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Franklin – Franklin Rides a Bike / Franklin is Messy – Ep. 5

Franklin – Franklin Rides a Bike / Franklin is Messy – Ep. 5

♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming over to play ♪ ♪ Growing a little ♪ ♪ Every day ♪ ♪ Here he comes with all his friends ♪ ♪ They’ve got stories got time to spend with you ♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to your house ♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to my house ♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪>>NARRATOR: Franklin rides a bike. Franklin could swim underwater and pump himself up high on a swing. Franklin also knew how to ride a bike… With training wheels, of course.>>There! Bear! That’s the fourth time today!>>Sorry, Franklin! I keep missing the ball!>>It wouldn’t happen if we had a back catcher.>>I can’t, Rabbit, I’m busy building my castle! Again and again…>>That’s how you get better at something, Franklin. Just like me on the bars! This time I’ll make it– Whoa! Well, maybe next time!>>Beaver! That’s it! With you two around, my castle building days are over!>>Ah, don’t give up, Franklin! Just build it somewhere where no one’s gonna fall on it! (Laughing)>>Maybe tomorrow. It’s almost suppertime.>>Food! Let’s go!>>C’mon! (Bicycle bell ringing) (Laughing)>>Look out, Franklin!>>Oh, no you don’t! ♪ Yay, I won, I won, I won!>>Yeah, well first is the worst and second is the best! Besides, my leg hurts ’cause I fell and– Oh, never mind!>>See you tomorrow, Beaver!>>Remember, Bear, right elbow out, eye on the ball. Yikes!>>Whoops, sorry! Argh, I’m good at every other sport: soccer, hockey, football. Why can’t I hit a baseball?>>Hey, Bear. You’re doing a lot better.>>Rabbit’s right. Yesterday it was one ball out of twenty. Today you’re hitting twice as many!>>Yeah, I am getting better. (Bicycle bell ringing)>>Hello! Notice anything?>>No training wheels!>>No way!>>Wow!>>Ready for another race, Franklin?>>I, uh– I don’t think… I mean, I think I have to… help my mother with something! Bye!>>Well, if you change your mind… (Hammering) (Bicycle bell ringing)>>Mom, Mom, Mom!>>Franklin, Franklin, Franklin! What’s the hurry?>>Take my training wheels off! Can you, huh, can you?>>Just let me finish fixing–>>Mom! Please!>>Boy, someone’s excited. Okay.>>Yes! Okay, I’m ready! Give me a push!>>All right, nice and easy… (Laughing) Good, Franklin! Good!>>Err… Mom! Oof!>>Franklin, are you okay? Oh dear, you’ve got a cut!>>Beaver didn’t fall.>>Beaver’s riding without training wheels?>>Yes, but I can’t! I’ll never be able to ride without training wheels.>>Sure you will, Franklin.>>Never!>>Here, Franklin. (Laughing)>>Mmm! (Gasping)>>Franklin, I need my basket. Franklin?>>Shh, they’ll hear you!>>Who? (Bicycle bells ringing)>>Beaver, Rabbit, and Bear? (Laughing)>>Mom, they’re all riding without training wheels!>>Oh, I see. Well, you could too if you practised a bit.>>I could practise today, tomorrow, and the day after that! It doesn’t matter, I just can’t ride without training wheels! (Laughing) (Sighing) (Laughing) (Gasping) Oof! (Laughing) (Bicycle bells ringing)>>I’m starving!>>Where should we go for our picnic?>>How about right here?>>What about further along the river?>>And if we see Franklin again, we can invite him along.>>Sure, he must be riding without trainers by now. (Sighing)>>I’ll never be able to ride without them. With one batter out, Franklin makes the pitch! Franklin swings… (Sighing)>>Franklin, what are you doing?>>Playing baseball?>>I see, and who’s winning?>>Me, and– uh, me.>>So, which me is going to help hang the wash?>>Me! Or how about me? (Laughing) (Bicycle bells ringing)>>Wee! Hello, Mrs. Turtle!>>Hello, Beaver!>>I was wondering if Franklin would like to come for a bike ride.>>I’ll ask.>>I’m not here.>>Okay, maybe later. Bye, Mrs. Turtle! Bye, Franklin!>>Hmm. What grumpy laundry. You know what, Franklin? I think your friends miss you.>>And I miss them.>>Come here, dear. If you ask me, trying to play baseball by yourself is a lot harder than riding a two-wheeler.