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GCN’s Italian Cycling Phrases Vol.1 | 6 Types Of Cyclists

GCN’s Italian Cycling Phrases Vol.1 | 6 Types Of Cyclists

(bright, Italian music) – Ciao! The giro d’italia
is upon us once more, so we thought we’d help you out, with a few handy, Italian
cycling words and phrases So you can tell your scalatores From your velocistas and your ventaglio from your gregario. First up, types of riders. – [Italian Voiceover] Passista. – Essentially the Italian equivalent of the French word roeleur, the
passista is a type of rider who’s generally but not
exclusively, of a larger more muscular and powerful build, suited to spending hours riding hard on the front of the bunch,
on flat and rolling terrain, rolling a big gear and
making it look effortless. An Italian passista,
think Francesco Moser. Now there’s also the passista veloce, the rouleur who can sprint. Think Peter Sagan. So, after the beep say, passista. (beep) – [Italian voiceover] Passista. Passista Veloce. Veloce. – Oh, very good. – [Italian voiceover] Velocista. – This word sounds as fast as
the riders that it describes. Think Mario Cipollini, Mark
Cavendish and Marcel Kittel. Well they’re all, velocistas, or sprinters so, after the beep, say velocista. (beep) – [Italian voiceover] Velocista. Velocista. (Italian music) – [Italian voiceover] Scalatore. – Yet another beautifully
sounding word, one that feels as if it’s almost been chiselled from the mountain side itself. Which is unsurprising really,
as the word simply means, a climber and who was arguably
the ultimate scalatore of the modern giro, Marco Pantani. So after the beep say, scalatore. (beep) [Italian voiceover] Scalatore. Scalatore. – Ace. – [Italian voiceover] Discesista. – What goes up must come down, so that brings us nicely
on to the descender, the discesista. Vincenzo Nibali is most
likely one of the greatest descenders of his
generation. The descender. So, say after me, discesista. (beep) – [Italian voiceover] Discesista. – The discesista, no f**k
it I’m doing it again, the discesista, sorry mate
it’s quite a hard one. (beep) – [Italian voiceover]
Discesista. Che. Che. – The dische… (beep over swear word, laughs) – [Italian voiceover] Gregario. – Gregario, sounds like a
word for a best mate or pal doesn’t it. Feels like a word you’d
use for somebody you trust, well you’d be right. As gregario is the word for
domestique, the tireless consistent strong and
often unheralded heroes of the peleton. So, after me, gregario. (beep) – [Italian voiceover] Gregario. Gregario. – Oof, good effort. I think you’ll agree the
Italians certainly have some very creative ways
of describing our sport. But do you have any you’d like to add? If you do, leave them down
below in the comments section. Now, as you might have noticed
I’m wearing a rather fetching pink tshirt, you can buy
those at the GCN shop and there’s a link in the
description below this video. Now as it is giro time, how
about checking out our video on the key climbs of this years race by clicking just down here. And don’t forget, to like it.

66 comments on “GCN’s Italian Cycling Phrases Vol.1 | 6 Types Of Cyclists

  1. Man, I'm going to miss ya! You're a little older than the others so I somewhat identify with you better. Although, you're still in your 40's and could easily be an offspring. (snicker). I hope to hear your voice over-broadcast here in the US.

  2. I had seen a broadcast of a race commented by Matt not long ago, and it was great, so it is understood that they have signed him as a commentator. So, with a lot of tristezza, #ThanYouMatt

  3. This video cracked me up! I love the Italian language, but between Matt and the guy enunciating the words, it was hysterical!

  4. The best cycling channel on Youtube!
    Always a pleasure to see your videos!
    I'm a former velocista, but I suspect Matt to be a great "discesista"!
    Greetings from Italy!

  5. It's quite interesting, in Portuguese we use the same exprections, with just little differences (for example, scalatore turns to escalador) it's good to Know from where our exprections come

  6. When I was young, my sports director used to call the WE warriors "scaldamozzi". A "scaldamozzo" is an old amateur cyclist, usually not very fit, who rides a very expensive bike on Sundays keeping an extremely low pace (and the knees wide open). He's probably the most hated character by Italian car drivers. Scaldamozzo literally means "hubheater".

  7. Matt, Please leave your photos in the background, and come back to the show now and then as a guest co-host and beloved visitor…please

  8. That guy you have chosen to pronounce the Italian words has a really ugly nasal voice and he also has a defect in pronunciation: he has what we call "erre moscia", which basically means he cannot roll his "r`s" properly. Really disgusting!

  9. I can't think of a better way to start my day then having a nice cup of coffee, watching Matt drop a few F bombs and laughing about it. You will be missed

  10. Ciao GCN, I’m Italian from Milan,this video was very funny to see, Matt has a quite good pronounce except for diSCEsista hahaha

  11. You forgot il "succhiaruote" or il "ciucciaruote". Literaly "wheel sucker". That kind of ciclist who never cooperates and always lies behind someone's else wheel. The "succhiaruote" is often a master in simulating to suffer

  12. Awesome vid. No offense, but I want Matt (ain't know how, but only him) to do the same for the Tour but Emma to do it for the Vuelta.

    PS: Most cyclists I know from the Rio de la Plata region (ARG & URU) use almost the same words. Interesting or just lack of content?

  13. You should have put Alessandro Petacchi as an example of velocista given the fact that we´re talking about the italians

  14. GCN need to find a big wad of cash and bring Matt back, failing that they need to kidnap him from the Eurosport offices.

  15. Quello che ha perduto le ruote … and thus I usually form part of the grupetto 🙂 Hey Matt, what a loss! GCN will not be the same without you, but at least I have suscribed to Eurosport now. Hear you this Friday.

  16. You know, I feel that GCN letting Matt go was a big mistake. A lot of GCN viewers aren't getting any younger, and it would have been ground-breaking to keep a host that would analyze cycling as he got older. Now, I don't know the full story, of course, and maybe there was more to it, but it seems a shame that Matt would use being around '50' as an excuse when we have an actual 70-year-old (here in south Florida) with leg-muscle striations that put guys half his age to shame. And that 70-year-old prefers to ride with the A+ riders, instead of just the A-group riders. Hmm… maybe GCN could interview him, and a few other serious 70-year-old cyclists just for a change of focus?

  17. Hi matt! To say "discesista", try "de-shai-zista", where "shai" is pronounced almost like "shade".
    Gonna miss you!
    Greetings from Italy

  18. I hope Matt can still reappear as a guest from time to time. Sure the world is small, and if he's still around in UK or at a big race, GCN can catch him around, right?

  19. 'Hermosa' cilista! 🚴‍♀️ GCN missed this rising type of the Grand Boucle Fèminine Intl like Annie Londonderry, Beryl Burton, Jeannie Longo & Marianne Vos 👍🤓

  20. What about 'carogna' and 'mastino' ? Maybe these are old-school terms, because I encountered them recently from an old-school Italian cyclist who was talking about characters in the peloton.

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