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Benefits of cycling
Fundraising for a Recycling Center in BCS

Fundraising for a Recycling Center in BCS

Today the human population is 7.3
billion, it is projected that by the year 2050 we will be close to 10 billion. Humans generate around 4 billion tons of
waste a year, which is equivalent to more than 10 million tons per day worldwide.
This means that on average one person generates 1.40 kilograms of garbage per
day. Tragically 59% of all waste around the world is improperly disposed of in open
areas that do not meet environmental standards. Garbage dumps are highly toxic
mines created by human activities, which contaminate the soil, water and air,
creating vectors of extreme risk for our health. The emission of methane gas
from landfills contributes greatly to the greenhouse effect,
which together with carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, accelerates Climate
Change. Recycling helps to reduce negative environmental impacts. Unfortunately at present only 10% of all global waste is recycled. It is
necessary that many more people adopt the habit of living by the 3 R’s: Reduce
Reuse and Recycle. Today waste management costs the world, 205 billion US dollars each year. By 2025 such expenditures will reach an estimated 375 billion. In 10 years the cost will almost double! Waste management can reach
up to 90% of local budgets including collection, transportation and final
disposal. For governments attending to this problem requires a large amount of
money, that could better be used for other purposes, such as education and
health. The problem of garbage is present within your home, at your school, your office, the park next door, in your city, your country, and all around the planet. We must begin by acknowledging that there is no trash that is not our
responsibility. Two years ago ecorrrevolution NGO started making steps towards zero waste philosophy where the objective is to prevent waste from going to the local garbage dump and in this way avoiding the negative impacts on our community and our environment. This effort would not be possible without an
Integrated Waste Management Plan, so we have established “Punto Verde”, that operates as a collection center for recyclable inorganic waste such as:
plastics, cardboard, paper, glass bottles, metals, aluminum, styrofoam, electrical
appliances, and electronics. We are located on an isolated Peninsula, without infrastructure and very limited recycling facilities Therefore, overcoming these challenges and entering the recycling market requires a
significant amount of capital. We are already in motion but need to improve
our operations by purchasing specialized equipment to recycle more waste and
amplify our positive environmental impact. Please visit our website to learn
more about the work we are doing. We invite you to support this project with
a donation, and we are always looking for volunteers. Donate now, together we can do

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