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GCN’s 2018 UCI World Championships Preview Show

GCN’s 2018 UCI World Championships Preview Show

(thudding and swooshing) – It’s that time of year
when the best riders in the world swap out their trade team kit for their national colors. The 2018 UCI Road World
Championships take place in Innsbruck over in Austria on what are the hardest course that
we’ve seen for decades. – Yeah I can not wait. It is going to be quite something seeing the best climbers fight it
out for the rainbow band. So coming up is our big GCN preview. We’ll go through the courses for the men’s and the women’s races,
which are different, controversially, as well as the riders that you need to look out for. It’s probably worth noting,
this is a preview show with a slight difference isn’t it Dan? We’re having to film it in the morning because, effectively our producers saw the size of the bar bills from previous preview shows and. – I’m not happy, I’ve gotta say. I mean it’s nice coffee, but it’s coffee. (dramatic music) We need to start with a very quick preview of the time trials. Now as we record this the
women’s elite time trial is just a few hours away which means by the time you see this it’s already going to be done and dusted. So time then to make an early prediction which is in effect going to
be already right or wrong. – What’s our strategy? – Start with the elite
women’s time trial then. – Van Vleuten. – Van Vleuten. Yeah, very hard to look beyond
the current world champion given the season that she’s had so far. (ding) – Yeah, and then the men’s event, hopefully if we get this out in time, will not have taken place yet. That is a pretty tough test, isn’t for, for a time trial, 624 meters of climbing over 52.5 kilometers. It’s a real brute of a course. It’s never quite flat, really technical, completely different roads in fact to Sunday’s team time trial. – There’s no doubt, it’s going
to produce a worthy winner. The main altitude gain actually
comes after 30 kilometers. It’s a climb out of Fritchel. That is a total of 3.6 Ks long, goes up 320 meters in altitude giving an average grade of nine percent which is tricky, isn’t
it, isn’t it on a TT bike? – [Richardson] Yeah, it will be. Pacing strategy, as always, is gonna be absolutely critical
because from the summit of that climb there is 17
kilometers to the finish line, a fast run-in right down into Innsbruck. That is on, well mostly wide roads but also some tighter technical
turns in there as well. – Should be a good spitz
course, shouldn’t it? – For a time trial. – Yeah, yeah for a time trial. Anyways in terms of
favorites it’s very hard to look beyond Rohan
Dennis and Tom Dumoulin. Dennis of course won both of
the individual time trials recently at the Vuelta a Espana before pulling out of the race to
concentrate solely on this event. Whilst Dumoulin, well
he’s been a bit quieter since the Tour de France, hasn’t he? But we understand he has
been altitude preparing specifically for this event. – Yeah this could be the ultimate test of racing versus training. – It will be. – As the right way to prepare. You don’t want to count
out four time winner of this event Tony Martin
although on current form you almost can count him out, can’t you. But then there are a
number of other riders that will crowding around
those lower podium steps. Castroviejo, Kiryienka,
Kwiatkowski, Campenaerts. – Oliveira, yeah. – Oliveira, yeah. – Oliveira possibly too. So there’s plenty that
will be hopeful of medals but I think we know the first two. – Do we know? – Dennis? I’ll go Dennis. – I’ll go Dumoulin. (dramatic music) – Let’s face it though,
the vast majority of us, it’s the elite road races that we are most looking forward to. Both of those take place
this coming weekend, the women’s on Saturday
and the men’s on Sunday. – Yeah, the former is
156.2 kilometers long with 2,413 meters of climbing. The men’s race however
is 258 kilometers long with 4,670 meters of ascent. – Wow, quite the difference there. Both of them do start in Kopfstein and take the first 60 kilometers together alongside the River Inn
on an undulating road but after that 60 Ks the
profile changes distinctly. They go uphill properly
for the first time, end up actually at the top of the climb in the men’s individual time trial albeit via a different road. – Yeah, they then actually follow that individual time trial course for 15 kilometers down into Innsbruck, much of which we will probably never see because you want to make sure
you turn on your televisions at the same point that the riders turn on to the 24 kilometer long Olympic circuit because at this point the
climbing really starts. There’s 460 meters of it every lap. You can’t help but think this is gonna be a selective race, can you? – Well, yeah it’s to be
very selective indeed and well worth watching. The men will complete 6 laps of that Olympic 24 kilometer circuit before going on to a different local lap whilst the women’s race will finish at the end of three laps of that circuit. – Yeah, that local lap that you mentioned for the men’s race features
a much talked about and frankly feared climb
called the Gramartstrasse. It’s just 1.9 kilometers long but it has an average grade of 13 percent. And it’s nickname, The Road of Hell or something like that,
gives you an indication of the fact that it’s
actually got 25 percent gradients within there. So you would imagine
that that could well be the pivotal moment for the men’s race. – Yeah, you’d think so, and probably for the women’s it should be too. But that’s another story. Anything like 25, more
then 25 percent in fact, when local rider Stefan Denifel put a picture up on Twitter about this. I’ve got a feeling he just kind of put it on it’s side slightly to make
