reflector, or flashing rear light. Never wear headphones. Use hand signals when turning or stopping. Use common sense. Never challenge traffic. Be aware of your surroundings. 75% of bike crashes happen at intersections, so before you enter an intersection, stop. Look left, right, and left again before entering with caution. Communicate with other drivers by making eye contact and nodding so they could see you. Look out for Potholes, glass, puddles, and other things on the road Look out for people, and most importantly have fun. Now that we’ve gone over some safe riding tips and rules, you’re about ready to ride Officer Kelly. Great! Wait, there’s only one problem. What’s that Officer Kelly? I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. I’m winning McMichael and I’m the wellness coordinator for San Mateo Foster City school district. We’ve been participating in the Safe Routes to School program, offered through the county of San mateo since 2012. The goals of our Safe Routes to School Program are centered around encouraging students to walk or bike to school, or use other active transportation means in order to Increase their health and also to Increase the health of the community through the environmental benefits that come from increased walking and biking to school. One of the things that we do to help students walk and bike to school is offer suggested safe routes to schools and these can be found on the San Mateo Foster City school district website at

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