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Full Gear List For Cycling Across Europe With Obligatory Montage

Full Gear List For Cycling Across Europe With Obligatory Montage

Okay so this is the stuff I have to take.
Well this is the stuff I’m taking on the trip across Europe for Ride 4 Refugees
2017. Got my trusty bike. it is a Greek made Orient bike. I picked it up really
cheap in Greece. I guess that’s why it was cheap hopefully, because the quality seems
pretty good. Got a light. Got a bell… Helmet… Puncture repair kit… Bike lock… inner tubes… Tool kit… Bottle opener… Spanner… Cable ties…
Gear cables and break cables… Blender bottle…
Come a little bit closer, closer, closer closer okay cool. On my bike I have a sleeping bag…
Two-man tent…
Sleeping roll… On the back of the bike is a bike rack…
I’ve got a poncho… A bunch of razors which I obviously never use. I should use
because I’ve got a shit beard… Creatine, because I don’t know why… I hear it’s good. I’ve got about, I don’t know seven or eight pairs of underwear, four
or five years pairs of socks, about seven shirts but I’m really only using this
one. I’m trying to wash it but now I don’t know if I’m going to wash it but
uh so I might be like when I arrive in Spain in the south of Spain I’m gonna be
a smelly bastard and I’m probably going to burn this shirt. All right… I’ve got
another razor that I never use. Microfiber towel The complete guide to camping and
wilderness survival. I’ve got some string to tie up and hang up all of my clothes. I got a phone for GPS. Here this is amazing. This is pretty much allowing me to go and camp and cycle and just camp wherever I want. I don’t
need to see people. I don’t need to stay in hotels because I have a solar panel. and this can charge this, which is my GPS and this also has internet. So this is pretty much all the tech that I need. During the day, when I’m travelling, I hang the solar panel on the back of the bike. Charge the power bank through the solar panel.
At night I use the power bank to charge the phone. Perfect… Okay so that’s pretty much
everything that I need on this bike trip for two months… Yeah…
Can you think of anything else? So the only other thing that I wish I could
take with me and can’t is Vivi.

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