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Foz do Iguaçu: Largest Waterfalls in the WORLD? (top Brazilian hospitality) – ep93

Foz do Iguaçu: Largest Waterfalls in the WORLD? (top Brazilian hospitality) – ep93

More people’s let’s go for right to post equal. Sue Damn is this general busyness into Fache, right? So this is the border border. I need to get off this Ran out of GoPro battery when I approach this traffic jam here, which is line to the border. I’m almost there I need to get off this little highway some strange people beckoning me when I was still Arriving at the traffic jam. I Just went past them Beckoning me to stop just Random people who got there a motorbike Yeah, all about no, this is no bueno Shouldn’t have gotten in this at all. I need to find a place here in caused iguazu My gearing is all out of whack. All right, let’s get off here That’s what these kids do they let people back up here See this, this is what they do Because I’d always have to wait in line, can you believe it? Haha turn around So this doesn’t seem like a very nice border city, though Like the others have been so I have to watch it a bit more here Because it’s a free back-and-forth between the border you don’t need passports a lot more scamming is going on here in a place like this a lot of business going on a lot of Porter business out here What I mean by that people go to power bi for cheap stuff Cheaper stuff from Brazil. So we’ve shown a glossy Oh, it’s a lot of people trying to make money out here the way to made its own four zero suit We’ve see that del Este Paraguay, which is on the other side typical dirtier scam here coming your Border cities so I’ve got to watch out more once you stop what you got How long you been on the road? 5 Years So I would like to find a… You reckon there are hotels for 60/70 Thanks Aginaldo, president of the motorcycle club Now I’m going to the place of the vice president Get to know the people of Foz All right, so I’m heading to the vice president of the Motor Club Spend time there, you know why not funny how things go, right? The people you end up talking to Wow, this is very shaky. We talked about it when we were building this It’s very shaky. Yeah, it’s about 10 KS Hey, also a Honda, nice Yeah, the nav’s very shaky they’re still figuring out these traffic lights Is that the countdown it’s coming down Going down and it goes green Ha I overshot And it was so shaky as stuff to get the orientation right sometimes Oh a Here it is then, hi I’m Pedro. Nice to meet you, Denise Leave the motorcycle there Hello bikes Welcome to Foz do Iguacu. Thank you We’re motorcycle lovers Hello, and also Pedro… Another one eh, how’s it going And you? Welcome, motorcycle brother, here are our machines. I see Take your motorcycle clothes off, I know how it is to travel like that, you have to But when you stop the water runs Yes always wet, and smelly Have you had lunch yet? No And you’re watching youtube right? But kids channel. I make motorcycle channel! So we are here with Denise and Mario, and Mario is going to take the covers off Let sunlight on the motorbike Allah see you it’s family No no Pedro, sweet jesus Gang gang look at the misses on the big fat Marley How’s it going? Oopah like I was pranking that do it the exhaust I think jiffy a key though So this is it eh? Yup. Hell’s dogs Alright You’re going to a friend of theirs that They introduced in CA the barbecue and that friend wanted to show me something. So I’m curious Do you what it is Just look at look at the lady Get the man on the big fat Harley Hey, I had this one as a kid I had this t-rex boys Grab the dinosaur by the tail How often is this job you get to sit in the shadow and you got to be a dinosaur all day It’s the one that took the big poop I think in Jurassic Park Be careful, very careful, head hurts How’s it going Peter, all good? Going for a trip So going for a little ride in the Mustang here Better does Merck muscle car tours in a was here? Everything alright Luis Mario? Yes pure emotion Convinced there. Does this for that’s is his job People around in muscle cars or supercars defending a man what they have around they also go through the racetrack Back in that’s some follow. So every now and then for clients. It’s a pretty good job to have I guess Thanks for the drive mate, she goes alright, she goes So this is the Parana river And meets the Iguacu river Down there they meet And that is Paraguay? Yes so this is a free countries point of unreal on the pant of Brazil Argentina and Paraguay argh wise over there Brazil’s over here and Argentina is over there Shows up Aight, see you later. Have a good trip What’s up man, all good? Look at that animal, I saw him in the videos. Yes always here Wide well, they rocked up here to a frosty wasu Which I figured hey since we’re doing a border on anyway, might as well go up there. It’s not that far away here with Davi He speaks English To the waterfalls and I’m happy to be out of the bus because it’s a very tourist to fight here Payee to get in get on a bus and then finally He gets it here This is the good stuff By Inglis initiatives oh shit, just bad bad Every year 10 million tons of water that comes down this massive wall Here in the jungle of Brazil. It’s quite an impressive sight keep the water fucking Heat Let’s pause for Tia vendors of fish versatility Argentinian side he can check out but maybe one so we come back up from Patagonia To leave a little something for next time Thanks for the good company mate! No worries We’ll see each other again. Yes if all good tomorrow we go off-road and get the bikes dirty! You see you speak to English By the way, Oh boom bow bow bow Welcome to Paraguay! We’re going to speak Spanish again Ripped Paraguay Hey people’s if you like the videos Please consider supporting the channel since it takes considerable time to make these with your help I can sit down and consistently make new episodes check out the link in the description. Thanks

64 comments on “Foz do Iguaçu: Largest Waterfalls in the WORLD? (top Brazilian hospitality) – ep93

  1. SUBTITLES for the Portuguese bits are in the works! Check English subtitles.

    Check out the playlist with all the South America episodes so far

  2. Great vid Pedro my portuguese is a shits but my english is ok sometimes you have to put up with some crap to see the cool attractions

  3. Pedro, I figured it was a sketchy place because they welcomed YOU there! 🙂 I’m the past it seemed you couldn’t stand the cities & were longing to have as much seclusion as possible. Now you seem to be in hotels & cities for a long time. Wha gives? Southwestern Bolivia or São Paulo???

  4. Warning: biased comment ahead. Two wheelers are the nicest people. 🙂 And I wish we had moto taxis in the States. I'd take them over Uber anyday.

  5. Bah, it's where I live. If you need anything, I'll be happy to help.
    The last episodes with the border have been very stressful just to watch.

  6. That British vs Aussie documentary was hilarious! I've grown to love your humour more and more!

    You inspire me to go out and see the world myself, with the tiny little bike I have.

  7. Aparentemente você está a 4 videos tentando sair do Brasil e não consegue! Obrigado por mostrar o Brasil de verdade às pessoas!

  8. I really wanted to take a moto taxi when when I was there, but couldn't bring myself to put on the smelly helmet. Guess I'll have to get my own bike if I want to experience riding in Brazil.

  9. The drone clips add a lot to your videos. Did I hear your friend say, "Piranha," the first time you went to the river?

  10. Hey there's another you tuber riding in Argentina right now. Her,. I said her, channel is itchy boots. You two should hook up .

  11. always loving your channel bro, as I said before I ride in thailand and if your ever this way !, I have some riding videos on my channel if you want to see what its like, I know you have been to thailand before (koh tao and I lived there for 5 years) but mainland is the riders paradise north east south or west !

  12. Interesting Water Falls .. Where does the Water come from the Mountains? Looks like a big crack in the Earth from an Earth Quake long ago ..

  13. We loved the British accent. Was that a David Attenborough impression? 😀 Moto Taxi??? hell if I ever get on one of those!…

  14. Hey Pedro, ik heb een poosje niet gekeken en nu ik terug kom zie ik dat je video's consistent 10k+ views krijgen: te gek dat je droom waar komt man! Echt heel vet om te zien. Ik heb dat belletje aangezet om de draad maar weer eens op te pakken 🙂 Keep it up!

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