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Full Body Workout to Music | Low Weights & High Reps

Full Body Workout to Music | Low Weights & High Reps

Hi guys, I’m Amanda and this is Bmore Fitness. So if you are one of those people who just love yoga and you do yoga yoga yoga yoga; Or you love Zumba and you only want to do Zumba… I’m telling you that you need a selection of exercises so that your body gets the
best out of each of them. Each of these awesome formats are so good for you and you get so many benefits but you really need that well-roundedness So we’ve done yoga, we’ve done Zumba… today we are doing a full body workout with low weights I’m using two 5 pound weights It’s high repetitions so when
you have low weight high repetition we’re not working on bulking up muscle or
growing muscle; we are working at strengthening and leaning out muscles. So especially if you are a lady who’s worried about bulking up, these exercises are not going to do that for you. So grab your weights or anything that you’ve got available to add some resistance into your workout… Let’s start. Before we get going, let’s get warmed up. So roll the shoulders nice big rolls and then we’re going to come into a bob & weave Here
we go All right make sure you’re breathing. We are going to reach our arm forward. One Two Three, keep going. You’ve got eight. Now change your arm. All right now you want to make sure that you are rotating your back leg so that you’re not twisting your knee. And change! Reach it down with a straight back. You’re doing great Reach it up. You want to feel that lovely stretch through the side of the body so really reach that arm as high up as you can. Change again. Warming
up your shoulders. And here come the curls. Bring your foot all the way up to your bottom. Stretching out the quad and warming up the hamstring. Four knees. 3, 2 and change. 4, 3… Hold your belly buttons in. Change. Change And come into some squats. So push your hip your hips back. Tummies tight. Shoulder blades squeezing together behind your back. Push into the heels.
Excellent job this is really going to warm you up quickly. Hold it there And come up. Again, two more. Last one. Now come down and hold. Hold it there. Come on up. Take a deep breath oh that feels good and again push the hips back like you’re sitting down onto something and again reach your arms
up as high as you can We’re going to come into some side
lunges just swapping quite quickly Feeling that stretch in the inner thigh. Straight back. Push into your heels and open up the
chest Alright, come over to the
side and hold it there. Feel that stretch and get ready for the
other side. Lovely And come on up. Roll up through the spine and let’s get ready to starts with our weights. We are starting today with some bicep curls so bring your elbows into your waist. Lift only the lower part of your arm. Coming up slowly. Two counts up and down for two counts. Make sure that you are working with full range of motion so bring your hands all the way up to your shoulders and all the way down. Also check that your posture is up tall and straight with shoulders over hips. All right here we go into single counts. Up and down. Excellent control that movement don’t allow your weight to sway back Two more. Then we’re going to change the tempo So up for one down for three. Up and down, down, down. Control that movement to use all
the counts in the music. Now reverse the counts. Up for 3 and down in one. Up up up and down. Last one. Come into squats, so hing your hips back. Make sure that your knees are not passing further forward than your toes. Come down and hold.
Push up through the heels. Again. Down and hold. We have two more. One more. Comeback into singles Down and up. Down and squeeze it up. Squeeze your glutes making sure that the glutes are doing the work and that you aren’t feeling it all in the thighs. Let’s hold it down and hold Come on up. Again. Looking good. Looking strong. Keep going. Two more. Here’s your last one and then back into singles. I know you’re feeling this
but just keep going. You’ve got four more. Four three two last
one. Hold again. Only 4 like this and then you are done. Three more. Good job. We are doing arms straight after this. So as soon as you’re done with this one bring your arms down to your side for lateral raisers. Try to keep the elbows and the hands in
line with each other. Also take this as slow as you need to. so when we go to singles, stay at this slower pace if you need to. Working to temp now. If you want to make it easier
bend your arms a little bit more To make it harder you want to straighten the arms a little bit Alright this next one stay up hold it
there and then bring it down in one Again up hold for two and bring it down One more and we are back to those singles to tempo. You’ve got this!
We’re building those sexy shoulders, toning & firming. Last one. Turn your toes out and come down into a sumo squat. Make sure your knees are pointing in the same direction as your toes. You are still sitting your
hips back as this is still a squat. Come down as low as you can so that
you’re feeling that stretch through your inner thigh. Push into your heels and as
always pull the shoulder blades back and towards each other. Come down and pulse for three and up in one. Again. Three two one and push up. One more. Come down and hold. Lift up one heel and place it down. Other side. Now stay level without bobbing up and down. Push your hips down as low as you can. One more on each side and then you’re going to pulse down. Three two one and up.
Two more. Last one. Now let’s do that again so come on down and
hold lifting up the one heel and down other side. and up. Come down and pulse. Push your knees over your toes. Open up the shoulders. Let’s go again. Down and hold. Lift up your heels. Great job! I know it’s burning. Keep those hips low. Breath deeply. One more heel and come on up. It’s time for tricep dips. So let’s reach our arms up overhead
elbows in line with your head and point the elbows up to the ceiling. Lower your
hands down behind your back remembering to make sure that your ribs and your
