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Freeride & Downhill E Biking At Revolution Bike Park | Riding With Adam Brayton

Freeride & Downhill E Biking At Revolution Bike Park | Riding With Adam Brayton

– The whole E-bike scene
has changed massively over the last couple of years. The riders, the bikes is
all seeing massive change. Got riders coming from downhill, got riders coming from cross-country, they’re all embracing the E-bike love. Well we’re here today at
Revolution Bike Park to meet up with one of the heavy hitters and really push the limits of E-bikes. (rock music) So this is one man that does truly push the limits of E-mountain biking, this is Adam Brayton. – How you doing Chris alright?
– Yeah, am good, mate. You all right? – Yeah, good. – Wow, that is a stunning looking machine, what is this then? – This is my Vitus
E-Sommet and it’s obviously had a bit of love, we’ve
got some serious mods on it And so yeah she goes well. – Yeah, what motor is
that on there, the E8000? – Yeah, she’s 500 watt battery I think. – Yeah. – And don’t get too specific on me, but yeah, no it goes, it goes up hill all right
and comes down just as good. – Been loving it recently then. So you up for a epic day
here at Revolution Bike Park? – Yeah I’m itching to get stuck in. – Reckon we can push the limits? – Yeah. – Let’s get into it. – Go and find out (rock music) – So that was a little
bit different then Brayton all the, you know climbing
done you’d usually be sat in that sweaty up lift, right? – Yeah, normally getting squished by some big fella and yeah waiting to get my bike off that trailer so yeah, I tell you what, I’m so fresh still. – Good warm up though, isn’t
it getting the muscles going? What trail do you fancy
then as a bit of a warm up? – I’ll tell you what,
every time I come here, I like to warm up on the Red Trail. – Yeah. – So do you fancy dropping in there? – That sounds good to me. – All right, let’s have it. – Do it. (upbeat music) – Whoop. – Oh my God all over stuff, so good. – Yes mate. – That so change when you
ride, that speed of a thing. So you must have loads
of bikes in your lineup, I mean you’ve got
downhill bikes, jump bikes and obviously the E-bike,
what does that bike do for you that the others don’t? – Yeah, I mean obviously
I’m very fortunate I’ve got a lot of bikes in the shed and
I’ll tell you what this time of the year obviously
we’re training really hard and you know you get back
from the gym early morning and probably the last thing you want to do to be honest with you
is go for a bike ride and this just gives you the
opportunity to get out there. – [Chris] Gives you a bit more
inspiration to get out there. – [Adam] Absolutely and
and the other thing living in the Lake District, it’s tough to access a lot of stuff so this you know. – [Chris] So you’re
going out more like what, cross-country kind of rides or
finding new trails, building? – I’d say, I mean, I’ll call
it big mountain I guess. – Big mountain. – As far as the lakes go we
have got some good hills. – Yeah, I’ve seen some. – [Adam] Yeah, it’s absolutely
ideal for that kind of stuff and you know couple of
hours and you’re done. – [Chris] Yeah. – [Adam] And you’ve probably
done a 15 minute downhill so what’s not to love? – [Chris] So do you use this for training for downhill as well, we all know they’re pretty
capable down the hill as well. Do you find it crosses
over pretty well with the speed and stuff? – Massively, obviously in
the UK obviously there’s no big downhill courses as such. – Yeah. – You know to compare to the World Cup so I can go to the top of some big fells and you know really load the arms up because this thing you know obviously a bit heavier, you know
a bit harder to control. – [Chris] Yeah. – [Adam] And you know I get
that same fatigue that I would on a downhill race from. – Exactly, yeah, yeah. I’ve seen guys like Gwin
and stuff have been doing some of their practice runs,
their sighting runs on E-bikes and just lapping sections,
is that something? – Yeah, like another thing
in races for me is if I don’t want to go on the
gondola to walk the track I can easily just nip on this. – Right. – Go halfway, for (mumbles) there’s a fire road pretty much halfway. – Right. – Woods are always a nightmare,
I can jump on this thing go and check out the woods and
be back down in half an hour and my legs are still fresh. – Sounds perfect. – It’s ideal. – Right are you ready to
spread those wings then? I think it’s about time
we hit the Vision Line. – Not really I’ll be
honest with you, I’ve never been down this, I don’t know
if you believe me or not, but. – Really? Are you a bit worried about
how that bikes going to jump or have you jumped it
on big stuff like this? – Yeah no, I’ve done some
jumps, but yeah obviously super stable so and I’m
in good hands, aren’t I? – Hopefully we shall see, but