>>If I try again, I’ll fall down again!>>Everyone falls the first few times.>>My friends didn’t, they learned right away!>>Are you sure?>>Positive!>>Well, I know you tried your best the last time, but you know what?>>What?>>Maybe your best has gotten better since then. Think you can give it another try? Do you want me to give you a little push?>>No! Get me off, get me off!>>It’s okay, Franklin. I’ve got you. You did better!>>No, I didn’t, I was gonna fall!>>But with a little practise–>>No, I just can’t do it! I can’t ride a bike with two wheels! It’s easy for everyone else! It’s too hard for me!>>Do you think everything comes easily for your friends? (Baseball bat cracking)>>I did it, I did it! Hey, Franklin, where’ve you been? Did you see it? I hit the ball! I can almost hit it every time now!>>That’s great, Bear. Where’s Rabbit?>>He got tired of throwing the ball to me so many times, but that’s okay, I can keep doing it myself.>>Good one, Bear!>>Hi, Franklin! Boy, have you ever missed a lot! Watch what I can do! (Groaning) Ugh! Well, I almost did it.>>Yeah, you did!>>I’ve been practising. A few more tries and… It’s okay, you can stop watching now!>>Oh, okay, see ya!>>Come back tomorrow, then I’ll show you!>>Hmm… Maybe Mom was right… But landing on sand’s a lot easier than falling off a bike.>>Look out! Whoa! (Crashing) (Gasping)>>You okay, Rabbit?>>Sure, why wouldn’t I be? I got a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and what I wanted to show you: my new skates!>>That’s it! That’s what I can do! This is great!>>You want to try ’em?>>No thanks, Rabbit, maybe later.>>But I thought you said–>>Right now I’ve got something to do!>>’Kay, see ya!>>Oh, Mom, Mom! (Bicycle bell ringing) Ready, Mom!>>Helmet on right?>>Helmet on right!>>Wrist pads on tight?>>Wrist pads on tight!>>Elbows and knees?>>Elbows and knees!>>Kiss?>>Kiss!>>Okay, now, here we go!>>I’m doing it, I’m doing it! I’m– Whoa! (Crashing)>>Franklin! All right?>>I almost did it!>>Try it again?>>And again and again and again and again!>>Oh, I don’t think you’ll need that many “agains” to do it!>>Oh, yeah? Then maybe tomorrow I can go bike riding with my friends! Thanks, Mom.>>NARRATOR: Franklin is messy. Franklin could count forwards and backwards, he could count by twos and tie his shoes, but Franklin was so messy that he could hardly ever find his things, even special things.>>Sir Franklin, do you really have to wear that at the table?>>Sir Bear is going to be here any minute Mom, and– (Knocking) There he is! Hi, Sir Bear!>>Hi, Sir Franklin! Lady Beaver is leading the Knights of the Blue Box on a quest for enchanted cookies! C’mon, let’s go! Hey, where’s your leg armour?>>My leg armour? Mom, where’s my leg armour?>>I don’t know, Franklin. Wherever you put it last, I guess.>>Find it and meet us at the big rock behind Beaver’s.>>Okay. (Groaning) ♪ Uh, where are they? I’m gonna miss everything! I know what to do! They don’t match my helmet, but who cares?>>Franklin?>>Yeah, Dad?>>I’ll do it later, okay? Everyone’s waiting!>>It’ll only take a few minutes, Franklin.>>Aw, Dad!>>Hey, I had two! How many did you eat, Goose?>>Two.>>How many did you eat, Bear?>>Four, but they were small!>>Hi, guys! Here I am! We can start the quest for the enchanted cookies now!>>Start?>>We already found the enchanted cookies!>>You did?>>Yeah, tell Franklin all about it, Sir Greedy!>>There are still a few enchanted crumbs left!>>Thanks…>>I know, let’s pretend our castle is under attack! C’mon!>>Let’s go!>>Charge! (Cheering) (Laughing)>>Let’s start. The moat is deep enough now. C’mon, Goose! ♪ We’re the queens of the castle ♪ ♪ And you’re the dirty rascal ♪>>Come, Sir Franklin! Draw thy sword! Let us showeth these guys who’s boss!>>I forgot my sword. I need a stick.>>No sticks, Franklin.>>How come?>>You know what our moms always say.>>ALL: “You’ll poke someone’s eye out!”>>Go get your sword, Franklin. Hurry!>>I’ll be right back! Where is it? Ouch! Stupid blocks! Mom, where’s my sword!?>>MOM: I haven’t seen it! Look in your closet.>>Oh! (Humming) Mom, are you’re sure you haven’t seen it, Mom? It’s about this long. I made it out of a cardboard tube.