stomach are in and your pelvis tucked forward so that your lower back is
straight. So all of the work is being done in your triceps. This is the muscle at the back of your upper arm. Going to single counts of course keep it slow if you need to. Here we go keep to tempo making sure that you’re not arching your back relax the shoulders and keep your elbows pointing
up. Now down for one count and up for three. Down up up up Down. Keep going. Control each
movement. Reverse the count so down for 3 and up in 1. You’ve got it three more Last one at this tempo and then we back
to those singles. Don’t let those weights take control of
your arms you are in control. Two more Then we are coming into side bends
so bring those weights down as you reach down towards your ankle and back up. We are doing 6 on the same side. Over to the other side here we go six
five four you’ve got this keep those hips absolutely still Change sides for four. Reach your opposite hand up towards your armpit. Let’s change other side for four three two… Back to the other side go two and up Change Now come in to singles Move to tempo. Here we go. Swap. Swap. Focus on your hips not moving. Keep them still and level. Reach your arm towards your ankle Squeeze in that space between the hip and the rib. Where your obliques are. Right slow it down. Excellent job keep going.
Now we’re going to work our way back up the number ladder. So take it over for
two here we go 2 and up 2 and back other side. Here we go for 4. Change two more and change over to the first
side for 8 7 keep going 6
five nearly there four more three two and change. Last side for 8. Excellent job only four more and then we’re going to come into some forward lunges. Step your right foot forward and make
sure your feet are absolutely parallel As you come down into your lunge your
back knee needs to point down towards the floor. So we’re just going to go to tempo for now. Now come down and pulse for 3 and up. We’ve got four of these this is number
two. Now when we come into singles we’re going to actually do a shoulder press so
bring your weights up to the shoulders push up as you come down now of course
this is optional so only do this if you’ve got your balance and you’re
feeling confident in this movement all right we’re going to come back into
the pulses so leave the arms and again three more two more now if you want to
do those shoulder presses get the weights ready as we come up to single
Let’s go and push it up and back down so push them directly over your head or
maybe slightly further forward so that the weights are in your peripheral
vision All right we’re going to finish strong with our pulses down down down
and up down down down and up right two more of these and then this leg is
finished. Awesome all right shake it all out and get ready for the other side now
remember the first time we do the singles we’re not using the arms so just
have your hands down by your sides. Let’s start with singles remember to point your back knee towards the ground don’t let your front knee go past your
toe so you want to make sure you protect your knees. Let’s pulse three two one….stand up.
Three two one and up. You’ve got two more like this and then get
those hands ready from your shoulder press if you do them there we go and a
single counts down push up great job Four more. Get ready to pulse down again no arms
and down, down and down. You are nearly there. Two more. Get ready with your arms for singles. Here we go. Reach it up.
You’re doing great. You are strong. Keep going this is not the time to stop we
are nearly done with this workout so keep pushing through. Alright, pulse it down this is the last ending of your set maybe there are only two more
two going and here is your last one amazing right we’re going to come into
some ABS so place one weight down onto the ground we’re only going to use one
and bring your legs out into a half sumo squat. Twist your shoulders now the thing to be focused on here is not letting your knees wobble. To add a little bit of extra work
you can take your twists moving down into a sumo squats and moving back up so
pull your belly button into your spine and try and contract your ribs
around your body as well so that you’re really getting into your abs it’s
working the obliques the transversus abdominus and just pretty much your
whole core here so keep going relax the shoulders and instead of just moving the
weight side to side with your hands make sure your shoulders are actually moving
so you are twisting in the torso. We are nearly done. I seriously suggest that you carry on with this exercise for longer; but for now we need
to move on to the next exercise so working the glutes step onto your right
leg and pulse your left leg to the back now if you need to hold on to a chair or
something close by please feel free to do that we are working our balance here
as well as our glutes so as you pulse your leg up towards the back make sure that
you are not actually arching your back or trying to lift your leg so high that you need to tilt your pelvis backwards. You want to pulse your leg just high enough that you glute is doing all the work. Right, other side. Hold in your tummy find your balance and pulse it up. The great thing is that that leg you standing on is also doing a lot of work
just by supporting you. Keep going this is our last exercise.
I know it’s burning keep going And nearly done. Almost there don’t stop go right to the
end and well done guys I hope you loved that workout and to make sure that you
do not get any stiffness tomorrow make sure you drink lots of water that you
also stretch out the muscles I’m going to add a little link over here for you
so that you can stretch out the full body after this workout. Now also
remember especially if you are new to this channel and you haven’t yet
subscribed; HIT that subscribe button and if you hit the bell right next to that
subscribe button you will be notified every time I upload a video. Have an
awesome rest of your day and I’ll see you next week bye

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