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GCN Rides The Maratona | Sprinter Vs Climber

GCN Rides The Maratona | Sprinter Vs Climber

– Right, here we are, 93 kilometres into the Maratona on the
top of the Passo Giau, and I think it’s fair to say, I don’t know about you, Chris, but I’m feeling a little toasty. – I’m pretty much broken,
to be really honest, that was one of the hardest
10 km of my entire life. – Wow, well you look good,
so that is important. – Well, if you’ve got
nothing else to cling onto. – Well let’s play back and
see why we are so knackered. (dramatic music) The Maratona dles Dolomites
is one of the greatest Gran Fondo, or cycle
sportive, event in the world. It’s been running since 1987 and the number of participants has risen from 166 back then to over
9,000 cyclists these days. As a measure of it’s popularity, more than five times more
people register for the ballet than there are places. So we felt very lucky to have been invited and even more to be able
to start at the front. It’s 21 minutes past
six, I think we’ve been waiting for two hours already. I’m already in need of a nap actually. – I’m excited, 4,000 metres of climbing, 138 kilometres to go. – 4,000 metres descending. – Yes, that’s the best part. The reason I’m not at the front, I thought I’d hang back here to give you a sense of the scale of the Maratona. We’re in wave number one, which consists of 1,000 riders We’ve got another 9,000 plus. It is a massive field and it’s everybody enjoying bikes. – [Emma] The event offers three courses of different lengths. The Sella Ronda route at 55 kilometres and 1,780 metres of ascent. The middle course with 106 kilometres and 3,130 metres of ascent. And then the big Maratona itself, which is 138 kilometres long with
4,230 metres of ascent. All of the courses start together early in the morning in La
Villa and they all first cover the beautiful Sella Ronda
circuit which climbs the Passo Campolongo,
the Pordoi, the Sella, and the Passo Gardena. So in fact, a participant
can decide on the road, and according to how they’re feeling, whether they should do the shorter route, or carry on for middle
and marathon distance. Of course, Chris and I
were pretty determined that we would do the full Maratona, and to be honest, we had so much delicious food the week before, that we felt we really needed to burn it off in a long ride. Interestingly though, for Chris, this was actually his first time going over an altitude of 2,000
metres on a bike, ever. But he was pretty sure that the climbing wouldn’t be a problem. (intense music) – So 6.2, I’ve probably
reached my max power rate for the day already. Getting at the back of the front group but I think I enjoy it
better than everyone else so that’s the main thing. (intense music) I think I’ve done like
1k of climbing so far and I’m straight out of the back of the front group, which wasn’t
really a big surprise, not really built for these, don’t really get off of them anyway. Looking forward to the descent though, they promise it’s a good one. – There’s a flat bit coming up but I seemed to have made it up all alone which was stupid. – I have no shame in sitting
down for the entire climb I’m gonna take the most
of this opportunity and enjoy it. (intense music) – It’s a fast start
here, that is for sure. I’m just going to take my tempo. (dramatic music) – Got my first taste of
a proper descent today and uh, sort of caught Emma. It’s a 5.5k climb now, I don’t really think it’s looking likely that I’m going to see her again
for the entire race. – Where’s Chris? Is he alright? I knew Chris to be a demon descender and I knew I would need
all the time I could get on the climbs. I was
counting on his inexperience in high mountains and hoping
that he’d paced himself very, very conservatively. Chris, on the other hand,
knew he had a strong card to play on the descents and he was enjoying them, a lot. (Upbeat, rock music) (Speech drowned out by band playing) (slow, dramatic music) – Competitive Coolie has taken over – Turn the wheels, come on. Stay with this group. – No no, it’s fine, smile for the camera. – [Emma] Big flat now,
turn the wheels, come on. – This is better. (inspirational music) – So, there’s good news
and there’s bad news. The good news is, we’ve
done 2,100 metres climbing which is about half of the total
elevation we are gonna get. The bad news, is that it is
still around 80 something kilometres to go, so
still a long way to go, but the hilliest bit, I
think, is out of the way. – Chris is very nice and he stopped to wait for me on the
descent. Isn’t that lovely? That’s what teammates are for. And now he’s pacing me
