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GCN’s Top 10 Cycling Apps

GCN’s Top 10 Cycling Apps

– Coming up on GCN, top ten cycling apps. First up on our list is a brand new app, just released called Fitness AR. Which is a bit of a
glimpse into the future, but also a detailed augmented reality look at the ride you’ve
already done in the past. It is powered by map box and although it is not going to help
you improve as a cyclist, it is really quite a cool app. It puts a 3D map of your
ride onto your kitchen table or whatever your
preferred flat surface is. Well unfortunately as we record this it is only available on IOS devices. Endomondo is a very popular app which has been around since 2007. And as well as tracking
and logging your ride it also acts as a coach
and mentor if you so wish. Giving you encouragement on your ride and letting you know when
you’ve reached your goals in your time. And as well as all of that its also got a global fitness community, which allows you to connect
with like minded people the world over. Online virtual cycling world Zwift is increasing in popularity
at a incredible rate. And you no longer need
a computer or laptop to join in the fun. With the IOS companion app
in store all you then need is a trainer and a Bluetooth sensor set up on the rear wheel. And the experience you get
is very similar to the one you’ll have on the computer, without the hassle of
having to set your bike up near a computer or vice versa. And there’s also some good
new for non apple phone or iPad users, the android
app is on its way soon. If you are really serious
about your training, then the training peaks app
is definitely the one for you. The app syncs up with your
training peaks account. And it gives you an
incredible amount of detail about the training that you are doing. It also allows you to plan in advanced all of your training sessions for as long as you want into the future. Maybe even for the entire season. And for those of you with a coach, it will show you the training sessions that your coach has planned for you. And your coach will be able to see whether or not you’ve completed them. Good for those of you who actually complete
your training sessions. This next one is not a cycling
specific app but never less it is still very useful for us. And it basically does
what it says on its hint. Windfinder finds the wind. And what that allows us to do is perfectly plan out routes so that we’ve got a lovely
tailwind to sail back home with. And for the initial part
of the ride you can plan it so that you can sail through
nice sheltered roads. Whilst your facing more of a headwind. It also shows you change of direction on wind throughout the day. So if you’re very lucky and you’re very well
planned in your route. You could potentially have a ride which is almost a tailwind
the entire way around, imagine that. It is also great for the racers out there and is in fact used by some
of the world tour teams. Because it allows you to
point out where there might be potentially dangerous crosswind
sections on the course. So you can be perfectly prepared and make your rivals suffer in the gutter. We could not possibly have
a top ten cycling apps video without including Strava. Easily the most popular
app amongst cyclist. Its a workout tracker which
records speed, distance, and a whole host of other
performance parameters. But the most popular
part of this app among serious cyclists at least
has to be the segments. There is nothing quite like the feeling of becoming King or Queen of the mountains on your local climb. Although to be fair, that is
becoming increasingly difficult as time goes on. Particularly as people are using Strava in conjunction with Windfinder. Sticking with Strava for
just one more moment. The one touch Strava recording app will save you a little bit of time at the start of your ride. All you’ve got to do is
press the app on your phone and Strava will begin
recording you’re ride. Really doesn’t get much easier than that. Now if your struggling
for a bit of motivation, you might want to try this
next app which is called, My Virtual Mission. The app allows you to set
personal or group goals, Or join in to one of the various
challenges that they set. Now one of your goals for example might be to ride to Beijing, virtually. You won’t actually be
riding to Beijing of course. But what the app does is
log your cumulative miles, so that you can see on the virtual app how close you are to your virtual goal. Lets face it, riding in
the rain generally isn’t a whole lot of fun. So avoid it at all cost by using this next app called Rain Alarm. What the rain alarm app does is give you a real time
weather map so that you can see any approaching bands or pockets of rain and therefore plan your route or the time of your ride appropriately. Now there are a huge number
of route planning apps out there at the moment, but the one we’ve been using a lot lately is called Komoot. If offers you a number
of different choices when you are planning a route from A to B. Which a great way to find
new routes and new roads. It syncs up to compatible devices, offers you turn by turn voice navigation, and it also allows you to make your routes available offline, which is great for areas that
don’t have great 3G coverage. So those are our top then cycling
app at this point in time. But what we would love to know is if we’ve missed any apps
that you love to use yourself. And you can discuss it with
us and with our other viewers in the comments section
just down below this video and if you’ve not yet subscribed
to GCN you can do so now by clicking on the globe. And a couple more videos that you might want to watch right now. First up if you’d like to see how far the world of
cycling apps has come on in the last few years. Our top ten previously we’ve
done at the start of 2014 and that video is just down here. Meanwhile if you haven’t seen a GCN show or you’ve missed the latest
one it is just down here.