it look even more extreme. – [Richardson] You think? – The quest for more extreme
cycling constantly goes on. Anyway, in terms of the
finish of the men’s race again it’s quite a technical
15 kilometer run into Innsbruck which you’d think would mean suits to an individual
rider more than a group. – (speaks indistinctly) – Early, early predictions again. – Sorry, just popped out. (dramatic music) – In terms of the favorites
then for the women’s road race it’s a pretty similar
situation to the time trial if we’re perfectly honest and it seems to be a
case of which Dutch woman is going to win? I mean given the severity of the course that we’ve got here and the way that Anna Van Der Breggen
and Annemiek Van Vleuten have been dominating the
women’s races this season you really can’t look
much beyond those two for the gold medal and the rainbow band. – No, you can’t but having said that there is a host of other riders that are definitely going
to bring it in with a shot. Kasia Niewiadoma of Poland,
I mean she’s just won the really mountainous Tour De L’ardeche, you’ve also got Elisa Longo Borghini who’s likely going to
lead the Italian team. The course would you’d think suit Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio,
from Africa perfectly, and also Megan Guarnier
of the USA as well. – Yeah, and also enjoying the climbing I think will be Australia’s
leader, Amanda Spratt who’s arguably had her best
season to date this year. Also Spain have got a couple
of decent riders on good form. We’ve got Margarita Victoria
Garcia and also Eider Merino. They’ve been on good
at the Ardeche recently so watch out for those two. – On the men’s side there are probably two clear favorites aren’t there. We’ve got Julian Alaphilippe
and Alejandro Valverde. So Alaphilippe, the
Frenchman, I mean he’s had a stellar year hasn’t he? He won two stages, plus
the mountain’s jersey at the Tour de France
and then most recently he’s taken the overall
classification at the Tour of Britain and the Okolo Slovenska. He’s 26 years old so
he’s got to be feeling that the time for him is
probably coming isn’t it? And if he does win the World, he will be the first Frenchman to do so since Laurent Brochard 21 years ago. But actually he’d be the first Frenchman without a mullet since Luke
LaBlanc won back in ’94. – Is that right? – Yeah, it’s a good start that, wasn’t it? – Top fact there from Richardson. – Yeah. – And they’ve got more
cards to play than him as well haven’t they, the French, because they’ve also got
Pinot, Bardet, and Barguil in their ranks so that’s
a very strong squad. Meanwhile it’s been 14 years since Spain last won the World
Championship with Oscar Freire and 15 years since Valverde
got his first medal. – [Richardson] It’s amazing isn’t it. – In Hamilton in Canada back in 2003. So since then he’s won four bronze medals, another silver, and a
further three top tens but of course he’s never
actually won the rainbow jersey. And you do wonder whether this might be one of his last opportunities. – Well, yeah I mean he is 38 years old but he’s not really showing any signs of slowing down, is he? The one thing you would say is that there’s probably not
gonna be another course quite as hard as this in
the foreseeable future. Beyond those two, look
no further than Yates, both of them actually. Adam and Simon will make a formidable duo. Adam Yates might you’d think
be a little bit fresher having not just won the Vuelta A Espana but then Simon has just won the
Vuelta A Espana so you know. – [Dan] What a conundrum. – Yeah, both of them. Oh they’re flying. – They will certianly
lead team GB won’t they in the absence of Chris
Froome and Geraint Thomas and might have led it
even if they were there to be quite frank. Italy is going to be
led by none other than the shark himself Vincenzo Nibali. Although he was quoted recently as saying that he only feels that
he’s at 90 percent of form, maybe only 80 percent
on the climb he said, and he also alluded to
the fact that he thinks that Gianni Moscon should
play a pivotal role in the Squadra Azzurra at
the World Championships. – I think Nibali’s just playing with us. I think that guy knows how to play tactics and he knows that they
start way before the race. At least I hope so anyway. I think Nibali’s gonna do it. But also actually, let’s
face it if Gianni Moscon does co-lead the Italian team and he does become world champion. I mean he’s the not the ideal poster boy for the men’s side, is it? – No, I mean he’s Italian
and very strong but. – Yeah, big kick in
the teeth, wouldn’t it? – Who for? – Well anyone who gets
in his way, frankly. – Yeah. Anyway, I think he’d be a great
world champion personally. – Yeah, yeah yeah. Right anyway, what about
possibly the strongest squad in the whole race, the Columbian team? – Yeah. – So get this, Nairo
Quintano, Rigoberto Uran, and also Miguel Angel Lopez?as
presumably co-leaders, more than ably backed
up by Winner Anacona, Daniel Martinez, and
Sergio and Sebastien Henao – Wow. – It’s like the squad
that the Columbians took the 2009 Tour de Bois. Formidable, it was. – Were some of them in there? – Yeah, although I can’t
remember which ones. Let me check. (beep) I’ve just remembered Dan, it was Annot, Atapuma, and Pantano. – Decent names. – Not bad names, yeah. – Yeah, I’m not surprised
they out-climbed you to be perfectly honest. Well we’ll see how well the– – Outclassed, I think is
probably more to the point. – Yeah, we’ll see how well
the Columbian team gels shall we, at the World Championships. Or whether Nara Kintana
and Miguel Angel Lopez kind of look at each
other and mark each other up the climbs to get the
best Columbian of the day. – I think who they haven’t got, as well. With Bernouil and Chavez both out. – Yeah, true. – Can you imagine that team. – Wow.
