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Four Ways A Full Suspension Mountain Bike Will Help You Ride Faster

– There’s no doubting that a well set up full suspension bike is going to make most trails easier to ride and that means that most of the time they’re going to be faster as well but how do you harness that potential? (water flowing, gears turning) (upbeat rock music) A well set up, full suspension bike, especially an Enduro bike
like my Canyon Strive, it’s a 29er, it’s super capable, to use that bikes performance to bomb through the rough section. The best line is the best line. Now use your skills and
the bikes performance to make it rideable. Flat pedaled riders really
benefit from the rear suspension and that added security of your
feet staying on the pedals. (upbeat rock music) The compliance of the bike is going to give you more grip on corners. It’s just going to give you more consistent foot print on the ground, as the suspension’s moving to keep your wheels on the ground as well, and that just gives you a more
reliable amount of friction. That does mean that you
can open up lines in corner slightly differently than
you would do on a Hardtail. So inside lines might be
more difficult on a Hardtail, or even just sticking
to that perfect line. Even if it’s rough, like it is here, there’s braking bumps on the way in, it’s just still going to
be the best line to ride on a full suspension bike. (upbeat rock music) A full suspension bike
can open up the trail to a different style of riding. You can ride them hard, and you don’t always
need to find the best, smoothest landing. Sending it flat might be the fastest way. (upbeat rock music) So far, we’ve talked about harnessing the suspension performance
to smooth out the trail and make the bike do the work. But with the preload, it’s almost like trying to cheat the bike, trying to squash it
really hard into take off so that when you hit it, the bike can’t compress much more and it’s going to feel like
you haven’t got any suspension so it’s going to send you up. It’s the best of both worlds, really. Preloading works really well for jumps, but of course, as soon as
you pump into the bike, it’s going to want to rebound so
the timing’s really important. You want to try and do
it in that compression, where you go into the take off so the bike’s already going
to squash a little bit. When you hit it, really
exaggerate that bit so the bike is fully squashed and then you’re going to find
way more lift on that take off. The more suspension
you’ve got on your bike, say a Downhill bike, big 200
mil, travel front and rear, the more effort you’re going
to have to put into this to get the same amount of lift. Clearing jumps into nice landings is going to be much faster
’cause it’s smoother, but also this technique
opens up the possibility for clearing gaps in the trail that are also going to be faster. (upbeat rock music) Woo! Love riding a full suspension bike hard. If you want to see a video
from Doddy, over on GMBN Tech, on how to set up your
full suspension bike, over there for that one. If you want to see a video of me teaching Tom behind the camera, how to do a manual, over there. Give us a thumbs up. If you like ragging full suspension bikes, hit that sub button.

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