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Four Swimming Sessions For Cyclists With Richie Porte

Four Swimming Sessions For Cyclists With Richie Porte

– BMC Racing Team’s Richie
Porte has successfully incorporated swim training
into his cycling training but can this work for you? Well, here are Richie
Porte’s swim training drills for cyclists. I’m not too sure if
they’re cyclists or not but it doesn’t matter. (upbeat music) So Richie, you’ve clearly
made swimming work for you, so what are the four key
sessions that cyclists can do, to benefit them? – Yeah, so let’s give those
cycling terminologies. So threshold, for me
that’s time constraints, just keeping it to about half an hour. Usually I do it with
my dad, sort of 10 100s on about a minute-thirty
and just smash it. I think it’s easier to hurt
yourself when you’ve got someone to race, so for me the
threshold sessions, kind of just punching it out. – So Richie, that session in particular, so what are we looking for,
what kind of effort levels is it going to entail? – I think it’s more like
a time trial effort, so it’s short, sharp, sort
of sustained intensity and I think it really benefits
the time trial kind of work. It’s kind of like that effort. – [Matt] Richie is certainly
super fast, completing 10 lots of 100m on 90 seconds. Good luck if you can keep up with him. But for a slightly easier alternative, which will have very
similar benefits, take note of this challenging session. (upbeat music) – So session two is just endurance. If it’s raining outside,
I think you don’t need to go and do six hours
like you do on a bike. You just to the pool,
for me it’s one hour, I bust out about 4km just non-stop. I think it just depends on
your ability, your background and where you’re at with swimming. I think it’s wise to start
maybe 500m and build it up. I think that’s it, just build your fitness and you know, no time at all, you’ll be up to 2km. – [Matt] As Richie mentioned,
work at your own capabilities, but the goal for an
endurance session is to keep the intensity controlled
and build up the distance over time. Take a look at this
endurance session to improve your cardiovascular fitness
and to keep you motivated in the pool. You might want to try
some of these sessions with the Elite Pullbuoy. (upbeat music) – So session three is
recovery, personal favourite of mine. That’s the day after or the
day of a hard, intense session or a race. Just go to the pool, jump
in, just break it up, do a few different
strokes, like breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, whatever
you like and just enjoy it. – Now recovery is really
my type of session. Active recovery is proven
to help you recover faster and allow you to train harder next time that you’re in the saddle. Okay Richie, final session, session four is recuperation. – Yeah, so recuperation, that’s, coming back from an injury
for me, it’s been lungs or a fracture scapula. Obviously, seek medical
advice with this one, but I think swimming is
fantastic, it’s load bearing, there’s no weight on
the joints in the pool. So it’s just a great place to recover. – And it’s important as
well to keep the intensity really low isn’t it as
well, don’t try too hard. – Yeah, I mean don’t do
too much, just keep it nice and relaxed and it’s a fantastic way to get back into fitness. – if you’re recuperating from an injury, here’s another session that
will help get your fitness back. It can also be used as
another recovery session after a hard day in the saddle. And for these sessions,
a kickboard, is a really helpful bit of equipment to use. Thanks very much to Richie for those and hopefully these drills should be a really good starting
point should you risk to use swimming to complement
your cycling training. Now, if you haven’t
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training cycling hacks, click just down here, and for our top five ways to balance work, cycling, training and
life, click just down here.

55 comments on “Four Swimming Sessions For Cyclists With Richie Porte

  1. Real interesting video, i started learning to swim at the age of 37, still 4 years later i barely can do 100 meters in one sitting without going out of breath, yet i can run marathons and do 500km bike rides. It's harder when you're a grown up than if you learn as a kid 🙁

  2. Great topic but the sessions go by too quickly to read, had to play again and hit pause to be able to read and grasp what it was all about. I find most of these sessions are rather short, even the endurance session, but it’s indeed a good start. I don’t think cyclists should put too much intensity because their technique will degrade and the breathing too. As with many triathletes swimming is my weakest sport coming from a cycling/running background, I know too much how it feels like. Working in hypoxia has its benefits though, length done with a 3/5/7 breathing pattern can be helpful if done right, but yeah I wouldn’t personally recommend the first session to cyclists who don’t have a strong swimming background.

  3. this might work for people like richie who are athletic swimmers with good technique. most people are good enough not to drown, but technique is so lacking that they'll be choking instead of doing any kind of threshold effort.

  4. What about the unique properties of hypoxia that swimming can bring in order to help deal with recovery between hard breakaway efforts during a long event? This is the main reason I use the pool for with in my training 🙂

  5. i personally recommend training with time intervals rather than distance intervals. just to give an ex., if the swimming pool where u're doing the training sessions has a lenght of 18m , there's no precise way of telling when you finished a 25m interval.

  6. Thanks for the excellent video and for the training programm!

    In my opinion, when you cant ride a bike in off season 750m of swimming wont improve your body)
    Please, make additional video about long 4-5 km training sessions.

  7. Doing whatever works for "you" can be very individual. In the winter I used to combine both gym training and swimming to get my hours of training as well as a welcome alternative to just bicycling all the time.

  8. One of this session is a proper warm up for a casual swimmer.
    If you want to receive an advice about swimming you should ask swimmers, not cyclists.

  9. Bloody hell, 4000m in 60min including warmup and cooldown pace. Holy moly, an elite swimmer right there! chapeau richie porte

  10. You guys could ask Nacer Bouhani to show his Boxing training sessions for cyclists. (be sure you'r not on receiving end…)

  11. The non impact , non load bearing aspects of swimming are incredible. I often say its the activity I will still be doing when i much older. If you have poor technique, take some lessons its will help you gain a gliding style.

  12. Where is the warning that cyclists should learn to swim before attempting these workouts… Somebody might die!!!! #drownproof #mattstephens

  13. Step 1 – be able to swim one length of the pool without having to hold onto the side for 2 mins to catch your breath…

  14. Swimming isa great compliment to cycling. Been swimming 60 years ,cycling 45. Almost 70 and ride 10 to 12000 miles per year Swim 3 to5 days about 3500 yards around an hour. I swim all strokes ,keeps my body strong and flexible. Ran for many years . Broken back stopped that. Swimming is my time to balance my energy. Try it, it works.

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