100 comments on “GCN’s Top 10 Cycling Apps

  1. I am surprised that the Wahoo App is not on this list… it is the do it all app and it will send your workout to a ton of different websites.

  2. The user interface for Strava on the Android phone really sucks rocks. It is simply awful from a UI design standpoint. I have never seen anyone mention this awful truth on any of these cycling channels. I have never used or even seen the IOS version so I don't know if it is any better.

  3. The Sufferfest is by far the most complete training app out there. If I had a nickel for every time one of my riding buddies asked, "how did you get so fast?" and I replied, "The Sufferfest," I would have a boatload of greenbacks.

  4. My kit is based on Runtastic, basically because it can be used on older iPhones, so I can grab my good old 4S and ride along. I use Runtastic as a cyclometer and GPS too, so it´s great to have a basic smartphone with you as you enjoy the ride.
    Strava is great for uploading your sessions via GPS data and then compare with others. The FlyBy option is fun too!

  5. FulGaz is a brilliant app to connect with any smart turbo – great virtual reality, some great challenges – and connect easily to Strava

  6. I’ve been using Komoot for touring & keep my iPhone 📱 charged via SON 28 dynamo. Even works well in airplane mode using notifications for turn by turn… love it 😊👍🏻🚴⛺️🌞🌞🌞

  7. Ride With GPS for me, love the route planner weather will be added soon, It is not free but all you need on 1 app.

  8. What about "Ride With GPS" app? It is one of the best and more popular ones around. In fact, I did a test of 14 different cycling apps and RWGPS came out with flying colors. It has the best tracking precision (which I tested against my Topeak Panoramio cycle computer) even among tall buildings in the city, it has turn-by-turn voice navigation, can work excellent without chewing up your smartphone's data plan, can be linked to bluetooth transmitters such as heart rate sensors, and its website allows you to plan your rides and extract all kind of information.

    Not to mention RWGPS is featured in St. Sheldon Brown's website. 'nuff said.

  9. i use cyclemeter (by for tracking your rides – it will feed into Strava and others.  I use it for cycling and running. think its one of the better apps i have found.

  10. Here in the colonies depending where you are cell service can be extremely spotty especially with rain moving in. Oh No! Can't ride. My app won't go!

  11. I use Ride with GPS. It offers much more information in real time than Strava. In fact there are many apps I've tried that offers much more information in real time than Strava. Endomondo and Sports tracker for example. Strava is good, in my opinion, because is more popular and one can find more friends to compare results.

  12. MapMyRide… Been using it for years, word is that soon they'll be implementing turn-by-turn route directions … Not sure why they took so long, I requested that years ago

  13. Viewranger: GPS tracker with offline maps in high resolution, including nature/elevation instead of just roads. Good for off-road adventures on MTB or gravelbike.

  14. IP Bike is great for tracking your ride and then upload to various other sites such as training peaks and Strava etc.. Essentially turns my phone into a bike computer with maps.

  15. FulGaz is a great VR app or computer web browser access to real ride videos, not avatars on video-game style routes. Works will smart trainers so you get a realistic ride of real roads (Alps, Pyrenees, Tuscany, Santa Monica Mountains, Dolomites etc.).

  16. You should really check out Today's Plan. For those of us who love a structured cycling plan for a variety of races or events it's ideal. It builds a training plan and calendars it for you. Super awesome app.

  17. Ghostracer is an awesome app for on the bike. Automatically syncs to Strava when you stop it. Particularly like it's low battery usage so can use for much longer than any other app whilst riding.

