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GCN Tech Asks The Pros | Cleats And Pedal Setup

GCN Tech Asks The Pros | Cleats And Pedal Setup

– Pro cyclists ride tens of
thousand of kilometres each and every year. So it’s vital that their
cleats are set up correctly to insure no injuries or any
problems with knees whatsoever. But, what’s talked about
less and less is actually the choice of cleats by
the riders and how tight their pedals are when
it comes to disengaging. So let’s ask some of
the riders what they use and how tight their pedals are. Come on. (upbeat music) – I use red cleats fixed so
I’ve been fixed my whole career. It’s more for the sprint,
it’s more obviously any amateur I wouldn’t
recommend being fixed cleats. You know, it’s a bigger
risk of kind of injury but in a sprint the
amount of, you wanna be, you know fixed. I’ve always wanted to feel
kind of one with the bike. I’m from the track, when
you track you want to be part of the bike and fixed cleats are
the best way to do that. – So for your mechanic, Kenny you’ve got one of the best in business there, when he’s
got to change your cleats that’s quite an important job. – I do it myself, I’ve
always done my cleats meself that’s something your touching. You can measure it as much as you want but even shoes
kind of change over time. Cleats, they wear down, you know everytime you clip in clip out they
wear so it’s important to kind of measure to about the same. I always draw around them and
measure them, and put them on and then you still have to micro adjust so my first couple of rides I always take a 4mm allen key with me
and adjust them there so. – Now Bram, I’ve just noticed
you’re using yellow cleats. With a bit of black, is
that just to match the kit or is that because
they’re suitable for you? – (mumbles), yeah you see that? – This guy can stretch can’t he? (laughter) – Yeah only this side though,
that side is done, you know. – So why have you gone for yellow cleats? – They are more, they look a bit more like you can move them a little bit. So, I think for the most of
us, you know when you crash or a little, you know, to
the left side of the bike or to the right side? – Yeah – Still you can move your feet
so it’s better for injuries. – Yep – And I want to have a little bit comfort. – Yeah – Have you ever tried the other colours? – That’s really a long time
ago, I think I tried them once and then I got a knee problem. – Ah Yeah – But that was, that was
thirty years ago or something. – Thirty years ago, he
doesn’t look 30 does he? (laughter) – And then only, I’m 32 now. (laughter) – He started young, what can we say? (laughter) – So Toms, I’ve just had a
look, you’re using yellow cleats on your Shimano pedals. Why have you gone for yellow? – I like the float on the yellow ones sometimes, especially
it’s a little bit of pain to get them precisely. So if you have the reds you
have no float and it’s a little bit more risk of getting knee
injury or something so if you have the yellows you have some
leeway and your knee feels better, at least for me. – Cool, and you’ve never tried
the other ones just to see about that totally fixed position? – I have, yeah, I have tried the red ones and didn’t love them. (upbeat music) – For me the best is the blue
one because for me the yellow it moves too much for me and
the red one is not so good because you need to put
really really perfect. For me the best option is the blue one. – Okay, and have you used blue
for a long time or have you ever used the yellow or red? Have you trialled with them? – I try, I try in the beginning
with the red but the red is impossible for me and then the
yellow I feel my power is not so good in the pedal so I prefer definite, I prefer the blue one. – Okay, and how about the
tension of the pedals? Are they quite tight or
loose or in the middle? – Much as possible, not in the top, but much is possible, I feel better now with the, I don’t have afraid to pull out when I make the spins. – Why have you gone for
blue and not yellow or red is it your favourite colour
or is there some science? – It’s the favourite colour of my son. (laughter) – No. – It’s just we made some research with the bike
positioning guys and they suggested me to change. Before I was always with
red, so the fixed one and now I have some clearance, not too much but some opportunity to choose the position. The body can choose the
position he wants so. – And how about the
tension on your pedals? Do you have it quite high for
the sprints or do you keep it in the middle? – I have it really high,
almost as high as you can. (upbeat music) – So Nathan, I’ve just had a look. You’re using blue cleats,
why have you gone for blue? – Because yellows are too soft
and I’ve tried the red ones before and they gave me really
sore muscles everywhere. They didn’t really fits me
very well so I think it depends from rider to rider for
which cleats you use. – I’m using the black ones from Look. – They give me just the best hold and as a sprinter that’s very important. – Have you ever used grey or
red or have you always used the black ones? – I’ve used grey but for
my feeling it’s not really you know, I prefer to have