>>I know what you used. I found six feet of gift wrap crumpled up in the cupboard!>>Can I use another one?>>There isn’t another one! You’ll have to use something else. But not a sharp stick!>>I know! (Rustling)>>Franklin!>>Mom, can I have a carrot?>>Yes, but you can also help tidy this mess.>>Aw! (Coughing) (Laughing)>>You goteth me, Goose!>>There’s a sword sticking through you! Hurry up and fall, already!>>Okay, move over some more! (Screaming) (Laughing) That was fun!>>Now I’m the king of the castle! (Laughing)>>That’s not a sword!>>I couldn’t find my sword. (Laughing)>>It’s Sir Franklin of Carrot! (Laughing) (Thunder rumbling)>>Oh, no!>>My sword and shield are gonna get soggy! I’ve gotta go!>>Me too!>>I didn’t get to play or anything. Wait, don’t go! We can play in my room!>>Yeah, your mom could make us a snack!>>BEAVER AND GOOSE: Okay!>>So, what are we gonna play?>>A game! Hold this.>>Is there enough room to play in here?>>Oh, yeah! There.>>What are we playing?>>Some game with Franklin’s fish, I think. (Laughing)>>No, Bear, we’re gonna play this!>>What are the buttons for?>>I lost the little plastic guys.>>I’m not surprised.>>Let’s roll the dice to see who goes first.>>Oh, yeah, the dice!>>I’ll help you, Franklin. (Gasping)>>Hey, that’s one of the missing pieces from my puzzle! I thought you said you didn’t have them!>>Well– what I meant was… I couldn’t find them.>>There’s another piece here somewhere. Help me find it!>>Okay.>>But what about the dice?>>You should find my puzzle piece first, Franklin.>>Oh! (Sighing)>>I might as well look too. I think I found something! Ew! What is it?>>It used to be an apple… I think…>>I’m not looking anymore. I want to wash my hands. (Birds chirping)>>Hey, it stopped raining!>>To the backyards, loyal knights! Charge!>>Yeah, charge! Hey!>>You have to find my other puzzle piece first!>>Why?>>Because it’s mine and you lost it! Hmm!>>Hmm. This isn’t fair. I’ll find her puzzle piece! Found it!>>I’m surprised you can find anything in here. I think it’s time you did something about it. (Sighing) (Groaning) C’mon, just one more! Hmm, where can I put this thing? Hmm, here’s a good spot! Okay, Mom!>>MOM: Ready for inspection?>>Yup!>>That’s much better! Now aren’t you glad you did that?>>Uh-huh, so can I…?>>All right, there’s still time to play before supper. Run along!>>Thanks, Mom, bye!>>Hmm…>>Behold, brave knights! The fire breathing dragon is coming out of his lair!>>GOOSE: Forsooth, how shall we trap the beast!?>>What we need is dragon bait!>>What do dragons like to eat, Sir Bear?>>Hey, guys, neat dragon! Why do I have to be dragon bait?>>Because we have the swords.>>And you have the carrot!>>That’s it, I’m going to find my sword once and for all! I’m a brave knight! I’m not dragon bait! (Screaming)>>Franklin! Ah, so that’s how you cleaned your room so quickly, and I found this under your rug!>>It, um, wouldn’t fit in the bookshelf.>>Or the closet, I’ll bet.>>Hey, my sword! Oh, no!>>Maybe you need more places to put things.>>But there’s so much stuff!>>You know, if we work together, maybe we can solve that problem. ♪>>Done!>>Now that’s how you tidy up a room!>>And it only took us an hour and a half.>>But it was time well spent! Wasn’t it, Franklin?>>Yeah, I found lots of things I lost a long time ago! And enough stuff to make my new sword, too!>>As King of Turtle Castle, I dub thee Sir Franklin the Neat and Tidy!>>Long may he pick up after himself!>>Oh, I will! I want my room to look like this all the time.>>Hey, Sir Franklin, are you coming out?>>Yep, as soon as I find my armour! And from now on, that’s not going to be a problem! ♪

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  2. It's sad that I watched Franklin religiously as a little kid and now as a young adult, I still haven't learned how to keep things clean and organized like Franklin did.

  3. Franklin has trouble riding a bike non stop 2 wheel and next day they have try try try very hard and practice make pefercet

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