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Fuel Motorcycles – Coahuila Adventure

Fuel Motorcycles – Coahuila Adventure

this is the story of three northern
Mexicans that in 2019 won the adventurers wanted contest by fuel
motorcycles they submitted a road trip through Coahuila Mexico getting
financial support and three products to make it happen are you telling me that
three regular guys win an Internet contest at a great company gave them
money and free clothing so they could pack their stuff and escape for seven
days to do a motorcycle road trip to spend time with their friends meet new
places crack open some cold ones and have a blast not worrying about anything
else but have fun and ride you lucky mother fuckers
oh well Coahuila is the third biggest state of Mexico and had an important role in
the Mexican Revolution yeah Pancho Villa’s stuff so Ivan Luis
and Daniel’s first destination was cought ricean agus a pure outdoor
experience climbing a hill you’ll find an abandoned marble mine and ten minutes away is a big field of
white sands named the plaster dudes want a perfect spot to watch the sunset how
about a river with crystal-clear water to swim in a true oasis in the middle of
a desert the next day they would drive all day to
find a massive body of water that people often say it looks like the ocean the
Don Martin dam they would spend the night near the shore and around a fire
drinking and relaxing early in the morning it’s time for a
motorcycle ride and with the help of the logos you can
jump on a boat and do some fishing I think about it day and night
it’s like a shadow that hunts me did you know there’s a bar that once had
Robert Rodriguez Antonio Banderas Salma Hayek Quentin Tarantino and Steve
Buscemi at the same time it’s the Colonna Club in a Cunha and it was used
as a movie set in the film desperado so it’s the perfect reason to dress up with
the same mariachi outfits the order dos cervezas por hora
they had too many tacos and tequila’s and really messed up and lost the video
files but they still have great pictures lacunae is a city on the border with the
United States and even though it was freezing cold in the morning and some
are not very happy about this that wouldn’t stop them from visiting la
amistad dam to enjoy the great view the Mexico and the u.s. a commonly share the rest of the day being ride to
Monclova to spend the night and after solving some issues with the
law and since it was Halloween the whole crew went to a burger place
with masks to have dinner and they got some caddy to what would a trip be without going to
the mouths Arteaga is in the middle of the forest you know lots of trees fresh
air trail roads for motorcycle fun and
nature what could possibly go wrong well only a broken motorcycle shift
pedal but that won’t stop them from buying some beer and grilling some
steaks you want to know where the oldest winery is
in the whole American continent the name you’re looking for is Paris this magical
Pueblo is a relaxing beauty in the middle of a valley with a lot of wine
companies the biggest one is Casa Madero since 57 this city has the typical Mexican
colorful streets and you can enjoy a great view of this at Santa Madero a
church at the top of a hill but why would you use the stairs we have
three Honda XR dual purpose motorcycles right the last day was special because it was
Louis’s birthday so they had him a little cake surprise have you ever visited a flat land with
absolutely nothing except a motorcycle the laguna de moran is the Bonneville
flats of quoi wila and you can find one sure thing and that is pure fun as you can see it only takes a couple of
good friends a bullet-proof single-cylinder
carbureted lightweight motorcycle some and a good landing
he’s asked some simple motorcycle fun and yes some money too
but hey four-wheeler has great landscapes great food and really food
prices such as the rest of the country so food Borsig easy era have some viva
mexico and ride you came to listen
music at the show I swear I saw
to the bathroom to say hello to her God
you I can’t believe
sorry I still remember

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  1. OMG!! This is f* awesome. This was very fun to watch and yes, we were so damn lucky! Thank you everyone that was part of this project

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