less comfort and more hold in the cleats than the other way around. – Now I’ve just looked at your pedals. I can’t see how many newton
metres the release is on them. Do you know what it is? Is it quite a strong hold? – These ones should be around 22 or 25, I’m not sure anymore but yeah. – That’s important for a guy like you kicking out a lot of watts. – Exactly (upbeat music) – So Elia, first of all Happy
Birthday and I notice you’re using yellow shoe cleats. Why do you use yellow and not blue or red? – I become pro in 2010 and from that year, for 8 years I use Speedplay. Speedplay if you know, also if put all if you try to close as
much as possible you have a little bit of small movement. So for that, after 8 years,
I always tried with a little bit of movement the only way go back to normal pedal from Speedplay is to use the yellow cleat. So maybe now I can step
to the blue one next year and but the first step from
Speedplay to Shimano is the only way for me is use the
yellow cleats with a little bit of move so it’s the move
I don’t feel on the sprint. – And when you want to take
your foot out of the pedal, is it quite tight or do you
have it medium or loose? – I have medium, so on the
freeline of the pedal I put on medium you don’t go out with
the pedal during the sprint, for example but it’s always
a good one if you need to take off the shoes quickly you can do so. Yeah (mumbles) is my choice. – [Interviewer] So Bert let’s
have a look at your shoes. You’re using black cleats, Why
have you gone for that one? – It’s very stiff and you don’t
have movement when you touch the pedals so it’s good for me. – Have you ever used any of the other colours to try them out? – Yeah 4 years ago I used the grey ones but black ones I prefer. – And do you have quite a
lot of tension on the pedals as well to keep you in there? – Yeah, I think just normal
but it’s good because when you crash you don’t have a lot of tension because otherwise you
stay on the bike and it’s – Not good. – No (upbeat music) – So Alex, What cleats are you using mate? – The Look grey ones – Why have you gone for
grey and not black or red? – I sort of swap between black and grey. It doesn’t really, the float,
I don’t ever use the float actually because I actually
ride with my heel pressed in so I pedal like a duck so for me it’s about having my heels as close to the crank as possible without touching the crank. – Cool, and would you ever
be tempted to go to the black ones then because you do don’t
use the float so it’s quite interesting that you don’t. – I have used the black ones
but it’s whatever, I’ve got some at home, to be honest. That doesn’t sound very
professional but it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference
whether they’re grey or black. It really like, I could use the red and it wouldn’t make a difference either. – So you’re just fixed in that
position really aren’t you? So Julien, I’ve seen you
on the front of a peloton for I don’t know how many
hours, I dread to think. But what I don’t know about
you is what cleats you use. Which one’s are you using? – I’m using the blue
ones, the blue Shimanos. You can rotate them a little
bit so I feel a little bit more comfortable with them
because otherwise I have also the other ones that are really fixed. But then I need to get used
to the knees and all that because then it has to be
perfect and I prefer to have a little bit of tension
for the joints and all that they’re just a little better. – Have you ever used the
totally fixed ones or not? – Maybe a long time ago I did
but then I was still riding Look and now I feel
comfortable with these ones and I know when you get older
for the messes and all that it’s – He’s not that old. – Not yet but I’m riding already a while with these type of shoes. But I’m good with them and I
always give them to my brother to fix them. He puts the cleats on that and
so I’m fine and I’m relaxed. – Cool, so your brother, he’s
the guy who sets them up for you, he does all the measuring? – Yeah he does the bike
fitting and the measuring of the cleats so it’s really
important because I don’t like to change a lot because
it’s always milimeters and your body is used to it
because your riding hours and hours on the bike and
if there’s a little bit of difference you feel it straightaway. So it’s really important
that it’s doing quite well and it’s easy that I’ve
got my brother now. (laughter) He does it now so I don’t
have to go far for that. I trust him 100%. – Cool, So there we are, brotherly love. Love that. (upbeat music) – What colour cleats do you use? – Yellow on the Shimano pedals. – Okay and why have you
gone for yellow and not red or blue, it’s not just because
you like the colour is it? (laughter) – No. It’s because I can still
can move my feet a little bit during training and races. Because if it’s forced, your legs into a not a good
position for like 6 hours long maybe then I think it’s not so good. So now I still can move it but I put my pedals on the most firm stance and then so it’s not too loose but it’s
firm and I can still move it. – What’s your reason for choosing those? – Black just fits me the best. – And have you ever used any