– Wow. – You wouldn’t want to go
up against them would you? – No. – Not like you have in the past in Bois. (laughing) Right then, in terms of other favorites, we can’t count out Primoz Roglic. I mean he’s actually skipped
the time trial this year despite winning a medal
at last year’s time trial World Championships, to
concentrate solely on the road race so he could become the first
Slovenian world champion off the back of three
Slovakian world heroes. – He didn’t look great in the
Tour of Britain though did he? I mean he got dropped on the hill finish. Yeah, so that will be
interesting to see how he goes. The rider who beat him
actually, Wout Poels, leads a pretty strong
Dutch team doesn’t he, so he’s got Molimer and Ecrisviek, and. – Kelderman. – Kelderman. – Wasn’t there another one? – Oh, Dumoulin. Yeah, so I mean that’s a punchy team. Obviously you’ve Poels
and Molimer who both have pedigree and form in hilly one day races. And although Dumoulin is concentrating on the time trial, I mean he’s got quite a lot of pedigree
as well, hasn’t he, you can’t rule him out. He’s like the dark horse of that team. – He’d be my dark horse
actually for the win just because not many
people are talking about him for the road race are they? – No, go long Tom. Go long. – Mihel Fiakovski of Poland is one of the three, four world champions
on the start line this year. The others being
Portuguese rider Rui Costa and of course Pete Sagan. – Pete Sagan. How can we have got
this far without having cause to mention Pete Sagan yet. And also Greg Vanavonot
as well, Olympic champ. – Yeah. Is the course too hard for them
though, that’s the question. I mean I would say it is, but then we said exactly the same thing didn’t
we before the Olympics in Rio which Vanavonot went on to win. Now Sagan can take some
positives from that. I’m sure he’s disappointed that he didn’t do the road race and instead concentrated on mountain biking and got a puncture but nevertheless he might be
thinking he’s got chance here. I just don’t think he
showed enough in the climbs over at the Worlds to really
put in with the champions, up there with the other
favorites if I’m honest. – No, maybe not. I mean the Belgian team for
once doesn’t look too strong, does it? Van Ameaunt will be joined by Tysh Pinot and also Tim Wellens
as possible contenders. We haven’t mentioned USA
or Australia yet either. Probably with good
reason because in losing Richie Poor Australia don’t
have an out and out favorite although Jack Haye could maybe step up. I mean he’s been absolutely
flying this season hasn’t he? And then in the USA, TJ Van Gardren is probably their hope isn’t he? – He’s been their hope
for a good decade or so hasn’t he, Van Garderen – Yeah he has, yeah. There’s always time to
shine yet, isn’t there? – Banking there too so
we’ll see what he can do after his two stage
wins at the World Tour. Beyond that well we’ve got a few kind of individual leaders of teams, haven’t we? We’ve got Yungot who’ll
be leading Luxembourg, Mike Woods who’ll be riding for the Canadian national team. We’ve also got the
likes of Michael Valgren and Yakob Fulsang riding for Denmark. But we’ve also got Dan Martin of Ireland. Now this is a course that’s made for him but of course he and his
wife have just had twins so I guess we’ll find
out whether having twins gives you extra strength
or just a lack of sleep. (laughing) – It’s amazing isn’t it, how you tipped Michael Volgren for the win back in 2014. – Kind of forgot, yeah. – And now he’s called Michael Valgren. (laughing) – Yes, yeah. – What an evolution. – I looked it up on a
pronunciation website which I don’t know if
it was around in 2014. Anyway those are the
key favorites we think for the races this year. I tell you what, on the
men’s side in particular what’s interesting is
the strength and depth of a number of squads. I can’t remember the
last World Championships where so many teams had so
many cards to play on a course. – No, it’s absolutely incredible isn’t it? I can’t wait. We should probably though,
actually try and pick a winner, shouldn’t we? – Yeah. Well, winner for each race, shall we? – Go on then. – Right. (dramatic music) – Anna Van Der Breggen
and Vincenzo Nibali. (dramatic music) – Van Vleuten and Yates. (dramatic music) Hopefully we have correctly predicated at least one of the
winners right this year, we shall wait and see, but as ever leave your predictions for the winners in the comment section just down below. – That’s right. Now before leaving this video do make sure to give it a big thumbs up and if you want a slightly
different course preview then Emma and James rode
the course on Zwift. So make sure you check
that video out as well.

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