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Benefits of cycling
Ged – cycling with a heart condition – Love activity, Hate exercise? Active stories

Ged – cycling with a heart condition – Love activity, Hate exercise? Active stories

My name’s Ged and six years ago I had a
serious heart attack and six months after that I was fitted with an LVAD, which is an artificial heart. As part of my rehab, my physio suggested that I become more physically active throughout the week. I was limited as to how much walking that I could do, and where I could do the walking, and then discovered cycling, and the bike takes all of the weight, it’s a lot more efficient way of getting around. When we first started cycling, it was like the world opened up. You’re out with friends, going to new places, having new experiences Now I ride an electric bike, which means that instead of having to drive off somewhere to be on the flat or downhill, you can just walk straight out your front door and start cycling, so that’s given a real sense of freedom and you’re back to being a normal person again, in fact I feel more normal on the
bike than anywhere else. Cycling is the best thing that’s
happened to me since I had my heart attack. It’s about freedom, friendship and just sheer enjoyment. We started off with two of us and now there’s five of us in the group, we try and get out every week, It very quickly becomes addictive, you’re always planning your next ride. Both physically and mentally, I just feel a lot more positive I feel a lot better and I end up sleeping better, feeling better. you can see the muscles developing. I’m waiting for a heart transplant and you want to be as fit as possible to take on such a big operation.

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