of the different options to see about some extra float
or are you just happy with the black ones? – Well see Mano was using
the one with three degrees. – Yeah – I think like the the middle
version but with Look here like the mid option is even more a float and here I find the black one better which for me I would call it a one degree. – Okay there we are, a one degree float. – Why are you using the blue ones? – If gives a little bit of
range and a bit of movement, but it’s still fixed and yeah
I think we don’t have to talk much about it, it’s like, it
is the best pedal out there. And the best system. And I prefer blue ones, if you
have a little bit of float, go to yellow and then there’s still red. So I go in the middle and
I’ve never had any issue. – There we are Middle of road. But he’s certainly not in
the middle of the road rider. So here at the Divide Tour
the most popular pedal types we have seen in the peloton
are from Look and Shimano. So let’s go and take a
look at the pedal cleats as well as the tension release systems. Come on. (upbeat music) So riders who are using Look’s pedals either go for the blade model
or the Keo classic really. Now the blade doesn’t use a
traditional spring to maintain pressure on a riders cleat. Instead it uses a blade of carbon. So how does that work? Well the blade is inserted
into the bottom of the pedal. And that essentially keeps
the cleat in tension. So basically there’s
two separate tensions, either 12 or 16 newton metre,
that comes as standard, however there is a 20 newton
metre additional piece that you can purchase. So that determines really,
how much force is required to enter as well as exit the pedal. Whereas the Look Keo pedals,
they actually use a spring to maintain the tension of the cleat, both entering and releasing
from the pedal and it’s adjusted by our hex wrench here on the back plate. Now the tensions that you can
adjust are between 8 and 12 newton metres. (upbeat music) And the most popular models
of Shimano pedals that we see are the spd-sl and in particular
the Dura-Ace 9100 model. How do they work? Well they are very similar to
that of the standard look KEO, in that the tension is
adjusted with an allen key to increase or decrease
the tension required to either enter or exit the pedal. How much torque is required though? I don’t know. As Shimano don’t actually list
that that on their website. (upbeat music) So now for the actual cleats. Look offer three different types of cleat. But what does that really mean? Well with Look it means you
have a certain amount of degrees of heel movement or float per cleat. So in turn that really
allows you to move your knees a small amount. So let’s start actually
with the black cleat. That actually has zero float
so you are going to get totally locked into position there. So that’s the sort of cleat
you’d expect a sprinter to use for instance. And then with the grey cleat they give 4 1/2 degrees
of float at the heel. And the red cleat finally, that
give 9 degrees of movement, which is quite a lot. The Shimano they offer
three cleat options too. Firstly the Shimano red cleat
their totally into position and with no heel movement whatsoever. Then we have a blue
option which they offer 2 degrees of float in the
heel and that is something that actually professional
riders requested. So that comes as standard
with the R9100 pedals that we were looking at. Yellow cleats, they allow
some lateral movement and the pivot point of these cleats
is actually in the centre of the cleat. They do this by having a narrower
front section of the cleat where it engages into the pedal. The amount of float in
those cleats is 6 degrees so that allows you basically
to have some movement in front of the shoe, as well as the rear. So they we are. Some interesting choices
by the riders there. And I never knew that
Mark Cavendish, fitted and replaced his own cleats. Learn something new every day. Let me know though, what cleats
you use and why down there in the comments below. And also I want to know how tight you have your releases set. And remember as well
to like and this video with your friends and for a video on why pro riders don’t slam their stems. Click down here.

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  1. SPD-SL yellow is the best I've used, but I've never tried red or blue. I like the float though, I'm not sure I'd want it to be totally fixed. But I am a very amateur cyclist, so what do I know.

  2. Favero Assioma power meter pedals that use Look Keo compatible cleats. I use the red. I've never tried no float and at this point, not sure I'd even want to.

  3. Interesting to know that most of these pros use shimano cleats. I use yellow cleats. Sometimes though while riding, i’ll feel some movement and thought maybe the screws got loose a bit causing the cleats to move, then remember it’s just the float. Maybe soon i’ll try and switch to blue and have lesser float.

  4. Folks, this video was Immensely helpful. I have been wanting to try it out but I was not really getting enough information about cleats and all their nuances. Thanks dudes!

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