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Benefits of cycling
Gear and Equipment for Riding

Gear and Equipment for Riding

I want to go out riding, have got a helmet
on, always wear a high vis vest, shorts and running shoes and that’s about it.
The gear I ride with is the helmet that I am wearing on my head , I wouldn’t go anywhere
without it, I always have my gloves with me, they are padded on the inside and then I wouldn’t
be without my reflective vest even though I am on a bike path, at the beginning and in the end I may need
to be on the road, in which case, this would be extra useful, to be on the road.
What I wear when I ride my bike in Auckland is normal everyday clothes, I like to feel
really comfortable, I like to be warm and wear practical clothes. Its a bike pump that sits under the bike, got a water bottle that goes on the holders, there’s
lights front and back and when I remember, I take. I usually carry a carrier, where I can put things like the rain coat, anything that I want to
snack on the course of the trip. Underneath my seat, I carry a plastic bag and this is in
case I lose my chain and I dont want to get my hands all dirty so I can put my chain on
by using the bag as a glove and on a wet day I also put in a bag over my seat and I like
to have a bell on my bike as well. And I also like to have a bike computer , to see how
far I have gone, what the time is and how many calories I have used, and important things like that.
Gear and equipment is really important for my bicycle, bags beacuse they hold everything that I might need in a day, my handbag if I were to make a quick stop for a coffee and the bicycle bell.

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