  18. Two amazing apps you're missing (because you're infrequently looking beyond the commercial big ships): OruxMaps and OruxMaps can almost entirely replace your Garmin if you're covering training analysis with other apps, and it is compatible with OpenAndroMaps, which are the best maps I've seen in any cycling-specific device or app. When it comes to Windfinder, you might want to check out – not an app, technically, but a great tool. And when talking about Komoot, maybe just try User interface looks less fancy, but the map variety to do the planning is just way superior to Komoot – and it's for free.

  19. Thanks, Dan, I'll use some of those someday, for now still happily rolling with my Avocet-like bike computer and at least it never tells me when I not the King of the Mountain. And some things are better left unsaid.

  20. What to wear cycling. Works off your location and temp preference (do you prefer to be a bit cool when riding or toasty) and tells you what to wear for your planned ride.

  21. Trainer road only if you want to go faster!!!! And work hard!!! And drop everyone on group rides on Sunday.

  22. Not actually a smartphone App but an awesome service: It does a lot, like listing your top performance segments on Strava or a nice info graphic about your general affords throughout the year. Thumbs up!

  23. I woul add the CYCLEMETER APP. Cyclemeter Cycling Running GPS de Abvio Inc.

  24. Windy[.com] is not a specific bike app, but allows to preview wind, rain for the next hours [or days] and its pretty reliable

  25. Komoot has impressed me a lot. Even more so for trailrunning or hiking. The quality of their maps is amazing. They know unmarked trails in the forest you don't even see when you stand 10 m away from them and for the parks in my town it distinguishes between stairs and normal walks. Simply amazing!

  26. Hey guys, i'm looking at getting a turbo trainer. Is there an app/ piece of software that allows you to ride videos of real rides? I thought I read that one of the trainers came with it, but not sure. #askgcn thank you very much #torqueback

  27. It's not a mobile app, but I like a lot Veloviewer, reads your Strava activites and crunches an overwhelming amount of data and statistics

  28. I needed an App that would allow me to use my smart phone rather than a computer, MAPMYRIDE, was the first one I came across, its working for me, I wanted to use GIANT's NEOStrack App, riding a Giant bike with Giants ride sense cadence and distance sensor, but it wouldn't allow me to use my phone as the computer. Map my Ride is good so far, it links to the ride sense and gives me everything I need apart from Cadence analysis, but I only have to upgrade to get this. Regarding Smart phone power usage, I can switch the phone to sleep mode and it records while the screen is blank only needing a wake up from me to show me the data, but it is power hungry if the screen is on all the time.

  29. A big improvement to the Strava gear section for cyclists is It integrates with Strava and allows to setup alerts on components distance/moving time/elapsed time. It is a little new but works quite well.

  30. I saw edwardsville Illinois on that map as they zoomed in on St. Louis. That’s where I go to school, just thought I’d share that because I got a little excited

  31. Please give a shout for Runkeeper, with it various voice command, and buddy system. Can be used for cycling, running, and walking

  32. Lol…rain alarm – it'd give me tinnitus I live in Lancashire – thwe thing would be be going off for 9 months non stop at least.

  33. MapMyRide is free, it connects to Zwift and Facebook, and with it you can find local rides submitted by other users. It will GPS track and record your ride via smartphone, allow you to set personal goals, and provides segment analysis of your ride. I can’t believe GCN didn’t cover it.

  34. Thanks. I've used Samsung Health, then Strava, then Openrider, then MapMyFitness and have gone back to Strava. MapMyFitness overestimated calories burned (it said I burned more coasting downhill than spinning up the same hill)
    RideWithGPS wanted $$ that I wasn't sure it'd earned for turn by turn voice navi. Komoot has turn by turn voice–free? Interesting!

  35. I just want an app that recognizes when I ride the bike without having to open the app and activate it. Like the steps counter apps but instead of counting steps, counting the kilometers and burnt calories during the bike ride. Does this kind of app exists?

  36. Dropped Strava after it added miles (in odd directions,) or stopped recording after a short distance. While the mile addition was flattering it's not very practical if one wants to track his progress honestly.

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