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Gatormade and The Pulaski County Recycling Center

Gatormade and The Pulaski County Recycling Center

When it comes to keeping our communities clean, it takes a small army of hard-working men and women hitting the
pavement every single day; collecting garbage and litter from our streets. Each year the pulaski County Recycling
and Solid Waste Department is responsible for picking up in hauling
more than 2,400 road miles of litter. Through the blistering heat of a hot
summer day and countless miles on the road, they rely on heavy-duty equipment
that can stand up to the rigorous stress of day-to-day wear and tear. That is why towing behind every truck in
their fleet is a Gatormade trailer. Gatormade Trailers are engineered from
the ground up to pack more than enough muscle to outperform and outlast any
other trailer on the market. Constructed with the highest quality
materials and parts, it’s the only brand of heavy-duty professional-grade
trailers the Pulaski County Recycling Center trust to help them keep Pulaski
County clean. Gatormade. America’s selected Best. To
learn more about our Big Muscle Professional-Grade trailers visit and find us on Facebook and YouTube

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