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Four Wheel Camper Fleet Walkaround Tacoma

After many requests to do a kind of walk through the four wheel camper I’m going to go ahead and do it for you guys, so this is my 2016 build four wheel camper fleet it’s in a longbed 2016 tacoma. It’s pretty good I did have to modify the rear swing out you see here behind me it’s a CBI rear bumper and Swinging out had to extend it back three inches in order to clear the back of the camper so we’re gonna do a little walkthrough and how to Whatever kind of thing about this, so I’m actually going to open it in real time So you guys can see how long it actually takes which is Almost no time at all and then we’ll go into the inside It’s a couple of latches all the way around it this one is no longer active and the three on the other side As you see takes almost no time at all. Let’s take a look at the inside So this is basically what you’re going to see as you come into the four camper So we’re going to in turn all the lights so you can see what the lifetime looks like So you are actually currently on the bed I’ll show you that kind of last what I will show you now is right above you There’s one vent you can also see the vent right here We’re going to open those and turn those on make a little windy, but it’s hot as hell in here y’all So I always take one vent Pushing the one vent hole so this one above the bed is pushing The reason for that is the lifeline quit overnight, but also because it’s pushing in it really nice kind of side windows because how much more like I have a burro pack, so if you’ll notice there actually Great whole layer has a thermal pack layer here whatever inferior list Have a clear one, so that is rainy or actually out, whatever You have for these windows around the whole camper makes really nice reunited great progress have four We sure would make your bed When you pull out an extended point now, I’m put meet my wife you sleep team the deadness has pulled out with this way and It is more comfortable But stop somewhere you just want to sleep. I am six foot Two are you calling that you’re going to have to pull it out, or the 15 single diagonal? But it is a will be done. So we’re going to go through a couple systems here on the four looking for sleep and I’ll show you a cool so The way that we normally pack this out here. We have all our stuff sitting right in this area We’ll have both of these will have this cushion and this cushion flipped up the velocity right along here, and That’s how we travel in the floor. We really only put our chairs Roll Tables and I use a trail kitchen Tuck box basically and that’s what we used to cook on the outside because unless you’re really eaten like water or key To whatever it is. You know what we don’t want to cook inside. He is going to smell your mileage may Vary While baking decimal good, I don’t want my entire Quote-unquote house to smell like it. This is as you walk in This is the entrance as you walk into your left. You’ll start here. You have the Stove it’s got the upgraded glass we also have a fantastic pink hot water works on this as well logic cooktop cooktop Right here the temple drawer. We keep our hand soap among just everything else in here. This is just extra stuff Everything else is in the stroh kitchens as well Under that we have a storage bin. We just put random stuff in here There is a companion that goes into this area It holds just miscellaneous things head lamps batteries. I like on stuff. I also installed a 53rd watt inverter With the control panel right here you can turn it on or off now next. This is your forced air furnace I doubt we’ll be using this in Florida, but hey everybody needs to know it’s there I guess this is your thermostat for the heater also not needed This is your hot water heater turn it on turns on don’t do it empty like it is right now Just under that we have four usb ports. Which is super awesome 112 volt and when you’re hooked to shore power you have a 110 volt here. This is a little power Situation thing going on here got a blue C. Fuse box all your circuit breakers I also keep our iphone cables and spare fuses stuff in here also in here Is your water? system basically kind of Well, we have a water pump. Share flow water pump water filter. I have our charge controller here the shore power cable as well as a 12 volt charger As well, and then down here at the very bottom And this bin we have our batteries so we have Two seventy-five amp power batteries as well as all the wiring it is pre-wired for solar so that was super easy to do And then to the side of that we have our power panel area like I said we have our inverter the exterior Outward pointing lights Interior floors which are little Led lights here? X2 you’re down which are basically lights on the on the very side of the camper that shy down Rear floodlights which light up the whole rear end, and then you have your carbon monoxide detector All that kind of jazz so that’s the business side of it the other side of making stories plus your fridge When you walk in to the right side of the camper is the storage area it starts to flip up In this area, we keep a lot of miscellaneous things these are like soaps and bug sprays and all that kind of stuff plastic bags Fully stocked will attract it all the time keep our you know you even that we use for music some cleansing wipes for For us just inspecting the wipes for the camper This is all sunscreens Sigil stuff you want to use all the time things that you use constantly throughout the day just and you need To get easy access to it. So that’s what we keep there that shuts down You have a nice large surface area then you have three one two and Three storage compartments the top compartment is the one I give to my wife so what we do is we actually stuff a little coat back there like our rain jacket and puffer coat whatever and All the rest of the clothes goes here plenty of clothes for quite a while. I think mine still has a jacket in there right there again all of our clothes in the bottom The Bottom was actually for a porta potti we end up putting our Camco Campfire in a can I believe it was called it’s a propane powered campfire And you’ve probably seen a lot of videos or pictures or whatever that I do because it’s super convenient, especially since the camper itself has two propane tanks We can take one propane tank out and use it how the other myself hooks up the camper for the hot water heater and all that kind of stuff, so super convenient lots of space in there for more stuff So there is quite a bit of space in its sleep, and that’s not all the storage space Let’s take a look at the Dinette Roller first us into the fridge. It’s an isotherm It’s got a good amount of space in it actually that little freezer in here It’s got a magnet. So it stays up when you’re reaching in there all that kind of stuff It’s got a ice cube tray so you can make ice cubes and keep them