I think you should be good. I mean the weight of the bike
pushing in to those take off and you get loads of
(mumbles), the rolling speed, the grip is insane so I think
you going to have no problems. – All right, let’s go find out. (upbeat music) – Yeah, man! (upbeat music) That was insane hey? – So good. – How did you find that? – Hey, Vision Line, completed it. – I can’t believe you’ve
never even ridden this line and there you are like
second run down, I think, completed the whole thing. – Yeah you know when I come
here and there’s always tons of kids and I just feel
too much pressure to deliver so I think, you know
what I’ll give it a miss. – How was the E-bike through that? – E-bike was unreal, that must be a first, first time through
Vision and on an E-bike. – Exactly and getting back
to the top so easy right? – Super easy. – Just sat on that fire
road, cruise all the way up. – It was unreal. – Fancy a change of scene? – Yeah, I think it’s time we
went to my side of the woods, what do you think? – Some tech downhill? – Let’s do it. Here we go Chris, we’ve made it. – This looks pretty interesting. This is Ffar Side, this is
my favorite track here. – So this says Pro Line so
I’m guessing this is pretty comparable to like a World
Cup downhill track, right? – Yeah, it’s pretty
intense, it’s super fast, ’cause you know, it’s relentless, there’s no chilling down here. – So have you ridden
your E-bike down here, this is something you’d normally do on a 200mm travel downhill
bike, I’m guessing? – Yeah, this one’s got
200mm front and rear and obviously this is only 160, so yeah, it’s going to be interesting. We’ll see how she handles it. – I’m sure she’ll be fine, right. – Let’s find out. – You lead the way boss. – Come on then. (upbeat music) (laughing) (upbeat music) – Bloody hell, I swear he was just there. – Whoa, that was absolutely
insane how fast you were going down that tech section,
I mean I just slipped on that root at the top, put my foot
down, stalled for a second blink of an eye you were gone. – Game over, hey? – Yeah, how was that compared to the downhill bike down that section? – I had to be patient. – You had to be patient? – That was the best way to
describe it, I just felt like you just couldn’t quite,
you know you were 110 but don’t get me wrong
it was still bloody good. – Pretty rapid, yeah,
it looked amazing to me. I mean, do you think if
you were on a bigger bike, maybe a 200mm travel
bike that would have been a bit more capable? – Yeah, I think definitely
yeah, you know, obviously it’s an extra 20mm, 40mm whatever you know it’s going to make a hell of a difference. – Yeah, definitely, but you
were absolutely flat and I cannot understand how you go that fast on that bike down that
stuff, insane, nice work. – Cheers Chris. – Well that was an absolutely
insane day on the hills so good to ride with you
Brayton and I think I was definitely pushing my limits
on some of that downhill stuff. It’s absolutely crazy. – Yeah well, the shoe was
on the other foot once we entered Vision wasn’t it? You know, I rode it before. – Yeah. – And you were so comfortable through it, it was awesome to watch. – No so good, you know you’re throwing down the style as well, so you know insane but again going back to that
downhill, the Far Side Trail, that was kind of like a
World Cup downhill track and to see you on that on that thing was absolutely mind
blowing, I think you know I made one mistake and
you had literally gone. – And it was definitely
different on this when you kind of had to bully the bike a bit more but I tell you what, it was a lot of fun. Yeah, yeah definitely. Well I think we’ve definitely
both pushed the limits you on the Vision, me
on the downhill stuff, but let us know down in the
comments about who was pushing the limits more, was it
me or was it Brayton? But it has been an epic
day out here at Revolution. But if you want to check out
another video with Adam Brayton, check him out on the Epic Ride with Steve and the Lake District, pushing
a big one out there Adam, wasn’t it a huge ride? – It was a big one, I’ve
still not recovered. – Give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed it as I say drop us some
comments in the box below. And don’t forget to hit
the globe in the middle to subscribe to EMBN, cheers.

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  2. You should have said that the park was closed and is strictly shuttle-only so on a normal day you would not be allowed to pedal up on an e bike. So taking an e bike to revs would have no advantage whatsoever.

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  5. Amazing how them motors stand up to that kind of punishment..and then a drop of water gets in and slowly they die from the "big R"– rust…Can't they make bearings and splines etc. out of plastic

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