at this up this hill. Super steep. (dramatic music) – So we’ve got about 60 kilometres to go which in my mind, in the past,
is around an hour and ten. But I feel like today
is going to be closer to three hours and ten. We’ve got a few big climbs left and my legs are fried already Emma has gone off and done her thing again and uh, I’m going to be
playing catch up on the descent So there is only one thing that makes the suffering bearable today,
well that’s not fair there are a few things, but the view for me, is right on there. I love riding my bike where
I live, but look at this. Every corner you turn, it’s just stunning. – He was about to say that it’s also the fantastic company that makes its bearable but uh, he ran out of breath. (speaks in Italian) I can’t open my bottle uh, too weak. Thank you very much! Oh she is going to make
half tea, half water. (electronic upbeat music) Just started on the
bottom of the Passo Giau which uh, is just a little one apparently. I think I’ve done it before
but I can’t remember. In fact, it might be from the other side. Anyway, we are looking forward
to it, aren’t we Chris? Yeah. – So, I am absolutely on my knees, I’m grovelling, I feel like cramps and twinges in my quads but, luckily, we’ve got a few old stories about cycle racing to talk about to take our minds off how rough I feel. – Yup, been chit-chatting. And I feel a lot better
now that I’ve stopped trying to chase people, which I realised, was a mistake.
I do not have that fitness. So this is my kind of pace. Unfortunately, I can’t go as fast as Chris downhill, so he’s well, – It’s my recovery time then – I’ll just be slowing him down. (Inspirational music) – About to have a very very long sit down. I might have regret a bit
not doing the longer route Sucking it up, but uh,
I think this is hard enough for me at the moment. And at least it gives me something to look forward to maybe in a few years time. I might do the long route. It’s been an absolutely incredible day out Just gotta finish up now – Well there’s only 45k to go – Cool, so that’s what, less than an hour? – No, we’ve got a whole
other pass to go but I mean, you descend so fast,
frankly you won’t take long Here’s a tactic, because, I cannot keep up with you on the descents and you claim to be feeling rubbish on the climb so I don’t believe you, so why don’t you go full force on the descent and I will try to catch you on the first uphill. – That sounds like it could
be an interesting little race – I doubt I’ll catch him unless he has to stop for coffee and toilet or something – Loser buys the coffees? – Yeah, I’ve actually got
money with me for coffee I won’t lose anyway, but let’s go. (fast paced electronic music) – I thought I’d never get a new cycling achievement once I retired from racing but, I just overtook Miguel
Indurain on the descent. It’s been an amazing day
out on the Dolomites. It’s seriously one of the
hardest rides I’ve ever done. But at the same time, the
weathers been incredible, we’ve met some really cool people, and it’s been just a
really nice atmosphere everyone wants to help each other and get through what is a
really, seriously hard ride. I think my little wheelie
stunt might have cost me because she’s come up
and passed me already – Come on, if you didn’t talk
so much mate, you’d be fine Only 2k to go. We need to make
a plan for the sprint, mate I think I’m gonna have to,
like, I’m not the best lead out but I’m the only teammate
you’ve got left so – I thought it was a
race between you and me. – No, we’re teammates, come on! – You lead me out of this. – Sorry, I’m not the fastest lead out. – Can’t believe this. I
thought I was gonna get an easy run into the finish,
and now I’ve gotta sprint! – Is this the slowest
lead out you’ve ever had? – Eh, it’s okay, it’s acceptable. Obviously the final corner
is a crucial one to get right 200 metres to go, I’m
just going to swing off and go around, through the corner first. Perfect position, perfect lead out. – Go, go, go! (intense music) Awesome job mate, finished
off with a sprint, that was brilliant. – That was the best lead out ever, 140k in the front for me so – Slowest lead out ever personally – Well it took us awhile to
get to the finish, didn’t it? But we got there. – [Emma] I think it was
a great effort as a team, we didn’t win, but we gave everything (announcer drowns out speech) Hope you liked it, give
it a thumbs up if so! – If you want to check out more videos about riding sportives,
click down there somewhere. – I really, really need to lie down and have like a big glass of water.

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