in there pretty efficient not too So this is your dinette area with the two persons. I met with my frontrunner fold-up chair I love this thing now each side of The Dinette has storage so you just pull the cushion and it has a little flip top thing here Now on this side, so I keep all my ironing walls for the alley Cabin here this side has a link switch for the battery This side has a blue Sea’ battery connector thing battery link so that when you’re driving a certain voltage will actually charge the camper it Doesn’t work that well, whatever All your hoses for your water tank and all that kind of stuff is right here But I keep I use under seat storage for my awning walls. I could probably do it a little bit more organized but you still have a little bit of room up top to put more and Then to make the bed you just put that there put that there the this table it pops out of the holder there and just sits down There’s a little ledge here and the ledge here. It makes a big bed We actually uses that to the dog the dog sleeps down here perfect dog bed works like a champ Again you have more storage under here Again two more awning walls, but this side You have more space on top so you can still put a lot more stuff you? Take a couple small rubbermaid containers that kind of stuff in there, all right So the last thing to show you is how the peg comes out? all the way slide your Mattress Pack Pretty quick process actually pretty comfortable we typically leave a sheet fitted sheet flat sheet and then a comforter duvet of some sort on here and We pulled four Four cushions out and then just kind of wrap the sheet underneath the person that’s there and then push it in that way we’re going To use it all I have to do is Extend the sheet over those in the bottom so you can see the inside now We can kind of take a look at the outside of the camper and show you some the features there So the back of Coral camper you have a couple different features that you Should be aware of one is it has this cool little screen door? Which lets you still have air flow and keep most of the bugs out? It’s 100 percent, but it works all right it’s also that a Curtain also has a some turn Deadbolt There is a built-in retainer here and bar here for you to hold the door open I don’t use any of my shoes deadbolt you also have steps on the side you have one here one here You also have one right here in one right here bracket For the alley cab awning to mouth so it comes all the way around this mouth right there This is a switchable yellow fog light kind of for an area light or porch light will go with porch light works pretty good Doesn’t attack the books too much. I like it. These are your two floodlights that are actuated by the switch inside the camper We have a drain early water tank. There’s also a solar connector right here This is plumbed into the solar controller So you have one the top and one on the back for like a suitcase panel an extra panel I also added a level here So when we park we can see if we’re actually level I? Use the airbags to kind of manipulate it and adjust it along with Gotras and a few other things if I need it to Time to get the vehicle level and flat so coming over to the driver side of the fleet You’ll notice the awning here. This is an alley cab shadow awning. I got mine from ok four wheel drive They’re a fantastic place to get parts for them. That’s actually I got multi parts from I made brackets using a two inch by three inch aluminum angle All I had to do was drill the holes to mount it to the Jack Rockets And then drill a hole to actual awning there’s also an external shower here. Which you just put the hose in Twist it good to go. This is where your short power goes into has got a 30th shore power this is the event for your propane feeder This is your hot water heater unit assault at moises, so it’s RV Products basically seeing it is service at any RV Center. That’s needed This is also your water fill. I don’t feel like in key, so I’m so sorry. I just got a water Philadelphia City fill We have a regulator that we screw on that lowers it down to six Water pressure for the camper if you use the city water hookup It does not steal your actual tank So you have to fill the tank if you don’t have any water in it get a fill a tank in this Move it over to city water if you want that It’s not soviets of ever these are your side emitting leds they really bright the straight to the side I don’t really know why they’re here They’re not very useful because they don’t really let anything up Except for the entire side or whatever you’re next to so it doesn’t provide any ground lighting or any you know angle Spotlight? Passion aside is actually very very boring all it is is another one of these lights this would have been awesome to have over on That side not sure why there’s only two of them should be 3 And then the propane cabinet, this is also where we keep the showerhead for the outdoor shower Just to keep that kind of wrapped up in there We keep two it comes with should I say 210 pound propane tank? We like the 10 pounds also instead of 120 pound because we can leave one hooked up to the can verb if the other one pull it out use it for The fire pit and use it for the partner, so when we’re cooking very convenient So there is no lock do not throw a lock on your propane because emergency services need to be able to get to to make sure, it’s turned off and remove the propane if you need to this is the vent for your fridge We keep a hose in the bottom It’s not it’s not a propane first not a threeway is only two ways so there’s no Each raising the bottom portion of this at all has been south from the top so we still have plenty of bending with The hose there in a little bit, it’s one of those expanding 30-foot hoses we use that to fill up where we find Sauces as well we got a water purifier. They put on the end of the host so as it goes into the camper It’s built it as well you have another one of these useless, led lights, and then you have Another window on this window however the bottom flips out. It doesn’t slide like the other one. He’ll a very efficient Window. I Also built a flagpole. I just hold Straight to the side became four jack pretty self-explanatory That’s pretty much it guys short of showing you what it looks like fully Loaded you guys kind of have an idea of how we use the spaces in the four wheel camper when we go out and go camping and explore again if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section More than have an answer for you. I also click subscribe With love subscribers and helps people see more of our videos And you know share all the stuff that we do with you guys with other people if you have any suggestions I think you guys would like to see on the channel Feel free to drop down so in all kind of get a look together as always Thanks again for checking in with us, and hope you enjoy

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