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French rivers with Scenic | Bike riding through Bordeaux with David Whitehill

French rivers with Scenic | Bike riding through Bordeaux with David Whitehill

a trip to France isn’t just about experiencing
the icons of glittering Paris as you step out of the big cities the country
side comes alive with the culture history and heart of the
French way of life we’ve joined Scenic for a twelve day river cruising experience through the stunning region of Bordeaux one of the great experiences that
you can have here with Scenic is that you can come out
here on one of these electric bikes and enjoy the French countryside and I think
this is one of the best ways to really get a sense of what it’s all about and
how the locals live just a word of warning though they do have
a little bit of a kick I have to say this is one of life’s
simple pleasures with the wind in your hair and the smell
of grapes ripening in the vineyards the French passion for wine is impossible to ignore of course this incredible region
and most importantly it’s precious vines needed some very
serious protection so they employed a genius engineer by
the name of Vauban whose role it was really to fortify France
this citadel here in Blaye was one of his masterpieces and it kept those
nasty invading English off to the west and those lovely baguette eating French folk
protected and safe off to the east but I mean who in their right mind would want
to go up against this? the Blaye Citadel is one of the most impressive
fortifications in France and has been listed as a World Heritage Site it’s kept Bordeaux safe since the 17th century
and it’s now one of her most visited attraction with Bordeaux’s rich history and wine it
makes sense that one of the world’s most famous drops
calls this area home the town of Cognac is our next Scenic stop my guide Francois gives me the tour around
Chateau de Cognac it’s starring role in the town’s history
dates back over a thousand years the black mold on many of the walls here
is famous to this region it feeds on the evaporating cognac while
it’s in production it’s an eye-opening look at this age old tradition
with some of the spirits here well over 300 years old this is just fascinating they actually need
these spiders in the cognac industry to keep the termites out of the barrels but if
you have a really close look at their web it’s quite haphazard that’s because
the little fellas are drunk I kid you not and on that note Francois make sure I get
a taste of why Bordeaux is such a popular destination for travelers

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